The Negative Power Elite
by James Jaeger

Definition: Negative Power Elite means 1. any Natural Person or Entity, acting alone, or in concert with others of similar inclination, that extracts, covertly or overtly, directly or indirectly, more energy from a dynamic human or non-human system than he, she or it replaces. 2. Any Natural Person or Entity that is moving the World towards a one world government and economic system based on a socialistic scheme of planetary resource allocation. 3) Some percentage of the 1-Percenters.

Here's what the Negative Power Elite is doing to you right now and while you sleep:

  • Absorbing your ideas as fast as possible and letting you know as little about theirs as much as possible. First law of espionage: maximize data in - minimize data out.

  • When possible, never acknowledging that anything has been learned or received.

  • Creating fiat currencies from nothing and charging interest on them as much as possible.

  • Categorizing you into manageable subsets each with a crossindexable, verifiable, alpha-numeric code (i.e., your "name" and your "social security number ).

  • Integrating you into categories with lables.

  • Utilizing all of the above to perpetrate growth and strength to fight anything that upsets their growth.

  • Useing the negative aspect of the ideas (which every idea has) to advance the positive side of some idea.

  • Never forwarding "the enemy line." (Will you ever really know McVeigh, bin Laden or Hitler's side of the story? Of course not.)

  • And worst of all, keeping you and everyone else here on Earth.

High Tech Feudal Society

The ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution are not only old and out of date, they are silly and do not pertain to the modern high tech civilization we now live in. True or False? False.

Your social security number, more correctly called, as printed on the initial cards issued, "Social Security Account Number," is a private bank account number assumed voluntarily by you under the understanding that the Act that created it would provide social security in the manner of retirement funds and other financial benefits.

On the cards issued when the system was first concocted it clearly states in blue ink right under the line where you are supposed to write your signature: FOR SOCIAL SECURITY AND TAX PURPOSES - NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION

At this date your social security number is being absolutely used as IDENTIFICATION. In fact you ARE your social Security number, not what you eat and not what you believe in - especially as far as the Banks are concerned. And soon, in preparation to this growing concern about the use of the social security number, you will be phased over to what will be called your Consumer Identification Number.

Thus in the name of protecting banking systems, when it is they that are the most outrageous criminals and frauds ever conceived of by "thinking" Man, the credit-reporting agencies, particularly TRW, Trans Union, Equifax and Chex Systems are evolving into the nation's first inter-networked information dossiers. They don't call it the Internet for nothing. Also, did you know the dossier system used by all the profit-making attorneys, LEXIS-NEXIS, has more documents and files than THE ENTIRE WORLD WIDE WEB? Don't believe me, go to their site.

In short, you might be protected from a few frauds and criminals, but your Life and all your accomplishments will be reduced to ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WRONG - NOT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WELL OVER THE YEARS.

For instance, once you have defaulted on a loan payment, you are written up in TRW's credit dossier and there the information must stay for 7 years under the "Fair" Credit Reporting Act. If you pay off your loan with interest - the information must still stay in your TRW dossier for 7 years under the "Fair" Credit Reporting Act.

In other words, if one runs into a bad stretch of life, perhaps they lost a job or loved-one, or could not exist in the insane economic system that they now find themselves, they are stamped with the "mark of the beast" (I'm being a lilttle facetious) for seven years even though they have made good on all debts and paid interest.

In other, other words, if you make good and the Banks do not, the Banks continue to disseminate your credit dossier throughout every computer network on the planet and they do all this using your private bank account number, your social security number, as a dossier identification number.

Make no mistake about it, if Hitler had had available to him the computers and the Social Security numbers the Banks now have today - you would be speaking German right now.

The ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution are not only old and out of date, they are silly and do not pertain to the modern high-tech civilization we now live in: FALSE.

The total purpose of the credit dossiers is to benefit the Banks at your expense.

Here's how it works and how you have allowed the "Fair Credit Reporting Act" to serve the Banks and their lap-dog enforcers - the government to erode your rights of privacy and your ability to prosper.

In the name of getting the criminals, all manner of criminal activity is happening. In fact it is the Congressmen that define and create the Criminals and it is the Criminals that define and create the Congressmen's' ability to exist for if there were no law-breaking people, there would not need to be as many law-making people. A slimy, shit-eating criminal is a legislator's best bosom-buddy.

The reason is because there cannot be a criminal until a law is created which defines what is criminal and what is not criminal. Since about half of the population of the U.S. now works for the government we are quickly evolving into a nation which has a government by the governors for the government at the governed -- instead of a government by the people for the people.

Right now you and a few others consider it all innocent. But when you find your self in the trough of life sooner or later because of some unfortunate event, the dossier system that you thought would give you power through information is giving someone else power over your progress in life and your ability to buy a house - for instance, or afford two kids rather than 1/2.

A 45 year old person has lived for approximately 16,400 days. To survive one must be right more often than one is wrong. One must be right 100% to 51% of the time in order to survive as an organism on this planet.

This means that in 16,400 to 8,364 of your days you must be fundamentally right in your decisions relating to your job, your education, your family, your expenditures, your income generating machinery and the handling of your relationships and the environment.

Most people are not right 100% of the time. If they are right 75% of the time that is great. 75% of the time for a 45 year old is 12,300 days out of his or her life. This inevitably means that the same person is wrong the other 4,100 days - has had 4,100 bad-hair days.

