So, You're Just a "Social Drinker"
by James Jaeger

If you're a social drinker (wink, wink), and possibly addicted to cigarettes and/or pain killers, here's a small program you can use to get into better control over your situation and STILL have some fun in life with chemical substances.

1. TAKE VITAMINS. Buy some Natural vitamin B complex (balanced-50mg), E (400 I.U. Ester), C (500 mg) and Zinc (30mg). Take the prescribed amount EVERY day after your first meal of the day.

2. DO OBJECTIVES. Begin a program of TR-0 objectives (form of meditation) with your spouse, housemate and/or an 8" X 10" photograph of a person in reasonable life-like size. Do TR-0 every other day for 2 - 10 minutes or until you have a win (i.e., things brighten up, come into better focus or you "go exterior").

3. CUT BACK ON ALCOHOL BY 10% PER WEEK. As you do steps 1 - 2 above, slowly begin to cut back all alcohol consumption. Cut back by ABOUT 10% per week until you drink nothing or as prescribed herein. This means that if you have 2 beers every day after work (10 beers) and 10 beers over the weekend (total of 20 beers every 7 days), cut back to 9 beers over the next week and 9 beers over the next weekend (for a total of 18 beers that week). Apply this formula for the next weeks and you will hardly notice it but you will make progress. If you screw up any week, don't give up, just cut back 10% the next week.

4. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. While doing 1 - 3 above, drink between 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday. This will help flush the poisons from your system. Don't excessively drink fruit juices, carbonated beverages (Coke or Pepsi) or coffee.

5. EAT HEALTHY MEALS. While doing 1 - 4 above, and also eat healthy meals. Try to minimize animal products like milk, cheese, beef and butter. Accentuate fruits and vegetables. Avoid artificial coloring and flavors in foods. Minimize your caloric intake to what your metabolism is set to handle. Only shop at a market that sells healthy foods, such as TRADER JOES, WHOLE FOODS or FRESH FIELDS.

6. STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES. If you drink, chances are the alcohol will make you apathetic to the damage you are doing to yourself from smoking. If you are a nicotine addict (and you ARE a nicotine addict if you smoke ANY cigarettes at ANY time), stop smoking by one of these methods: a) cold turkey, b) cold turkey while you have your next sinus cold or c) with a nicotine patch assist. The way I finally got off cigarettes (1 - 2 packs per day) was I simply stopped smoking while I was too sick to smoke one week. In other words, method b) of above.

7. ONLY DRINK QUALITY ALCOHOL. While doing this program, segue from whatever you are drinking to alcoholic beverages with FEWER impurities and/or formaldehyde. Red wine is supposed to be the least of the evils whereas beer often has many impurities. Do your own research.

8. ONLY DRINK WHEN IT CAN BENEFIT YOU. Limit alcohol consumption to only one or two drinking sessions per month preferably only on the weekends. If, by 10% increments, you can phase out all of your drinking during the weekDAYS, you can accentuate drinking JUST on the weekENDS. This will then put you into the position of drinking most ONLY at social functions whereby the potential socio-economic gains you have will offset the loss of brain tissue due to the alcohol poisoning. Only drink with people that you can benefit from knowing and who might need or want your products/services. The money you will save from NOT buying and drinking alcoholic beverages (and cigarettes) during the weekDAYS and with your routine drinking partners, can be re-allocated into going out on up to two (2) quality, beneficial weekends each month.

9. SECRETLY AVOID DRINKING WITH THE USUAL PEOPLE. While drying out, slowly move away from drinking alone or with your USUAL partners (housemates, friends and/or associates) after work each day or whenever. These habits a) keep the alcohol addiction in place, b) continue to destroy your brain cells c) cost on-going sums to finance (amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime) and d) provide no net socio-economic or socio-political gain, as mentioned above. KEEP THE FACT THAT YOU ARE DOING THIS PROGRAM SECRET. Unless your housemates, friends and/or associates are actually doing this program WITH you, the mathematical probability is that they will overtly or covertly disparage your efforts. Count on it. These people are what's known as co-dependents. They DEPEND on YOU to continue justifying THEIR alcohol addition because when YOU stay CO-addicted along with them, THEY feel that THEIR drinking is more socially acceptable. If YOU were to stop drinking, THEY would feel invalidated, WRONG and/or lonely. So, just keep this program secret if you expect to escape from these psychological chains. In their inebriated, reduced-awareness state, they will not notice you cutting back by 10% a week anyway. And if they DO notice, it will probably be too late: you will be in control of yourself once again AND in a position to bring THEM through this program, should you and they choose to make that happen.

10. DON'T LET THE LAW SNAG YOU. While you are getting off alcohol (and all other drugs) be very careful to avoid drinking and driving. The current legal system has turned DUI (Driving Under the Influence) into a multi-billion dollar profit center for the state and the ancillary industries that depend on "social drinkers." The last thing the state, the alcohol counseling groups and the liquor corporations, etc., want is for YOU -- and especially the GENERAL public -- to STOP drinking. They WANT you to keep drinking, but "drink responsibly." If you were to STOP drinking, they would no longer be able to MILK you for fines, legal fees, driverEd class tuitions, group counseling fees, liquor sales taxes and appropriations to expand the police-state infrastructure. It's a sad commentary that the state and its apparatchik think they have the moral authority to regulate DUI when they profit off the sale of alcoholic beverages and all manner of other extortions.

