America is Sick; It Needs Dr. Ron Paul
by James Jaeger

>I think I am out of the box. I am not happy with Bush and many other Republicans. The Dems are worse.

Well you seem to be PART out of the box in that you don't seem to have blind loyalty to just the Republicans (and I do note you were enthusiastic about independent Ross Perot once, as was I). But you are still talking about politics in TERMS of the "Republicans" and the "Dems." As long as you even USE those terms you are in a box confined by the actions of the Democrats and the Republicans, as if the actions of the Dems and the GOP constitute ALL the factors relevant to the situation we find ourselves in on a national and international level. What CAUSES a problem, and what CONTINUES a problem, are often the factors that are NOT being discussed and hence confronted. The Fed, and fiat money, are examples. The fact that we have probably hit global PEAK oil is another. Factors and issues like these, that are NOT being discussed by either the Dems or the GOP, TEND TO HOLD THE PROBLEM IN PLACE INHIBITING THE ALIGNMENT OF THE FACTORS NECESSARY TO RESOLVE THE SITUATION. Were these issues to be entered into the equation, real solutions would materialize, because all relevant factors would be on the table. The mere fact that solutions haven't been forthcoming in a number of areas (i.e., energy, perpetual war, debt encumbrance, medical attention, social security, education, media and societal violence, immigration, trade deficit, etc.) AREN'T materializing and in fact getting worse in many cases, is PROOF that salient factors are NOT being addressed. You cannot solve a problem in a DATA VACUUM. Thus the Dems and the GOP, which promote or utilize data vacuums, are NOT SOLUTIONS to the problems, they are PART of the problems, if not THE problem. IF you accept this, THEN you are OUT of the box. But again, every time I hear the word Dem or GOP uttered, I KNOW that person is caught up in the silly cockfight between these two distractive terminals. This is, of course, a psychological device that is used, knowingly or unknowingly, by those who promote, influence and use BOTH political parties in order to control the attention units of the public. You are thus being controlled because the essence of your "reasoning" is but the vocabulary DEFINED by the two parties and their operators. In other words, your very thinking is being placed into a narrow spectrum that only allows you to consider problems as framed by these two entities. And the media is the tool that indoctrinates the public with the "solutions" promoted by the Dems and the GOP as if there were no other issues or solutions. Witness how they placed all the lesser known candidates, the "unknown quantities," including Ron Paul, over to the side of the debate line up. Then as in the blatant case involving Wolf Blitzer, the sidelined candidates are asked fewer questions and thus garner less screen time than the others. Excuse me, isn't the MEDIA NEWS supposed to show the public what's NEW? Shouldn't the MEDIA, if it was really "looking out for the folks" be trying to show the public what NEW, what new candidates are there, potential new gems for society? But no, the Wolf Blitzers of the corporate media simply continue to over expose the same OLD SAME OLD. The NEWS is thus mis-named. It should be called the FOX OLD or CNN OLD. Thus, all of the "reasons" we should or should not be in Iraq are merely reflections of which "side" of a highly controlled, highly edited, network "debate" you wish to chose. Neither side is a real solution, because each side is OLD NEWS. Were there to BE a real solution -- NEW NEWS -- war and military expenditures would DECREASE and/or cease. The entities that provide us with "protection" would evolve their own obsolescence; companies heavily invested in the $2 trillion global petroleum infrastructure would wane and all the Mafioso in power at this time would start to become displaced. People like Ron Paul understand this games condition and are not playing it. Most of the money that the military-industrial-congressional establishment relies on is generated by the Federal Reserve System as illegal fiat money. See FIAT EMPIRE at This game has made certain international entities wealthy enough to easily own the Dems and the GOP in a way that they are similar to POLITICAL FOOTBALL TEAMS. You really think the president of the US has that much power beyond a public relations function? Dream on? You really think the Dems or the GOP actually run much? I don't think as much as people think because they're so dependent on the money-crazed, predatory networks to promote them. See

>Ron Paul believes we should leave Iraq before we stabilize the country.