And the Banks, with their agencies such as TRW, Trans Union, Equifax and Chex Systems are right there to take advantage of you in the name of "protecting the public from fraud" or "bad credit risks."

This is nonsense: they are there to protect themselves and their stockholders. It should be mandatory in fact that each and every stockholder in any bank and credit reporting agency make their actual credit report available to any customer who wants to call in for such at any time.

The real reason for credit dossiers is so information on customers can be amassed to extort higher interest rates, points and downpayments. If this were not true, the "Fair" Credit Act would allow any negative data on a credit report to automatically be deleted from any and all credit dossiers once it was paid or settled. But the fact that under current law it must stay there for 7 years - gives the banks plenty of "reasons" why they must charge higher interest, more points or downpayment to off-set their "risk."

Further, this information leaks into other sections of the economy and inhibits commerce by making it exceedingly difficult for basically honest people and entrepreneurs to start over without declaring bankruptcy. And declaring bankruptcy makes it even harder to start over for 7 years or more. Thus in a nation founded by Christians, who are taught to "turn the other cheek" we are enslaved by a bunch of hypocritical bankers with fixed-ideas that people cannot change. Thus their attitudes cause more of the same and hence they have created a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The mere fact that the entire system WARNS: only one out of 10 business will succeed should tell you something about the system. It is set up to augment failure. I would rather see a system in which 6 people start businesses and only 2 fail rather than a system in which 10 people start business and 9 fail. This sort of chaos wreaks havoc on the stability of the civilization.

Thus it is Inevitable.

Not all of those days are good ones. Perhaps in retrospect you realize you made mistakes.


1. Anything discovered by a human ultimately belongs to all other humans.

2. To seek money and power is considered bad.

3. Many terms are not defined very well, among these: money, power, morality, ethics, reality, good, bad, evil, proper, improper.


As you most likely, know a Religion is really a compelling operating system. The applications programs that run under it are really just interpretations of the religious doctrine.

When one is "running under" an operating system, they are in a complete (or incomplete), "Universe" of thought/logic which controls memory, data input/output, language, communication and command protocols, etc. However, if one tries to use the thought (or operating system), of one system in another system (like trying to run MSDOS under TRSDOS), gears usually clash and many times strife results.

Sometimes there are applications that a given operating system cannot run hence a religious user is deprived of being able to do certain things as well as denied access to other Universes of thought and experience once a religious system has been adopted as the ultimate. No religious system will admit to inhibiting access to other Universes of thought and experience.

If you are happy with your operating system and the applications you are running, "be happy" with it and support it but realize that you are running under an operating system - even if it was written by God, (who, by definition, would have the power to write or revise any operating system).

I have always been a sort of a philosophical mechanic who doesn't like to get his hands too greasy with any particular religious vehicle. Of course any person or entity that sets out to found a religion was or is the same way. I would rather study religious operating systems than run in the mental circuitry of specific ones until more data is in. Data collection and learning obviously can't be complete on the advent of these ABCs:

A. Ten Fold observational capabilities from off-planet telescopes and bases.

B. Ability to assimilate and align more data than ever possible before with computers.

C. World peace (that we all want and are causing), making possible greater communication and idea sharing.

The unfortunate thing is that some people with political power, money or fame have to pretend to be part of some religious system or they think their believing constituency (or stockholders) will kick them out - it's called dying on the vine.

If you are thinking of getting a computer - do it now. I suggest strongly an IBM or IBM clone. Get it tomorrow, no matter what else you have to do. In the long run, it will cost you more money to not have one than to buy the above ASAP.

Capital Gains Tax

Since a responsible People and Government should want to encourage:

1) Innovation of new and improved products and services.

2) Long term, stable corporate growth (i.e., productivity, value, capital goods, employment, compensation).

3) A workable ratio of entrepreneurs and employees.

And discourage:

1) Speculation for the purpose of "making money" rather than "making products and services."

2) Wild swings in the value of the money supply, products and services and capital assets.

3) Insolvency.

Why not levy the capital gains tax something like this:

1) 5% for Founding stockholders (first subscribers) of new ventures who keep their investment for three years or more.

2) 10% for Founding stockholders of new ventures who keep their investment for two years.

3) 15% for Founding stockholders of new ventures who keep their investment for only one year or less.

4) Regular income rate (no term defined), for all the Speculators (misnomered "Investors") who bet against each other all day buying and selling securities on Wall Street producing nothing of value as their money sees its way into the company treasury only in indirect ways, the entity that is producing something of value.

By giving a significant tax break to new ventures that come up with an actual PRODUCT and/or SERVICE - productivity will be encouraged and the GDP will rise faster.

By taxing capital gains of securities bought on secondary markets, the Government is just living off the non-productive vampires of our civilization (speculators) and in effect becomes a vampire itself.

The idea of giving tax write-offs to failing new business was trying to do the correct thing (making it safer to invest in new businesses) - only it just validated entrepreneurs for failing - hence we got decades of ventures (and even a whole State) designed to fail - just so the write-offs could be used against profitable enterprise. This type of taxation policy was like serving desert without serving any meal.

Granting capital gains breaks to new companies gives the founding stockholders, the risk takers, a reward for taking that risk - but only after the company has made good, (and has capital gains). This type of taxation policy would be like serving a good dessert AFTER serving a meal.

