by James Jaeger

I have been using FACEBOOK now for about a year. I have been "friending" mostly people in the entertainment/news/TV/radio business + a few good-looking model/actresses here and there. So far, all of this "social networking" has had no significant impact on my business, which is "producing and directing feature films and documentaries."

Maybe it's still too early to tell what value on-line social networks will have, but here are some things to consider.

One positive thing from FACEBOOK is that "views" of one of our company's films, CULTURAL MARXISM, have suddenly shot up to almost 20,000 and, according to YouTube stats, many of the referrals came from FACEBOOK. So that's positive. 125 people a day watching one of our films, up from 5 people a day about 10 months a go.

But again, I have no idea how valuable FACEBOOK will prove to be in the long-term and in general.

I watched the IPO launch yesterday. At 11:30am Eastern they finally got off the first trade. From a syndication price of $38 the first trades came in at $42 within the first 30 seconds -- but over the course of the next 30 minutes, the stock slowly sank, first hitting the $40 mark, resisting, but finally breaking through and sinking back down towards 38. You can imagine the underwriters FRANTICALLY throwing millions at this to keep it from breaking through the $38 syndication price. The ticker kept bouncing on that 38 line -- like the bouncing ball on the song, "Pray for the Dead" -- but it never broke through as everyone from SQUAWK ON THE STREET to CNN were freaking.

Finally, over the next hour, the stock rose to $40 a share and then I had to leave the gambling casino to do some real work. So what's it at now? I'll check on Monday.

So obviously, when the stock opened at 38, the "market makers" were buying the shit out of it, and just as obvious is the fact that a bunch of profit-pirates were, at the same time, selling the shit out of it just to make a few million dollars profit each second.

But all of that is chump change when one considers that the founder's shares were issued for something like $1.17 each. Thus, Zuckerberg and "management" neted at least $36.83 per share the moment the IPO launched at $38. At this margin, who gives a damn whether it's at 42, 40 or 38?! Billionaires and many millionaires were made in those moments.

I have participated in launching IPO's and they are exciting -- but largely a crock of horseshit. Basically, what the entire financial universe comes down to is little more than gambling in the name of "liquidity."

Yes, the manipulation of paper-for-profit has usurped the work ethic of production and value to society. The cultural Marxist-infested universities have turned out crops of Zuckerbergs all over the place and FACEBOOK is the current poster boy. Is it any wonder no one is employed anywhere in the U.S. and the manufacturing base is almost gone. When millions of the "higher educated" are spewed out all over the business world to "make money" by the simple manipulation of paper -- the BANKING mentality's daily practice -- is it any wonder CHINA is growing at 8% and WE are sinking at 8%?

I'm sure if you gave Zuckerberg a hammer or a saw, he would have no idea what to do with them. Same with the millions of other little button-pushing nerds "networked" all over the vacant, middle class-raped, landscape of what was once known as united States of America.

Of course, the big question is, how is a 55% stockholder -- Zuckerberg -- going to monetize FACEBOOK so the stock will go to the $60 price all the greedy little paper-pushing bastards on Wall Street are hoping for?

I guarantee they are going to try and monetize FACEBOOK by the usual. First they will place annoying little pop-up ads all over the freaking place. As soon as you want to post something, or answer a comment, or look at something, some shitty-little BERG-type ad will pop up and demand you watch a crappy 30-sec spot from the corporatocracy's latest spew bin. Or they'll start charging "use" fees or "monthly" fees -- or stratify the site and charge "access" fees. All the usual Hollywood marketing crap will be applied to FACEBOOK. Count on it.

But NONE of this is what's actually NEGATIVE about FACEBOOK.

What's NEGATIVE about FACEBOOK -- other than the probability that it's part of the PATRIOT Act-infested NSA apparatus -- is the fact that:


At least it's unhealthy over the Internet, and here's why.

When you are in the presence of a live human being, here's what your spectrum of perception includes:

1) 3-dimensional, color, motion picture site with resolution in excess of 5,000 lines per millimeter;

2) dynamic, quadraphonic audio with a frequency range of about 12 to 20,000 Hz;

3) thousands of different smells, aphrodisiacs and odors even in infinitesimal quantities;

4) the touch and feel of soft, supple and sometimes moist or slippery human flesh;

5) the taste of various fluids, liquids and their infinite interactions with the thousands of above-mentioned smells, odors and slippery little touches;

6) real-time motion and real-time reactions to YOUR real-time motion and real-time reactions;

7) perception of the electromagnetic aura between humans, possibly the interaction of the very human soul, spirit, Úlan vital or fortiana every religion since the dawn of humanity tells us is present;

8) and 47 other "perceptics" discovered and itemized by L. Ron Hubbard, but invalidated by the pharmaceutical-crazed American Psychiatric Association and World Federation of Mental "Health."