Stabilize?! The mere fact that we are THERE is what is DEstabilizing Iraq! When Saddam invaded Kuwait, the Saudi Kingdom got paranoid and asked the US to bring its military into Saudi Arabia to protect the oil in the event Saddam ALSO tried to invade Saudi Arabia. Since the general population of Saudi Arabia doesn't profit much from the oil sales, AND they are now over populated AND in debt AND watching the West deplete their only source of wealth, oil -- they are generally VERY antagonistic to both the Saudi Kingdom AND its number one sweetheart trading partner, the US. Understandably, when the Kingdom invited the US military in and they placed their tanks all over Saudi Arabia and religious sites like Mecca and Medina, the Muslim people of Saudi Arabia got irritated. (See SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL by Robert Baer) A faction of these Muslims, what we in our ignorance label "extremists," spontaneously organized around a wealthy estranged Saudi engineer named Osama bin Laden and flew jets into our buildings on September 11, 2001. They did this because, after decades of protesting the above grievances (i.e., long-term US foreign policy in the ME), they were ignored. So they did what they did on 9/11 and this is what the CIA terms “blowback" – COVERT foreign policies or action that cause OVERT retaliation. This again is blowback. Since the American people, by definition, know nothing about the covert actions and policies, when the blowback happens they have insufficient data to process the event and thus can only resort to non-causative and/or irrational "explanations" -- such as the ones you are suggesting here. Ron Paul tried to point all this out to Rudy Giuliani in the last Republican debate, but Giuliani has been so indoctrinated by the data vacuum, he had no ability to respond in a meaningful way and thus came off as foolish and authoritarian in the eyes of those who understand the blowback phenomenon. All this time Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Their only "crime" was they had the second largest oil reserves on the planet. (See TWILIGHT IN THE DESERT by Matt Simmons) Realizing that US military's number one source of oil, Saudi Arabia, was in jeopardy, the Bush Administration thus felt it HAD to dream up some pretext to go into Iraq to secure a BACKUP supply of oil. Since invading another country for such a purpose -- when the US is already detested by most of the rest of the world as not only the biggest energy hog, but the biggest global polluter – trying to dominate yet another supply of oil doesn't go over well, especially when many of them are oil-starved as well. Bush thus HAD to dream up some other "reason" to go into Iraq. This is when the Neo-Cons stepped forward with their dusty plan to secure Israel. The Neo-Cons realized they could hit two birds with one stone: A) Give Bush his pretext for invading Iraq and B) better secure Israel by taking out Saddam, payback for when Saddam was throwing Scud missiles at them during the first Gulf War.

Thus, in summary, Iraq WAS reasonably stable BEFORE we placed our military all over Saudi Arabia and then used it to invade Iraq. We may not have liked Saddam, but he WAS our creation, in part, and he DID keep the place under a semblance of control, albeit ruthless control. But he was never the threat the Bush Administration tried to paint him as even Saddam didn't like the so-called "extremist" Muslims. We have thus -- due to special interest-directed foreign policy, foreign policy in conflict with the precepts of the US Constitution -- DEstablized the entire Middle East AND placed the US population under threat of attacks from foreign, extra-national entities. Because of our foolish invasion of Iraq, an invasion that was for oil AND to further the interests of a small politically powerful special interest group funded to no small extent by the AIPAC, we have squandered over $600 billion that could have been placed into the remedy of our domestic energy problems AND moved the world closer to a remedy for Global Warming (renamed "Climate Change" to take the emphasis off the severity of the situation). With the exception of Ron Paul, most of the “leaders” of this country are in nothing less than a condition of liability.

>I believe that if we do that we will create a huge problem. Iran and Syria will go in to fill the vacuum.

So what? Iran is little threat. The gov-infested media would have you believe otherwise. Like Saudi Arabia, Iran's leadership is very unpopular with the people YET the Iranian people generally like the U.S. and many of them emulate our culture. The Iranian people are no threat at all and it’s only a matter of time before their current leadership will be out. And even if the Iranian leadership got a nuke, so what! They would never use it because it would mean Israel would nuke them back out of existence.

>The Muslim extremists are a huge problem that's only going to get worse.