The R&D break is not a substitute for a low capital gains tax on founding stockholders. The reason for this is because you get what you validate. If we validate only research and development, we will have a nation of research and development and no products or services. Can you picture millions and millions of nerds constantly walking around with a half- baked, but well-researched, invention (or screenplay) under their arm?

If we validate only failed businesses with write-offs on losses only, we will be a nation of failed businesses.

If we validate courageous men and women, diligently reviewing the business plans of promising new companies or a prospectus for a new blue chip issue that will create employment and improved products, if we validate these activities by not suppressing (through taxation) this very machinery that creates national wealth, then we will get much more of 1, 2 and 3 above.

It follows that if the economy is stronger, there will be less need for outside help (government services) hence the cost of government will decrease, automatically evaporating the deficit and paying off the debt.


The Internet is the most important development of since the Industrial Revolution.

It is a wonderful thing that, for the first time in known history, people the planet-over can communicate with each other for the price of a local phone call. The worldwide discussions that are going on through email, the world wide web and the newsgroups, as you read this, are the birth places of new understandings and the assimilation of the totality of human knowledge. It does not matter if there are a lot of "crackpots" (like me) on the web putting out information that others (or "authoritative" sources such as the mainstream data and news/media) do not agree with.

Everybody, collectively, makes up the sum-total of human knowledge and everybody has a little piece, a little unique corner of that knowledge under their belt. And about that corner (and more) - they are the expert - the expert far more than CNN (for instance) or Joe Ph. D at Harvard (for instance). Sure there is going to be a period of confusion, a period where the "experts" will cry out for censorship, control and the cessation of this anarchistic mass human-dialog - but little by little, the standards of knowledge, of data alignment and cultural agreements will rise and people with be freer to place their attention on other, more challenging considerations about existence, than who's sleeping with who.

When you have the ability for several million minds to work concomitantly and continuously on problems such as AIDS or the problem of traveling to other star systems (as quickly and efficiently as they do on Star Trek), you have orders of magnitude the chance that unthought of, undreamed of, answers will pop up - almost instantly.

Since most of the information that sits in the libraries of the world is outdated and repetitive data, a massive clean-up and alignment is necessary.

I bet over 50% of the known "facts" of the world do not correlate and the ones that DO, only do so because because most of the people using such facts are too lazy to check them out and so go into agreement with everyone else about the "fact" and just quote it or cite it as a reference. This then lets them off the hook, they imagine, because if the fact they got from their "source" is wrong - well it's not THEIR fault - they "relied" on the source and the source was wrong.

Have you ever wondered how the tabloids are able to publish such outrageous information with being sued more than they are? All I have to do is go to them and state, "I was abducted by an alien at 4:23 AM on June 11th, 1997 and here is my story." As long as I sign a release, stating that the story I have just given them is true and correct, the tabloid can publish the story and I can get paid. If I get paid enough, I will have enough money to hire a lawyer to fight off anyone that decides to sue me for making up a false story which the tabloid published. The tabloid is held harmless because "we were just relying on what he said - and here is the release to prove it." The net result of this is, the tabloid gets to publish totally outrageous stuff, whether it is true or false - does not matter so long as it sells copies - the person guaranteeing the story is true gets paid and the public gets a little more horseshit dumped into the pool of human knowledge.

I have used the tabloids as a blatant example, but don't think that this, cover-the-ass-sourcing, does not go on in even respectable mainstream publications. One would be absolutely blown away to cognate on how many and how often releases are used on this planet to re-direct responsibility.

We are living on a Planet of Pussies. And my observation is generally the bigger the corporation or the higher the net worth of the individual, the more releases they want, the less willing they are to take responsibility for anything and the bigger the pussy they are because they realize that if they get into any sort of a controversy, out of the woodwork will come deep-pocked sniffing attorneys who will take the side of their opponent whether or not he or she is right or wrong. It is just simply cheaper to get a release and be a risk avoiding pussy - even though their building is 100 stories tall and made of marble.

Banks are an absolutely perfect example of institutions that live so on the edge (because of their fractional reserve policies and the impotency of the FDIC) it boggles the mind yet they attempt to look 100 stories tall.

Because of the data alignment problem and the cover-the-ass releases which fertilize the promulgation of false information and bogus reports, the free and uninhibited survival of the Internet and its planetary dialog is more important than the survival of any particular publication, company, government or person because the Internet allows direct from the source information, information that cannot be tampered with by:

1. Editors and their release-fanatical lawyers,
2. Publishers and their special interest Boards of Directors,
3. Stockholders and their insatiable lust for money,
4. Customers and their desire for the new, sensational, quick and mindless.

Thus, the fruits of bringing so many un-edited minds together on the Internet will cause the Human Race to grow up. As it does, it will evolve beyond our current wildest dreams and make important progress toward being a mature, stable and even space-faring world - because the desire to seek-out additional experience off-planet will impinge more than ever.

But there should be two distinct aspects to world wide communication on the Internet:

People should be able to talk to people publicly and,

People should be able to talk to people privately.

It is people's right to decide when they wish to do which.

Since some forms of communication require that each person know absolutely who they are talking to (such as most commerce), and some forms of communication flourish when people do not know who they are talking to (non-ego debates) - there should be the ability to pick which of these two distinct and separate systems are used for any particular conversation. In other words, each person, before he or she enters into communication with any other person, should be able to have the choice which mode of communication he or she wants for that conversation.

