Death, Downtown -
A Response to Michael Moore

> Michael Moore wrote:
> So spare me the talk about all the precautions the airlines and the FAA is taking. They, like all businesses, are concerned about one thing -- the bottom line and the profit margin.

James Jaeger wrote:
Sure, true, but the major world problem is not this problem.

>Well, the pundits are in full diarrhea mode, gushing on about the "terrorist threat" and today's scariest dude on planet earth -- Osama bin Laden. Hey, who knows, maybe he did it. But, something just doesn't add up.

That's right. Something doesn't add up.

> Am I being asked to believe that this guy who sleeps in a tent in a desert has been training pilots to fly our most modern, sophisticated jumbo jets with such pinpoint accuracy that they are able to hit these three targets without anyone wondering why these planes were so far off path?

Everyone knows that much of the air traffic "control" system operates on 1950's computing technology. Are you surprised that no one was "wondering why these planes were so far off path?"

> Or am I being asked to believe that there were four religious/political fanatics who JUST HAPPENED to be skilled airline pilots who JUST HAPPENED to want to kill themselves today?

They probably trained with computer simulation virtual reality flight software. Thus, a $50 million plane is just a "video game" away.

> Maybe you can find one jumbo jet pilot willing to die for the cause -- but FOUR? Ok, maybe you can -- I don't know.

Wasn't our pilots. No American pilot has as much conviction in his or her beliefs to die for them, as was the case for these pilots. THIS one fact should give serious pause to how we approach any "solutions" to this entire issue. These people, whoever they are, believe what they believe so much, they are willing to die for it on a direct, personal and inevitable basis (not unlike the attitude the Founders of the United States might have had when they defied the greatest power on Earth in their time). The people who flew into the World Trade Center towers hate us in America so much: they are willing to place themselves into a suicide mission. We need to find out WHY they hate us so much and sort out what negative things we have done to them as well as what negative things they have done to us. When people hate you: there is a REASON why they hate you. A sane person SEEKS that reason and tries to remedy it. An insane person IGNORES that reason and tries to justify their point of view. Seek and ye shall find?

> What I do know is that all day long I have heard everything about this bin Laden guy except this one fact -- WE created the monster known as Osama bin Laden!

The co-opted media never presents balanced news. The U.S. creates many "terrorists" by where we point our money -- fiat money, created in New York through the Federal Reserve System.

> Where did he go to terrorist school? At the CIA!

Maybe. Flight simulators, probably.

> Don't take my word for it -- I saw a piece on MSNBC last year that laid it all out. When the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan, the CIA trained him and his buddies in how to commits acts of terrorism against the Soviet forces. It worked! The Soviets turned and ran. Bin Laden was grateful for what we taught him and thought it might be fun to use those same techniques against us.

Old story: Satan in the Garden of Eden?

> We abhor terrorism -- unless we're the ones doing the terrorizing.

That's right. Have to look at both sides of the issue, not just label and bomb. No one is innocent. Not the U.S. gov. Not you and I. Not the "terrorists." Not the participants in the Arab-Israeli conflict. It's about time Americans, including myself, make a more sincere effort to understand the problems and struggles these poor people are having in other parts of the World, instead of just sitting around this country fat and oblivious. We pulled the twin tower/pentagon bombing in by our greedy reliance on oil AND our crass indifference to the suffering of others.

> We paid and trained and armed a group of terrorists in Nicaragua in the 1980s who killed over 30,000 civilians. That was OUR work. You and me. Thirty thousand murdered civilians and who the hell even remembers!

That's right. We have to accept our share of the responsibility for all these events and the conflict around the World.

> We fund a lot of oppressive regimes that have killed a lot of innocent people, and we never let the human suffering THAT causes to interrupt our day one single bit.

That's right. The images we watched on TV on 11 September 2001 are basically the same images we Americans have complacently been watching on TV in other parts of the World for decades as we stuff our faces with more and more sugar-saturated food and our machinery with more and more oil. The time to finalize the development of FUSION-based energy is NOW. No other renewable energy source will or can physically provide the terawatt power demands of the World. This is a matter of physics, not opinion or hype. We are currently, as a planet, using 16 terawatts of power PER YEAR. (A terawatt is a million megawatts). By 2075 we will be using about 100 terawatts per year. There are only 3,000 terawatt-years of fossil fuel (oil) known to exist on Earth. Do some simple math and you will see that, if we are burning between 16 and 100 terawatts per year, we will exhaust the oil supply easily by the year 2075. This is only 74 years away. This is in YOUR or YOUR children's lifetime. Thus, NOW is the time to get off the addiction to oil and fossil fuels. The fighting over this diminishing resource will only WORSEN if we don't. The oil interests, which of course include the current president, will deny this by telling you that we still have at least 7,000 terawatt-years of oil to be discovered. THIS is not the solution because: a) it only postpones the inevitable; b) we will destroy more of the planet, and possibly all life on it by: i. the excavation process and ii. global warming. We are on the VERGE of perfecting clean, sustainable FUSION technology, not to be confused with the old FISSION technology (like Three Mile Island). The money we could spend "getting the terrorists" is possibly enough money to accomplish the final development of FUSION technology. Thus, the U.S. would be in a better position to disengage its oil-related business with the oil-producing Arab nations, and/or any party to the Middle East conflict that much sooner. It's difficult to resolve a conflict when you are a party to that conflict with bias interests -- as the U.S. now is through its various business practices. Taking sides is inevitable, thus hostility and aggressive behavior become more probable.


