by James Jaeger

When the Lenin Marxists could NOT get the workers of the world to unite, Marxism fell apart until a spinner group formed. That spinner group was initiated by Antonio Gramsci and his book, The Prison Notebooks.

In this book, Gramsci outlined the plan for destroying the capitalist society and bringing in first socialism, and later the communism Lenin dreamed of. Gramsci's "genius" was that he realized the reason the workers of the world wouldn't unite: they were held together by their respective CULTURES more firmly than their desire to unite as WORKERS. Thus Gramsci realized that, in order to destroy the capitalist society, it had to first be penetrated through its culture and then that culture corrupted and destroyed from within. This he called "the long march through the institutions." In the March, various social-engineering technologies were developed and used by Gramsci and his colleagues, later known as the Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt School developed the technologies known as "critical theory," "cultural pessimism" and "androgyny." "Critical theory" is a technology whereby "experts" question every single element and premise of a culture possible. But the goal of such inquiry is not deeper understanding, it's to throw unsubstantiated disrepute upon the subject culture.

Here's an example of "critical theory" in every-day use in the cultural Marxist-infested mainstream media.

What the media does is pose questions. You see this ALL the time. For instance, let's say I'm a Marxist executive at an MSNBC-type network and I want to destroy REDquist's reputation. I simply put out a "news" story with the following headline: IS REDQUIST A CLOSET GAY? Or IS REDQUIST AN ANTI-SEMITE? Note, I am NOT claiming REDquist is a gay or anti, I am simply asking an "innocent" question. Everyone can question, no? What's wrong with a few "innocent" questions: all of SCIENCE and HUMAN CIVILIZATION is built upon QUESTIONS, no? So I ask the simple "innocent" question BUT it puts a CRITICAL IDEA in everyone's mind. Even so, since there is no law against asking questions, I, as the executive at an MSNBC, doesn't get sued for slander or libel BUT even still REDquist's reputation is compromised. Now, every time his name comes up (in the media or anywhere) he's associated with that CRITICAL question implying the THEORY that he's gay or anti-Semitic. That's why it's called CRITICAL THEORY social-engineering technology: you wantonly launch endless THEORIES that are of a highly CRITICAL nature regardless of the damage they do to society. Welcome to the mainstream media in its daily activity.

And so implanted into our "politically correct," socially-engineered society are these technologies, someone at the MIND-X (the source of this post-inspired essay) used this very technology on REDquist earlier by asking an "innocent" question implying he is gay. THIS simple act thus deflected the entire conversation OFF of REDquist's sound and reasonable argument and ON TO a frivolous and pointless diatribe. If you go to the FIRM site (at ( and look through the hundreds of hours of argument there, you will see this happening all the time, engineered by the Hollywood apologists.

But as a CNN- or FOX-type executive -- or a Hollywood movie mogul -- I could just as easily have asked the question: ARE MOTHERS AND FATHERS REALLY NECESSARY? Or the question, IS THE NUCLEAR FAMILY ARCHAIC? Or the question, IS GOD DEAD? -- an actual critical theory question posed on the very cover of the Marxist-inclined magazine, TIME, in the 1960s. See CULTURAL MARXISM -- The Corruption of America at

So, the prime social-engineering technology developed by the Frankfurt School, right on the campus of Columbia University in Marxist-leaning New York City -- CRITICAL THEORY -- is diabolical "genius."

So, what the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School did was publish endless books throughout the 1960s and 1970s aimed at the impressionable, drugged-out BabyBoom Generation. And "critical theory" was not just used in books, it was used in ALL the cultural institutions: music, painting, photography, literature, TV shows, commercials, magazines, feature films, theater, rock concerts and even the clergy and institutions of higher learning. This is why the colleges are so liberal and why schools were able to be invaded by Engle v. Vitale which removed religious ethics from the school system.

But I mentioned there were other technologies than "critical theory," that of "cultural pessimism" and "androgyny." Due to time, I will skip over "cultural pessimism" and go to "androgyny." You can watch the film and it will go into "cultural pessimism" as well as the other technologies.

"Androgyny" is basically the social-engineering technology of turning men into women, and women into men.

Remember, the goal of the Marxist is to destroy the capitalist society and free-enterprise. The Middle Class is the engine of the capitalist society and the Family Unit is the basic building block of the Middle Class. Thus, if the Family Unit can be destroyed, this will undermine the Middle Class. The capitalist society would thus fall into the Marxist's laps "like ripened fruit," as one of the Frankfurt School leaders, Max Horkheimer, actually put it in writing. So, "androgyny" is the technology of essentially confusing the youth about sexuality and family values.

For instance, if ostensibly, no single model can be presented or agreed upon -- such as the male-female nuclear family -- the youth are easily confused because they have little or no idea what has been established and viable for thousands of years. This is because the "norm" is diluted and biased by models that were largely rejected by civilization thousands of years ago. Again, the youth has little or no idea of this, being young and not-yet-educated. The cultural Marxist thus prays on this by representing every type of "family unit" as being "normal," equal and/or workable -- when in fact this has not been found to be empirically true. Again, only one configuration has actual long-term viability and this is the model that has sustained and grown civilization for millennia. This model must be re-instated if we are to become a space-faring, Type II Kardashevian Civilization because we can not populate a new branch of Humanity using the one-world-centric, limited view of reality that the cultural Marxist offers. So the idea that a population going gay is nature's way of slowing down the birth rate on an over-populated planet is ridiculous. Nature never intended for the Human race to live on just one planet. Only people with limited intelligence think this way.

Thus, the REASON the toilet-humor-obsessed Hollywood studios -- and other "cultural" institutions -- push the "gay agenda" is NOT because they give a darn about gays or gay rights: all they really care about is USING innocent gays to toss confusion into the family structure, hence the very fabric of Middle Class society.

People of any sexual orientation should be able to go about their business without being used, harmed or preferred by either government OR movie studios.

But, for the Cultural Marxists, the exploitation of homosexuals dovetails perfectly with their agenda of destroying other people's sexual and traditional values through the social-engineering technology of "androgyny." I am sure gays and lesbians, left to their own peaceful existence, NEVER planned to do this or ever had anything to do with the attempt to weaken or destroy the basic one-man, one-woman nuclear family. But this is an unwanted consequence, for the youth are presented not with one model, but many conflicting models and the skyrocketed divorce rate has made society so complex -- well IT'S COMPLICATED -- as one of the studio pictures goes on to incestuously exploit even Hollywood's own demented creations.

Again, Hollywood seeks to make men into women and women into men, thus men, being "women" can "marry" men; and women, being "men" can "marry" women and all this is "normal." It's just "complicated." This is why every Hollywood movie is tacitly REQUIRED to have at least one (1) woman beating the hell out of a man (as this is supposed to be manly), and a man who wishes he had a vagina (as this is supposed to be all that defines a woman). It's probably even in the studio, writer-for-hire contracts as every major Hollywood motion picture is green-lit by the same 21 politically liberal, not-very-religious, Jewish males of European heritage who police the screenplays to make sure "androgyny" and "critical theory" are properly implanted in the writing. All the research on the demographics of the studio control group is done (and never challenged) and is at and all the research on how the Frankfurt School is operating is embodied in the movie CULTURAL MARXISM at

Either you get it or you don't . . . or you'll confront it or you won't.

05 August 2012

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