by James Jaeger

There is a way the millions of people potentially or actively involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement might be able to be quite effective: they could purchase common shares of stock in the public corporations and banks they disdain.

One only needs to own one share of stock in a publicly-held company to vote by proxy on corporate matters. One share of stock in most of the major corporations and banks is within reach of most people -- $25 to $125 per share. If suddenly millions of Wall Street protestors each bought even one share of say an Exxon-Mobile or a Goldman Sach's common stock, they could influence or dominate the corporation. They may even be able to shut down the companies over time.

When you own even one share in a public corporation, you get an annual 10-K and report telling you everything you want to know about the company, its officers, their pay, their bios, their posts, what they have done in the past . . . you name it.

You also get voting proxies from time to time and these ask you to vote for, or ratify, new board members or officers and all sorts of other internal company matters. Usually each voting proxy is a punch card that gives you suggestions on how the Board recommends you vote on this or that matter, appointment or financial issue, etc.

Think about it: if millions of Wall Street protesters each own a share of stock in the major corporations and banks -- especially the member banks that OWN the Federal Reserve System -- they could vote out officers taking excessive salaries, influence lobby practices, block merger and acquisition plans and close down product lines they didn't like. They could essentially do anything, even vote for the winding down and dissolution of the corporation.

If common stock in the top corporations in the military-industrial complex were acquired by millions of Wall Street protestors, the weapons divisions could even be shut down. The U.S. government could possibly be starved of weapons it is using for imperial over reach and to fight wars undeclared by Congress.

As the movie THRIVE says, for every member of the power elite there are a million of us. So use your numbers to acquire interests in the corporations and banks you feel are not operating responsibly or against the will of WE THE PEOPLE and in violation of the U.S. Constitution.(1)

(1) And don't suggest that this is already done with mutual funds. I used to work for a mutual fund and I can tell you the Fund is dominated by the resident, or out-of-house, guru. In order for the Wall Street Occupiers to dominate the corporations, not be dominated by some apologist fund manager, each individual would have to DIRECTLY own shares in the offending corporations and banks, NOT via mutual funds or any other vehicle.

20 November 2011

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