The CIA has well-warned us of the increase of "terrorism." I remember watching a number of "specials" on NIGHTLINE several years ago. We need to stop blaming the CIA for everything and start listening to them more. Have they made mistakes? Sure. But it's amazing, given the dimension of the conflicts that are going on in other parts of the World, that they have managed to inform and protect us from it for as long as they have. They are some of the most intelligent people in the world. Our scientists are also some of the most intelligent people in the world. We need to listen to these people MORE and listen to politicians, media spin-doctors and fossil fuel apologists LESS. Until GOD actually arrives on Earth (again), the buck stops with the Physicists. Those of us that don't understand physics need to listen more to religious leaders that preach love and peace.

> We have orphaned so many children, tens of thousands around the world, with our taxpayer-funded terrorism (in Chile, in Vietnam, in Gaza, in Salvador) that I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised when those orphans grow up and are a little whacked in the head from the horror we have helped cause.

True. We need to ask the question: WHY DO OTHERS IN THE WORLD HATE US? We do not need to answer this question with the mindless pseudo-answer of: THEY HATE US BECAUSE WE ARE A SHINNING BRIGHT PARADIGM OF DEMOCRACY. Please. This is the PR-line of a nation that thinks it can "do no wrong." Let us actually BECOME a "SHINNING BRIGHT PARADIGM OF DEMOCRACY" by displaying to the World that we VOTE to seek love, temperance, tolerance and understanding for all People. Let us achieve this as Americans by all of us, individually and collectively, working together to better-understand why our fellow planet-dwellers are in such stress and travail that they have had to resort to bombing us in our home land. TRUE POWER IS BEING SO ETHICAL AND JUST, THAT THE USE OF FORCE BECOMES UNNECESSARY.

> Yet, our recent domestic terrorism bombings have not been conducted by a guy from the desert but rather by our own citizens: a couple of ex-military guys who hated the federal government.

True. America needs to ask itself what part of all this mess can it take responsibility for. The solution is not to just autocratically label people "terrorists" and then retaliate. Conflict begets more conflict. It never begets anything else. Sooner or later there is always a payback. The World got its payback from Hitler because of the way it "settled" with the Germans after the first World War. There was conflict before that, which led to the conflict of the First World War, and so on. The sequence of AGGRESS-PAYBACK is endless. We take a big step when we realize that THERE IS NO SOLUTION BY DWELLING ON THE PARTICULARS OF THE AGGRESS-PAYBACK SEQUENCE.

The solution is therefore NEITHER "an eye for an eye" OR to "turn the other cheek." "Eye for Eye" philosophy requires more retaliation, hence continued conflict. "Other Cheek" philosophy requires more love than the human race is currently able to give, hence continued ignorance about the true CAUSES of the situation. Thus, "available" LOVE and RESPECT for ALL People of the World should be the common basis for justifying the quest to gain an understanding of these conflicts. NOT just more death and destruction. The ultimate "understanding" might turn out to be: "There is no understanding possible" as the conflict goes back too many generations. Even if THIS "understanding" can be reached, original approaches to solving the problem CAN be worked out. Thus, more violence is unnecessary, because all parties will understand that this tit-for-tat is unworkable -- just as we now know that nuclear war is unworkable, from all points of view, except from the person who has the point of view that there is nothing to live for (like someone who would fly himself into a skyscraper).

> From the first minutes of today's events, I never heard that possibility suggested. Why is that?

Because every country only reports the "news" from its POV. That's why I followed most of this 11 Sept incident on the BBC -- they had a more exterior point of view on it.

> Maybe it's because the A-rabs are much better foils. A key ingredient in getting Americans whipped into a frenzy against a new enemy is the all-important race card. It's much easier to get us to hate when the object of our hatred doesn't look like us.

And the Hollywood-based, U.S. motion picture industry, like no other, uses this card by constantly depicting Arabs (and others) in negative and stereotypical ways. It is common knowledge that the Hollywood-based U.S. film industry, lead by the MPAA studio/distributors, is run by a control group of not very religious, liberal, white, Jewish males of European heritage. Thus, in essence, when Hollywood movies depict Arabs in negative ways, endlessly making them the "bad guys" in the movies, Arabs are outraged and interpret this as 'the Jews speaking about them from their bully pulpit of the U.S.-sanctioned motion picture industry.' That the citizens of the U.S. continue to allow such a narrowly-defined control group to put out, what the Arabs consider propaganda, causes such animosity in Arab nations they are hard-pressed to admire our way of life or our (religious) values and so applaud an "Attack on America" (as the media has labeled this particular "story"). Thus, as you say, the movies make it "much easier to get us to hate when the object of our hatred doesn't look like us."