Every religion has its extremists. There are Christian extremists just as there are Jewish and Scientology extremists. But you can't configure a country of 300 million or a world of 6 billion people to accommodate fear of extremists. That's insane. Extremists need to simply be ignored and handled in the same way we handle the mentally ill. Every time you overly react to them and acknowledge their existence, you push more power and "validity" to them and their cause. Hey this should be Black Propaganda 101. Extremist success is thus a CREATION of those in the mainstream. Even still, when one compares the threats and damages caused by the so-called terrorists to the threats and damages of the First and Second World Wars, they are INSIGNIFICANT. The dropping of the World Trade Center towers was only DRAMATIC – not statistically SIGNIFICANT. Bombing the "innocent" men, women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not only dramatic but significant statistically, so the US is MUCH better at "terrorist" raids than any Al Quada. People of the US, being so conditioned and hypnotized by movies and the negative-spewing media are only impressed by the DRAMATIC not the militarily significant statistics. Over 30 MILLION were killed in WW2. A lousy 3,000 are killed in 9/11? Please. Even if terrorists nuke an entire US city of 1 million, I don’t want to even be BOTHERED hearing about it on TV as it’s STATISTICALLY INSIGNIFICANT. True power doesn’t pay attention to such relatively insignificant things. It was our pompous ego that was hurt on September 11th, not our country. Obviously the US isn’t a true power any longer – we’re a pompous, over-weight, ignorant, bunch of over-sexed, media/movie-indoctrinated, beer-guzzling, bathroom-humor-driven, pharmaceutical-addicted debt-infested pigs that are not only destroying the planet with our excessive corporate commercialism and pollution but arrogantly disregarding the rest of the world’s people at every turn. In short: we have gone from a Republic to an Empire EXACTLY as Benjamin Franklin suspected we would in time when he said: "A republic: IF your can keep it." We would DISGUST the Founding Fathers and Ben Franklin were they still alive today.

Again, all of the acts of terrorism the Fed-fueled government and military-industrial-complex have been assailing us with in order to consolidate their power over us have been NOTHING compared to what happened in WW1 and WW2 – or even Viet Nam. We have lost our perspective and the media is simply pushing the same bogus candidates from the RepubliCratic Party because it wants to generate advertising fees and maintain its cozy relationship with the Fed and the Congress, who doles out radio spectrum and broadcast licenses. And the only way the government can roll over its $8.6 trillion current debt is to burry the interest payments in huge war-system military expenditures.

>Look whets going on in Pakistan today. London. The problem with Chavez and the Iranian Gov.

All media-gov promoted crap to stir up citizens in their box. Climb out of the Box.

>What's going to happen if the extremists take over all the oil producers in the mideast?

The two largest oil fields in the ME, in descending order are: Saudi Arabia and Iraq. We are in both places because the US military is trying to secure ITS oil supply. The US military, with outposts in over 150 countries, CANNOT OPERATE without the ME oil. Period. Once people GET THIS, they will cog that if we CUT BACK the US military, and stop POLICING the world, we would not NEED the oil -- THUS it would not matter who "takes over."

>Where will we get the fuel to fight and survive.

We wouldn't NEED the fuel if we didn't CREATE the need for it. As I said above, all of this is what is NOT being confronted by the Dems and the GOP because BOTH parties are instruments of the same military-industrial-banking complex. (See a documentary, now available in BlockBuster Video stores, called WHY WE FIGHT. It’s about Dwight D. Eisenhower’s caution about the military-industrial complex getting out of hand – as is the case right NOW). Until you get and accept this, you will not be able to make but crippled sense of anything in the ME and you will thus be resigned to watching even more Fox “news” and CNN in a desperate attempt to fill in the data vacuum. The news is a bunch of horse because, for one, the major Federal Reserve-member banks own significant blocks of stock in the major media networks, just as the major oil companies own major blocks of stock in the automobile manufacturing companies. Duh, wouldn’t you?! You think high-level collusion, and interlocking directorates, AREN'T going on?!

>Yes, alternative energy should be aggressively pursued, but that will take years.