When you have to "log onto" any computer system with your actual name and an I.D., especially your Social Security number, your conversation is absolutely not private - no matter what you may think or are told by your friendly computer Sys Op.

Further, when you stop to consider that currently most computer services such as America On-line and CompuServe, require you to give them not only your name, phone and address but your bank account and/or credit card account, the possibilities for invasion of your privacy become endless.

There is no reason in the world why these WANs (wide area networks) cannot provide connectivity without requiring that your monthly service charges BE AUTOMATICALLY DEBITED FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT or your credit card account. Try asking them ifyou can't just pay by sending them a check or cash or a money order each month. They will most likely say they cannot which is of course horseshit. My service provider accepts a check each month. Ask me who they are any use them.

Think about it - you're dealing with a COMPUTER service. Computers can do almost any thing when it comes to regulation and bookkeeping and tabulating use or time or identities!

If you don't pay your America On-line bill one month, for instance - they could simply disconnect your service by instructing their computer that if you try to access the host with your phone number or name or social security number, etc., to simply disconnect - just like your phone company or your utility company does if you don't pay their bills.

There is no reason for a computer service to have to require that your bank account or your credit card account be tapped. Wake up.

Further, and as mentioned, no financial transactions should be commingled with either a public or private communication system. To monetary transactions into such a system or to tie all monetary systems together, especially banks and stock markets is insane in my opinion.

The easy convenience of being able to make "bank transfers" or to be able to make "trades over your computer" or of being able to "credit or debit you account" via a "Money Access Card" (MAC) is not more important than the possible domino effect that becomes more possible when the world is tied together in a one-world banking system such as the IMF/World Bank or via some world wide entity such as the United Nations.

Nations and separate monetary systems should exist to the degree that if one crashes it cannot drag the rest down.

Why does Nature spread the aggregate past and current consciousness (as well as the gene pool) of Homo Sapiens over billions of individual beings? To insure survival and to insulate the constituent units of beingness of from disasters. (This is also probably the reason we are isolated on a planet out in the "middle" of inter galactic space) All I am saying is that this same wisdom should be applied to countries and economic systems and we should not have any one-world-government that has jurisdiction over the survival and productivity of the entire human race or its money matters, or its love notes. This would be high-tech feudalism if it happened and it looks like the Federal Reserve System is propping up the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to move us into that direction.

Look-Up Tables

Another aspect of the Internet that must be watched carefully is the registration of virtual domains through centralized authorities such as InterNIC.

Access to a web site is made possible because people type in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for your virtual domain, such as, and they are routed to the InterNIC look-up tables which decipher where your web pages are being hosted on an actual server. Then, your virtual domain URL is cross-indexed with your web host's server' primary DNS name and number.

Thus, in order for people to access your web pages they must go through the look-up tables of InterNIC. If the numbers don't point your URL to the correct web host, you don't exist on the World Wide Web.

InterNIC can thus shut down any web site in the United States in one millisecond (and probably in and out of the U.S.) instantly with the touch of a few extra keystrokes.

This is absolute and total control of your Internet communication -- here and now, today! And the scary thing is, I'll bet 85% to 95% of you who have just "read" the last several paragraphs I wrote have no idea what I was talking about. Call me or find out.

Information Access

No central authority should ever have greater access to information than each constituent contributor of that information.

This is why there should be an Anonymous Internet. Survival of the fittest will dictate which mass communication system the Peoples of Earth want.

In a NON-Anonymous Internet and oligopoly of a few central authorities would have greater access to information than each constituent contributor of that information.

This is potentially dangerous because it inhibits Freedom of Speech without Recourse.

A NON-Anonymous Internet must exist too. So reality can be confirmed when needed.

Since almost everything in the Universe exists in dichotomies, you can bet the two systems will exist very well together - whether or not one likes it.

A government is basically a system of communication and money flow not unlike the plumbing in a house.

A central economic coordinating computer could be used to display all the needs and supply of world goods. The computer would keep a running tally of the number of people currently living on the planet and how long the have been here. No names or personal data would be necessary beyond what each person cared to supply. It would be like an ongoing census.

The input data would be like the following:

NAME/ADDRESS: (Optional)





Data like country, religion, bank, credit card number, social security number, government, economy, race, sex and all the endless horseshit connected with same would not be relevant - because after all these "solutions" are what is causing the "problems." So they would be by-passed.

With data like the above, a Planet can begin to know what is needed and wanted by its indigenous life forms and get on with "making it so."

After all, everything that exists today was once a dream or science fiction.

Electronic Enslavement

Through out the course of a human being's life, that human being does positive deeds, and yes, negative deeds.

The good person is the one who has a majority of positive deeds to his or her credit. Most of us fall into that group.

As computers of the nation and the world unite into vast networks, such as the Internet, America On-line, CompuServe, TRW, Trans Union, Telecheck, etc., more and more of ones deeds will be transmitted from one data base to the others.

The problem with this convergence of data is that it focuses the negative deeds of a person to an unrealistic extent. In current "civilization" negative information is more readily and speedily carried than positive information.

If you want proof of this, just look how quickly the media focuses negative events onto our screens and papers and makes the population feel the environment is more dangerous than it actually is. Look how quickly a celebrity, who has done most of the things in his or her life well and right, is turned into a lump of dog shit by one or two articles focusing on as little as a single statement or interview.