So, when you are on FACEBOOK "networking" with all your FRIENDS, what you are really networking with is a bunch of ELECTRONS that could care less about you or your existence. You have only a tiny sliver of 1 - 8 present. Yes, the "friends" you are "networking" with can't even be considered "people" because most of their "beingness" isn't even present.

Thus, what "social networking" sites are actually doing -- and this includes "dating sites" as well -- is truncating the human experience. This is unhealthy because it is creating a crop of "human beings" that have little or no knowledge about "human beings". If the human interaction and real-time response of human beings is not present, neither are human beings. This is happening all over.


They're all home on their computers.

Observe your neighborhood. Sure, the huge BabyBoomer demographic has passed through, but visit the nightclubs in your area on a warm spring Friday night. You will see that there is an anemic presence of young PEOPLE out. As an armature sociologist, I have done this experiment. In fact, last night I did a survey of nightclub-restaurants in my area between 8:13pm (official sunset) and about 11pm and there was hardly anyone anywhere. The weather was PERFECT. No one is at the shore yet. Final exams are not happening until late May or June. Few are in 3-space any longer. And of the people I DID see out, many of them were looking at, or picking away at, their 2-space iPads and iPhones, hardly interacting with the real, 3-space humans just feet away. OR the ones that were chatting and talking with other 3-space beings were in pre-established relationships, i.e., office workers, family or existing friends. No "friending" was happening. THAT all takes place on FACEBOOK now -- where it takes NO courage to actually confront a REAL live person in 3-space and start up a conversation.

We are a nation of COWARDS and NON-confronters. Live human interaction is dying out, just as the White race is dying out.(1) You can't even get a real person on a telephone any longer. It's only a matter of time before my answering machine talks to your answering machine. Already kids are more excited about getting a new computer than getting their driver's license. Hell, driving somewhere might expose one to LIVE HUMAN BEINGS! So, we can safely summarize the current FACEBOOK "civilization" like this:


Etiquette, interaction, perception, reaction and levity between males and females is essentially strained or non-existent. Drugs and pharmseuticals substitute for human "interaction" when such MUST interact -- but thank God FACEBOOK can save the day so it doesn't have to come to this: the risk of human interaction, the possible breach of our SECURITY through social networking with another human being in 3-dimensional space.

Yes, the PATRIOT Act, the War of Terror and FACEBOOK have done a real good job protecting us all from each other. We now have "SECURITY" all over the place. Forget the fact that living, social interaction between people is dead. FACEBOOK -- like the drugs and alcohol that came before it -- have helped make our SECURE, networked, INTERDEPENDENT world possible.

If you recall: the dream WAS that the Net could scoop up hundreds or thousands of potential friends, business associates or dates, sort them all out into good, medium and bad "prospects" and then allow us to simply -- and SECURELY -- interact with the "best of the crop." Well, is that working?

I don't see it working. And the reason I don't think it's working is because the bandwidth of FACEBOOK-dependent computer networks is still orders of magnitude smaller than the bandwidth of real human interaction -- 1 through 8 of above -- in 3-space.

It's too easy for fraud to occur over an email or a FACEBOOK page. You can't LOOK at the person's FACE right there physically, in person, when they are telling you that they LOVE you. So most get fucked without any love. And this is the current state of the social networking universe as typified by the latest foray into this sociological experiment - FACEBOOK.

So who really needs abortions-on-demand when we have FACEBOOK: the perfect remedy to live, human interaction -- and all the inSECURE things that THAT brings.

(1) One possible reason for the lack of social interaction at the nation's nightclubs and restaurants is the draconian, for-profit, DUI industry that now prays on every motor vehicle operator in the nation. By the time YOU are 60 years old, YOU will fall victim to this anti-constitutional, fascist industry at least once. Many will fall prey to it multiple times. No wonder the youth of America don't want to get into their cars and DRIVE anywhere to see their friends. It's way too risky, with meat-head pigs stationed on every corner and hiding behind trees waiting to pull their next victim over. Yes, it's much safer to sit at home on your computer and interact with your "electron friends" where the state's pigs can't get you, but also where the cultural Marxists' "long march through the institutions" can better facilitate the extinguishing of Protestant White America as discussed in Pat Buchanan's, MSNBC-banned book, Suicide of a Superpower, discusses in detail. Can't have young people actually meeting each other and starting meaningful relationships that might end up in marriages that last or that are NOT gay.

For more information, see the article, "DUI & THE CONSTITUTION - When the State Demands Your Blood " at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/dui2.htm and the movie, "CULTURAL MARXISM - the Corruption of America" featuring Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, at http://www.MoviePubs.net/dvds

19 May 2012

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