It's DESIGNED to take years. This is why the bought-and-paid-for DEM/GOP “congressmen” allocate over $440 billion a year to military operations and less than $1 billion a year to alternative energy development. Please. The military-industrial-complex provides work for all their districts, hundreds of billions. You think they actually WANT alternative energy and a break with the status quo? Of course not. You think the banking community actually WANTS a resolution to wars so their military-related loans evaporate and they lose hundreds of billions of interest revenue every year on the almost $9 trillion national debt, not to mention the $45 trillion in long-term liabilities the US facing and which represent additional loan potentials. Dream on? So everything IS the way it's "supposed" to be -- unless someone like RON PAUL comes along and explicates the game.

>In the mean time we have wells shut down off of California, Deposits off the coast of Florida and in Alaska that the Dems won't let us get.

Back to us and them. Get out of the box. See above.

>The left leaning media does not tell the public everything.

The MEDIA has its OWN agenda and it's NOT the agenda of the People.

>They have their own agenda.

True, and that agenda is to A) push those candidates they think will be able to raise the most money so they have it to spend on their over-priced TV spots and B) make certain they generate no waves that could upset their cozy relationship with the congressional powers that oversee their broadcast licenses. See movie called FIAT EMPIRE.

>They don't mention the good things that are going on in Iraq,

That's because there IS nothing good going on! We INVADED another country on false and selfish pretenses. We have killed over 3,000 of OUR little boys and a hundred thousand, or more, of THEIR little boys. The ONLY way we will "stabilize" anything is to get out and re-write our foreign policy in greater alignment with Constitutional the principals of non-interventionist ideals. This, and only this, will stop the BLOWBACK which apologists of the war-, banking-system laughingly have neoterized as “terrorism."

>they don't mention the proof positive the Iran is backing much of the fighting there.

So what. Who cares what they do in the ME. It's none of our business. It's not our oil. Saudi Arabia has a huge population that's now in serious debt, thanks to the profligate Kingdom and their sweetheart deal with the US. Again, these people don't want the US pigging up all THEIR oil and keeping OUR tanks all over their lands just to protect a Kingdom they generally, hate, a Kingdom the hypocritical US condones even though it engages in the some of the most brutal human rights violations in the world. THIS is why THEY (the Saudi people and their Muslin counterparts) hate us and why THEY flew jets into our buildings killing a few "innocent" Americans -- as if ignorance and irresponsibility make Americans "innocent."

>We leave without stabilizing that country and I hate to think what that will lead to.

When we leave, the country will stabilize and you will find another Saddam back in there. It was a grave mistake to execute Saddam. We should have put him back into Iraq to run the place, with the proviso that, if he did any more human rights violations, we would come after him again.

>We can't appease these people. They will not go away if we leave them alone.

That's what the gov-infested media has brainwashed you to believe. Stop watching so much FOX NEWS and stop reading just news papers. It's mostly propaganda. The so-called terrorists are NOT after us because we're rich and free, they are after us because we're OVER THERE in THEIR lands pigging up THEIR oil and supporting THEIR enemies: Jews in Israel. We stop all of the above, and they have better things to do than go after us. Bombing our buildings was the ONLY WAY they could get our attention because fat dumb Americans do nothing but watch TV -– so they had to create a media event, a show called 9/11 - BOMB THE BUILDINGS. They knew we would take a moment to look up from our screwing and Big Macs to watch THIS survival show on TV.

>They already think that they conquered the Russians in Afghanistan

They?! Too general. There is no "they."

>and they think that God is on their side and they have a Holly Fatwa to destroy the Jews, Christians and non-believers.

All media-instigated horse.

>Ron Paul doesn't get that.

Oh, no he gets it. He gets what the actual solutions are: cause and effect. We covertly do A and there is blowback B. The blowback is being misnomered in order to maintain the cover of our unrealistic and predatory LONG-TERM foreign policy. And the fact that it is a LONG-TERM policy PROVES that it makes NO difference who is in power: Dems or GOP as BOTH of these two parties are nothing less than FRONT groups for the internationalists' agenda.

>He thinks if we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone.

They will. Bank on it. Especially when the new solar cells that were recently announced are fully deployed.

>History disproves that belief.

Well, you can't equate Nazi Germany with the current situation. This would be an overly tropistic response.

>I am leaning towards Fred Thompson for now. We will see.

America is sick, it needs Dr. Ron Paul.

James Jaeger

03 July 2007

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