To the degree vast dossiers of negative information about a person's credit history, banking history, medical history, tax records, payment history and legal background for instance are collected in computer data bases, it makes it more difficult, if not impossible, for a balanced view of a person to survive.

Since the banks in particular use this data (and the governments in general support the banks as their pay-masters) it will be increasingly difficult for an individual to "turn over a new leaf."

Therefore one of two things should happen:

1. There will be increases in crime, and or;
2. People will defect from the system in a spectrum of ways, among which will be the following:

o Barter and use of cash/precious stones and medals will increase.
o Use of banking systems will decrease.
o People will resign their rights under statute law.
o Radical groups will become more prevalent.
o Social Security Numbers will cease to be used.

Beings should be given other means of changing their identity than death under the circumstance that they are not being evaluated with a balanced view.

To the degree a system is unfair or enslaving, dossiers and identity systems are needed to force people into submission.

To the degree a system is fair: everyone can easily earn material possessions, enjoy new life-experiences and be respected for their contributions, dossiers and identity systems are superfluous as they are the tools of the rich few that would enslave so as to create more capital for themselves.

Therefore, a person has the right to call himself or herself anything he or she wants without further conditions.

This means one needs to provide no identification in order to change their name or number.

A person who has fucked up their first world will not necessarily fuck up their second world provided their second world is not contaminated by their first. This is why the mechanism of death, with its apparent amnesia, exists. So the new world is not contaminated by the last world. I.e., so their current life identity is not contaminated by their last life identity.

Since life and existence does this, why should not governments and civilizations do it with their attitudes towards dossiers and identity systems such as social security numbers, names, driver's licenses, birth certificates, car registrations, insurance policies, DNA, finger prints, mug shots, ad nausium.

People who are either stupit or that want to enslave for their own gain, want dossiers and identity systems that are total if not computerized.

Why are there no electronic computers in the age of DUNE? Because they learned the simple fact that electronics can enslave or open up worlds of advantage such as the computer in STAR TREK.

Beings are basically good and ethical. They only want to survive and prosper. What is right and wrong is only relative to view point and ideology.

When electronic systems are needed to keep track of criminals, this is a clear sign that the system is going criminal because there are too many ignorant, short-sighted people in it or blatant power hungry slave-masters than are making it seem reasonable that civil rights must be attenuated for the good of all.

The best way for a suppressive group to gain control of a civilization is it cause or abet terrorism so they can use this as an excuse to increase electronic enslavement.


Time and time again the criminal is the person or lofty institution we most respect. He was so quiet. They had such wonderful ideals and policies.



I understand that too few citizens take the time to write to their congressmen - so I'm going to take the liberty of making up for it. I also know that for every letter you get, you consider

10,000 other people probably feel the same way. Maybe so. Occasionally I get out there to talk and video tape people's opinions so I can get a feeling for what's on their mind as well as relate it to what's on mine.

Offending Nations This month's cover story in U.S. News & World Report warns us about Saddam Hussein's quest to get the Bomb. Article makes it clear many countries abet the building of his weapons by contributing credit, expertise and material. Lists Offenders. Action should be taken to handle them; perhaps the peace seeking nations of the world, through The United Nations, should get together and:

1. Economically "excommunicate" any and all nations that are enturbulating(1) peace- seeking Nations with continued warfare until and unless they cease with their activities.

2. Never take any sides with any Nations that are fighting each other - however - overtly restrain any nation that aggresses against any peace- seeking nation.

(1) To cause to be turbulent or agitated and disturbed.

3. Never aggress against any nation that is enturbulated - only ignore and defuse their activities by refusing to purchase any of their natural resources and refusing to grant them ANYTHING (i.e., food, shelter, weapons, etc.)

I am getting sick and tired of hearing about these boys in IRAQ, IRAN and LIBIA fighting all the time, and yes I am now tired of all the horseshit coming out of both ISREAL and PALISTINE. These countries continued fighting, for what ever "reason," has long since gone past any point of sanity and now they are nothing more than a drain on the rest of the World. All such countries should simply be CUT OFF from any and all U.S. support AND communication until they settle their conflicts terminatedly. We can be assured that any fighting in the future by these countries is only continued reaction to the negative past deeds each country is guilty of inflicting on each other and this bickering will continue forever until the rest of the World, in particular the United States, DOES SOMETHING DRASTIC.

I consider theses countries fighting with each other THEM FIGHTING WITH ME, MY COUNTRY and the PEACE-LOVING PEOPLE OF THE PLANET.

I consider their wasting and destroying our PLANET'S VITAL RESOURCES intolerable.

We cannot use FORCE to stop FORCE, however. When some area or some person is highly enturbulatred, as is the Middle East, they must be, in effect, cut off from the rest of the Planet's resources and ignored (unless they attack us, of course).

By needing and wanting OIL, the Peace Seeking Nations of the world set themselves up for a DOUBLE LOSS:

A. By purchasing oil, we push power to nations like Iraq so they can convert it to military buildups and the Bomb eventually.

B. We further destroy the Planet with the burning of fossil fuel.


I would like to see our Government and the private sector place regular, HIGHLY PUBLICIZED PROGRESS REPORTS on the following:

FUSION (both hot and cold)

Federal Budget

I agree with you Mr. Walker in every turn of your logic when you were dealing with the FUNDING of the Science Budget. My observation is that most people, including elected representatives, do not seem to know how to properly handle Mathematics let alone spread sheet computer programs.