11. STOP TAKING ASPIRIN AND PAIN KILLERS. Do not use ANY aspirin (OR other pain killers) to remedy pains caused from alcohol consumption OR pains that show up within 6 hours after drinking any quantity of alcohol. To mitigate pain, drink extra water, make sure the proper amount of zinc has been taken, do extra TRs and just SUFFER IT OUT. The pains WILL eventually cease and you will not have to take any aspirin, pain killers or alcohol after you are on your way to drying out. Often sugar and carbohydrates cause headaches. Cut back on both.

12. DIFFERENTIATE REALITY FROM DELUSION. When you feel hostile, stupid, blank, wooden, forgetful, apathetic, antagonistic or that "Life" is negative and everyone out there is your enemy, has done you wrong, hates you, or you hate them -- just realize it's nothing more than the effects of the alcohol wearing off. IT WILL PASS. IT'S A DELUSION. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. The World does NOT hate you. The World is NOT that bad of a place. MOST OF THE PEOPLE OUT THERE STILL LOVE AND CHERISH YOU. As soon as you are back -- with that personality they know, remember and love - they will love you even more and everything will go back to normal or things will get even better than you ever were able to imagine in your former, challenged state.

13. AVOID FIGHTS BY LIMITING INTERACTIONS AT CRUCIAL TIMES. Because of the negative ways you will feel as you are drying out, try to limit social interactions with your family, friends and associates. Avoid getting into arguments with your spouse, housemates friends/associates WHILE on alcohol, but even MORE important: avoid interaction and conflicts for the period of time 12 to 48 hours AFTER imbibing (drinking). THIS is the most often over-looked period of time, when 90% of the fights and conflicts occur. This is the most destructive and counter productive period beset with almost complete irrationality and futility. When you are in THIS 12 - 48 hour period, realize that arguments, antagonism and/or disagreements you have between your spouse, housemate(s), family and/or friends are only a result of the alcohol inhibiting your brain from efficiently processing information. This makes life and rational computation almost impossible. It makes you want to have a drink "to relax," to "calm down" or because you feel "you need or deserve it." Don't give into these justifications. They are what has placed, and kept, you in this vicious cycle in the first place. If you have a fight with a spouse, housemate, family member or friend while in the hung over state, DON'T take what was said/done seriously. Don't make any ultimatums or threaten anyone. Just avoid future interaction during the crucial times and continue on with this program.

14. DRINK IN MODERATION, IF AT ALL. Once you have dried out, if you can control it, it's okay to socially drink no more than 1 or 2 times per month. If you don't drink at all for any given month, this is NOT license to then drink extra times the next month. If you get really inebriated on the first occasion of any given month, do NOT drink on a second occasion of that month. Forgo it until next month.

15. KEEP DOING WHAT SUPPORTS YOU AND WORKS. As you come off the drugs and alcohol, continue to do your objective TRs and take the vitamins. Do NOT knock out any of the rudiments that are supporting your higher state and this program.

16. WHAT YOU WILL GAIN. As you meter-out your drinking to the above pattern, you may eventually arrive at a point whereby you enjoy NOT drinking MORE than you enjoyed it. As your brain comes back from the deleterious effects of the alcohol poisoning, pain killers and nicotine, you will find that you can accomplish in 8 hours what it used to take you 16 to 24 hours. Thus your projects will be done more quickly and at higher quality. You will also make more money. Better yet, you will be able to make more money doing more of what you enjoy doing. This will be possible because your brain will be able to process more data much more quickly. Much of an alcoholic's brain functionality is preempted with internal organizational problems (i.e., frantically processing the poisons out of the system) as well as external conflicts (i.e., fighting with "all the bastards" such as spouse, family members and ex-business associates). The alcoholic is ALWAYS paranoid and irrational and everyone in the world is against them, or so it seems to them. Once you are off drugs and alcohol, you will be able to allocate the time you waste worrying about all this to more productive pursuits.

17. HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE TO DRY OUT. It will take between 2 and 6 months to dry out and get your mind back to a high operating level. Unless you have actually refrained from ALL drinking for at least 60 days, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO BE SOBER. Even one (1) drink crashes this reality to some degree. Thus, if you follow this advice and program, you WILL eventually experience a new reality and be free from the harmful effects of alcohol, nicotine, aspirin and pain killers -- unless you have already done yourself irreparable physiological and/or mental damage.

18. RE-READ THIS PROGRAM AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Even if you detest what is said, who is saying it, or disagree with it: continue re-reading it once a week. It is normal that this program would seem antagonistic to you and, in fact, the mere fact that it DOES seem antagonistic is almost certain proof that you NEED TO BE DOING THIS PROGRAM BECAUSE, IN ALL PROBABILITY, YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST A SO CALLED "SOCIAL DRINKER." You are a drug addict and need to admit it. Do this program and you will come out of it happier, healthier, wealthier . . . and loved.

Originated: 19 February 2006
Supplemented: 26 June 2010

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