> Congressmen and Senators spent the day calling for more money for the military; one Senator on CNN even said he didn't want to hear any more talk about more money for education or health care -- we should have only one priority: our self-defense.

This is "The Rothschild Formula" in action. Read THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, by G. Edward Griffin, available at Barns & Noble, or directly at for details on this formula. The people that mostly benefit from conflicts such as this, are the people that lend money to the participants in the conflict and the people that build their weapons. The money that finances such conflicts is fiat money generated by the Federal Reserve System stationed in New York. This, of course, is one of the reasons why New York was the senior target.

> Will we ever get to the point that we realize we will be more secure when the rest of the world isn't living in poverty so we can have nice running shoes?

Right. Plus, again, the World has to get off oil and fossil fuels. We buy much of our oil from the Arab nations with money created by a banking system heavily influenced by Jewish interests in NYC. Thus, the American citizen, through his and her addiction to oil, is forcing Arabs and Jews to be directly or indirectly in business together over a diminishing commodity. Our involvement in their conflict is thus inevitable and in fact we were firmly enjoined on the morning of September 11th, 2001.

> In just 8 months, Bush gets the whole world back to hating us again. He withdraws from the Kyoto agreement, walks us out of the Durban conference on racism, insists on restarting the arms race -- you name it, and Baby Bush has blown it all. Bush is supporting the oil interests.

True. But this problem goes much deeper than the current, or the past, administration's actions. By focusing on this we miss opportunities to get to the bottom of the CAUSES of the problems. We must focus on CAUSES not EFFECTS. And if the CAUSE cannot be sorted out, we must admit that it cannot be sorted out and stop trying to sort it out with more violence OR take ANY sides with any of the participants that insist on continuing the conflict with violence. If this means that the U.S., and the rest of the civilized World, must disconnect from the conflicting, Including Israel, then so be it. We cannot take sides, because THERE IS NO SIDE. IMO, they're both wrong in what they do.

> The Senators and Congressmen tonight broke out in a spontaneous version of "God Bless America." They're not a bad group of singers!

It looked pretty pathetic to me when you consider that they got their butts kicked by such low-tech (knife and skyjacking) after all the trillions they have spent on "national defense." Thus we can now see the fraud of national defense spending for what it really is: a continuation of the The Rothschild Formula (i.e., government creates endless fiat money through the Federal Reserve Banking System so that this money can be spent on war machines, as no other expenditure, "necessitates" the creation of as much money. Money is thus being extorted from the American citizens by use of the threat of "terrorism," "war" and "conflict." The call of "national security" has always been the modus operandi of those who desire to rob a free people of their civil liberties and their money through the hidden tax of inflation. The words "enemies" and "terrorist" are therefore relative to point of view.

> Yes, God, please do bless us.

From the Christian point of view, it might be said that God has turned "his" back on America because "we have become an evil nation of sinners who no longer permit the Bible in schools or follow his word." This is how one devout Christian put it to me yesterday. The Founders, who were mostly Christians, established a "Christian Nation" which, thanks in no small part to Hollywood, is being re-positioned in the eyes of the World as a "Judeo-Christian Nation." This new spin on "what America is" has become repugnant to the Arab/Islamic Nations where we satisfy much of our oil addiction. This new spin on "what America is" has become is also repugnant to Christians who have no evidence that either Jews or Arabs arrived here early on to defy the British and establish America. America should really be simply a "Free, Democratic, and Just Nation." No?

> Many families have been devastated tonight. This just is not right. They did not deserve to die. If someone did this to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE for him!

You have answered your own question above, Michael. As I said, this is not all about Bush. There is a much bigger picture, one that most Americans have been aloof to.

> Boston, New York, DC, and the planes' destination of California -- these were places that voted AGAINST Bush!

These planes/destinations were selected because a) they were low-security domestic flights, b) had on-board a maximum amount of jet fuel (needed to melt the steel in the towers) and c) originated close to their targets in NYC and DC (so the fuel would not be used up and so anomalies in the flight plan would not be as easily noticed.).

> Why kill them? Why kill anyone? Such insanity.

See above.

> Let's mourn, let's grieve, and when it's appropriate let's examine our contribution to the unsafe world we live in.


> It doesn't have to be like this.

No it doesn't. We all need to grow up and share responsibility for this. We also need to "err" on the side of love and respect, not hate and more violence.

James Jaeger

> Yours,

> Michael Moore

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