You can't possibly imagine how crazy it makes me feel to see $300 billion going out each year to defense related stuff. DOESN'T This figure alone tell the asleep American People that PRIORITIES OF PROBLEMS HAVE NOT BEEN PROPERLY DELINEATED ON THIS PLANET YET. Until priorities are a) understood scientifically and b) voted on, there can be no full progress.

Every "problem" CAUSES another "problem" but all problem chains are related to BASIC PROBLEMS. Solve the BASIC PROBLEM on the chain and you AUTOMATICALLY move towards solving the other problems on the complex chain.

Keeping people off your back so they don't kill you while you a) eat, b) educate, c) produce, d) sleep in preparation to start the cycle over again - IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS HAPPENING ON THIS PLANET AND IS THE ONLY THING THAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING ON THIS PLANET SINCE HOMO SAPIENS EVOLVED FROM AMINO ACIDS OR WHATEVER.

Why do we need $300 billion to keep the rest of the world off our backs so we can do a - d? We wouldn't if we would do more effectively b and c of above.

Then energy costs would come down, production would go up (producing weapons is NOT production - it's COUNTER- PRODUCTION), and governments like the U.S. would not have to spend 25% of their income on defense.

IT'S NOT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE - IT'S WHERE YOU DIRECT THE MONEY. Money directed towards war - creates, ipso facto, more WAR. Money directed towards peace oriented productivity begets more peace oriented productivity. This is probably what Bill Gates is most concerned with: Do I do as Barbara Walters wants and direct my energy to the United Nations or do I study some other options?



Top Sheet Reports

The American People pay taxes every year yet they do not get a top sheet report (call it "Use of Proceeds of Taxation"), on the back of their tax forms. I want to know where the money was spent last fiscal year. This is an OUT POINT in financial management. Corporations issue yearly reports to stockholders, why doesn't the government issue a financial report at the time they request more funds each April 15th? It must be in writing - a State of the Union Address is just not enough because there is too much PR involved. I think if "tax payers" pay money in, they deserve a report on the back of their tax returns. I know you can request it - but how many people do? The government does not keep the people briefed well enough on how they use the money. Then people yap and nothing gets done. It's immature. Further, People should never have allowed Congress to delegate handling of money to the Federal Reserve Bank (the FED). This is shirking of responsibility and cloaking FP in too much mystery. No wonder all the budget problems and misdirected priorities we have to day. I'm not sure capitalism is as workable a system as democracy is. A democratic government is only as good, and on the ball, as its people; so improvement must start with the people. One cannot blame the government as cause of all problems. It's my fault, it's your fault, it's our fault.


Having been living in California the last decade and then being back here, I feel in general people in PA are generally detail myopic (or incompetent) yet relatively honest but easily incitable. Although I feel people in California are generally teetie-weetie (lacking cultural roots) they seem to make less errors and omissions in their daily activities hence you just get more accomplished in California PER UNIT OF TIME.

Of course the sunny weather is a major factor. Maybe I'm off in my observations because I deal in the film industry - where people are crack, sharp and get the job done ON TIME AND ON BUDGET - but these are my observations for what they're worth.

I watch C-Span, when I can, and feel it is a great opportunity for people to see how their government works. I am not inspired to write these letters to every Congressman because I feel most of them are similar to the general people I have observed in PA as above described - i.e., they are generally representative of the population. Nevertheless - I DO feel you are ON THE BALL and I feel you constantly have to deal with and set straight the NIT-WIT THINKING around you.

Your emphasis on the handling of budgets, as exemplified in the recent debate over the SSC budget, is responsible and admirable. People are crazy with money and the time to get all contingencies nailed down is prior to funding. The rule is PEOPLE WILL TEND TO SPEND ALL THEY CAN SPEND - AND THEN SPEND MORE.

Spending Directions

Spending is not bad - it's the direction of the allocation that's important, as said before.

As you point out we have to get money flowing into those Science Accounts. I feel that spending on science is very dangerous unless you also offer, in every Public school and other schools, the following courses.

  • Peaceful Uses of R&D
  • Why Science Can Help or Hurt o Applied Science for an Efficient World
  • How to Identify Mad Scientists
  • Causality

A Basic Law Course

One course every High School should have is a course called:


In this course all students, by 12th grade, would learn 100 (or so) of the most basic laws of the land. They would learn that they are supposed to get together with other citizens and create these 100 laws FOR their mutual benefit.

They should learn that if they do not get benefits promised by the laws they should quickly vote to erase the laws or put in new clearer or more relevant ones. And students should be taught that any law that is passed that the layman cannot easily read and understand is a "LAW" THAT IS ILLEGAL. Law cannot be only readable by an elite, any time any place.


Juveniles go delinquent because they are FORCED to obey the law rather than invited to obey the law through understanding and mutual creation.

Students should learn that a society that litigates constantly against each other is a society that has not ever taken a course called: BASIC LAW and is in effect similar to the Middle East nations that are preempting our world's resources and energy.

Crime is Profitable (written in the 1980's)

I think the increase in crime* statistics with the increase in poverty, IS PARTLY BY DESIGN as only by causing, directly or indirectly, the increase in crime, can an entity that has a vested interest in the fighting of crime (or anything) - SURVIVE AND PROFIT FROM SAID CRIME. Welcome to the American Criminal System of Today. Since the largest expense account of the American People's annual budget is for defense - it can be deduced that the "entities" mentioned are first and foremost:

A. The lending institutions. (Probably same residue that build up world war machinery including Hitler's machinery and I.G Farben.)

B. The defense contracting companies.

C. The police and DEA that get paid to "fight" the drug "war." It is interesting how many people on the streets realize the elements of Item VIII these days and are loosing their tolerance for such nonsense. *Ultimately ALL militaries are criminal entities - no matter what the nation, no matter what the century, no matter how someone justifies their need. When some entity, or group of people, especially hiding under the guise of "a government" has to take young and innocent boys and train them to be professional killers - something is fundamentally wrong with anyone who feels this "system" is okay, normal or to be respected. The only ligitimate reason to "respect" some young boy (NOT the institution) for serving his military "duty" to society is to express a profound sorrow for the tragety that this young boy has been forced by law into the exploitation and indoctrination by the older men in his "civilization" to fight and dye for some cause-slash-country that such men were too ignorant and/or incapable to settle by any other means than the drastic and criminal activity of war. In other words, that the ignorant and unable old men, (the guys called the "Founders") who declaired independence from England (some other ignorant and unable old man known as a "king" named George), forced a bunch of young boys to settle their dispute over a small real estate matter (North America) by means of the drastic and criminal activity of war -- was dispicable. I note here that the women of the World are not usually involved in such criminal activity and so how do the men reward them -- they keep them out of power. Such is the perversion of the "civilization" and why the women of the world tolerate it I do not know -- especialy when it was these same young boys that recently nursed from their breasts.

Cost of Energy

I think a good test of the world's sanity and longevity might be answered by the question:


Yes or No.

Survival in Hostile Worlds

I would like to express to you my feelings about how important I feel it is for humans to learn how to survive on hostile worlds since we, as an industrialized planet, are screwing up our planet with the the production of excess CO2 (causuing a Green House effect). Mars is another such hostile world, one that we should eventually go to (and of course will within the next 100 years) to learn all we can about how to survive on hostile worlds, as we may need some of the data. The viewpoint of being willing to spend taxpayer dollars on space science is one that the down-to-EarthPerson does not always easily understand - nevertheless he loves his microwave oven or having "choice" over 14 excessive varieties of boom boxes or TVs.

In short - moving our resources from those used to kill the Human Race (such as the $300 billion for defense each year) to those activities that will project the Human Race into an efficient, aesthetic and rational future - is prudent.

A decision will soon be made by the U.S. Congress which is very important. This decision will impact the ability of the United States to continue the exploration of the solar system and the human exploration of Mars in the next century. I strongly support the goal of humans exploring Mars, and I urge you to lend your support to the items in the FY '91 NASA Appropriations that support the preliminary steps toward this goal.

I understand that some in Congress believe it is premature to commit to such an ambitious undertaking, and some fear that the allocation of any money implies full support. I am not asking you to make a commitment to send humans to Mars now, but soon. But we will never resolve uncertainties surrounding such a mission unless we begin now with the preliminary steps to allow an informed debate on the true costs and benefits of human exploration.

Please let your colleagues know that you support this proposal, which represents only about $200 million out of the proposed $15.1 billion NASA budget. If NASA had more money to

work with, they would be able to test things more carefully before putting them into space.


The Cause of Spiritual Recession

The last time I sent out a mass mailing was in early 1985 to inform one and all about AIDS as very few had heard about it. I stated that we all better get on the ball to invent a cure for it. There will be a complete cure for it soon and especially when it is more widely realized that the disease is one of the two main factors which killed the American economy in the 1980's.

The second is those congressmen who just stay there term after term keeping the same inefficient machine in operation. These people push policies and laws that basically serve only their constituency and special interest groups in their area. Unfortunately they do not place enough emphasis on the question: WHAT CAN I DO THAT IS GOOD FOR THE NATION AS A WHOLE and HOW CAN I ACTUALLY REPRESENT THE PEOPLE WHO SENT ME.

A good example of this is the fact that we have not been able to get a viable national budget - one that will benefit the nation as a whole. Each year the federal government has to borrow more money to pay its operating costs and debt service (bonds). This creates a larger and larger deficit. Because most of the same congressmen keep getting re-elected, (through very sophisticated and well-financed propaganda campaigns), we as a country cannot CHANGE OUR OPERATING BASIS to cause improvement. This means YOU pay more each month for your mortgage and car loans because your cost of money (interest rate) is artificially high. It's artificially high because the government is competing against you to borrow funds for its purposes (and to piss down the drain). This drives up the cost of money higher and higher because there is (supposed to be) a limited supply of money and an unlimited demand from you and the federal government FOR money. If the government prints money to satisfy its demand for money - it gets out of pace with the creation of products which is supposed to be a 1 to 1 ratio - and you have "inflation".

Thus either you pay for the cost of your government with your interest/mortgage payments or with your taxes.

In business, whenever a statistic plunges for too long, it is time to make a change in the operating basics because whatever you are doing is just not working. Ethics investigations and handling can do some good but personnel changes are usually the most effective. We have had an impeachment and several major ethics investigations over the years, but unfortunately the ALIEN is still in the ship as long as you allow the same congressmen to be re-elected DOING THE SAME NEGATIVE THINGS TO THE COUNTRY.

A president can only do so much - he's only one man, one viewpoint. He executes the laws and is there to represent the individual viewpoint in a massive machine so our government doesn't completely roll over the basic building block of civilization - the individual. In essence, he performs a quality control function on the government and is testament to how well or how poorly the machine is running. He is the main communication link between the people and the Federal Government because we give him the power to veto for the individual's point of view as well as the power to present the state of the union from the government's point of view.

Congress on the other hand is a mass of composite thought and inertia that represents smaller units than the nation. Unfortunately, each congressman operates on the following two principals:

1. Get re-elected, then
2. Mold his or her views to reflect the majority view of the constituency.

Point 2 is done only so point 1 will go into effect. It's a vicious cycle - one that destroys your faith in our system, gets the same people back into power to conserve the same modus operandi and then continues to burn your productivity and cash.

Some Possible Solutions

You should go to the ballot box in November and vote for any Congressman that was NOT IN OFFICE LAST YEAR. If you use that simple rule, you will, in one fell swoop, bring a whole lot of new blood into the scene - i.e., congressmen who cannot do any worse than what has been happening in the last 30 years and actually may do better. This will be a firm step towards CHANGING THE NEGATIVE OPERATING BASIS.

Then, very importantly, establish and vote for a referendum that allows Congressmen to be in office for one (1) term of six (6) years only. The Supreme Court is there for life - we don't need the congressmen there for life too.

Conversely, the President's term is too short - it should be six (6) years for the first term and four (4) years for a second, and last, term. This gives a president over half a decade to set up office and execute prudent laws - and MOSTLY to operate INDEPENDENTLY of Congress. Then he may get four more years to turn over the successful actions of his post to the next president. One nice, neat bite sized decade in all. There should exist some material reward to bestow on exceptional president's.

The President should have a LINE ITEM VETO. It is ridiculous to reject a pile of budget or bill three feet thick because one item is too expensive or too choppy to the individual viewpoint.

The exact expenditures of federal, state and local governments should be summarized on the back each tax return as an official "Use of Proceeds" report.

For at least five years, expenditures should be cut equally across the board IN EVERY SINGLE BUDGET CATEGORY (except to bone fide foreign bondholders) by 10% AND every taxpayer in the Country should add a 10% surcharge to his or her tax bill, after arriving at their "bottom line" however they normally arrived at it. This will place 20% more money each year to close the deficit.

The work day should be increased to a 9-hour day and the official work week should be 45 hours long. The first step to economic recovery is for ALL (FAT, LAZY) AMERICANS TO WORK LONGER, HARDER AND FOR GREATER QUALITY. The film industry's standard work day is 10 hours! Is the film industry more able than other industries?

Money invested to capitalize new businesses should be treated differently than money that is "traded" all day by the Wall Street Gamblers. These people, known as "Traders" or "Investors" seek to make a profit by betting against each other which stocks will win or lose. Their activity is no different than the lottery or horse racing except that it DOES provide liquidity for investments and that is good and valid.

About very significant amount of the money invested to capitalize new companies goes into wages - in other words it goes into employee's pockets in exchange for helping create hopefully a new and useful product. Money spent by Investors to buy stocks (again "trading") is money that simply trades between Investors as (at bid and ask prices) and a reasonably small, but increasing, minority of the population people are involved in this activity. Before the development of the recent popularity of mutual funds, only about 5% of the nation traded in the stock markets (mostly accredited investors such as the wealthy and institutional fiduciaries), but now all the BabyBoomers are forced into the market so they can build the retirement fund that the gov promised but never will deliver. .

What many people do not understand is that when an investor buys a stock which is trading on some market, the company that issued the stock originally does not receive that money. The only money the company receives, less a standard 10% broker-dealer commission, is the money raised upon the initial capitalization of the company through a private placement or an initial public offering (an IPO).

Thus for all the hoop-la trading on Wall Street, between 10 AM and 4PM, each company whose stock is being traded there sees none of this money, no matter how productive the company or how much the stock goes up in value (a "capital gain").

Sure, if officers of the company own stock in the company being traded, they experience a capital gain, but the company, as an entity, experiences no additional "working capital" or capital gain, unless it owns a significant amount of treasury stock.

Usually when there is a capital gain, the investors sell off their stock and take a "profit." For a new company, with a limited amount of authorized and issued stock, this sell off usually depresses the stock value. But this drop in value is only temporary if the new company is vibrant and producing products that are needed and wanted and there is sight of future cash flow to be distributed through dividends.

Further, at the slightest sign of bad times, whether true or imagined, investors sell their stock in companies thus causing the market or a company's stock price to totally crash. This herding effect causes senseless damage to all companies who depend on long term stock stability in order to float new issues for needed capital and expansions.

While investors that have become rich will take their profits from any company in a less radical way (a "sell off") with out concern for the company's stock devaluation, this then may become a time for them to jump back in there and buy some of the same stock at the new lower value. This can then drive the stock value back up to where it was or even higher.

A move like this can only be profitable if the difference between the "bid" and the "ask" (i.e., the difference between the price the stock can be sold for and the price for which the stock can be bought, respectively), is not greater than their net proceeds (their profit margin). The difference between the ask and bid is called the "spread."

(above letter to congressman Walker not answered or acknowledged because I'm a "fanatical, extremist citizen" - probably)

August 1995

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