Bank Dossier System
by James Jaeger

It is sad to think that the Federal Reserve Banking system has now embarked upon dossier systems similar to those established by the Hitler Administration in Nazi Germany - but with the added twist of 21st Century super-computerization. Even though this latest incarnation of a dossier system known, as Fair Issac, is supposed to "fairly" evaluate borrower's (you an I) so that lenders (the Federal Reserve-member banks) can ascertain their "risks" in lending - it actually violates, in the grossest way possible - the right to privacy and, more importantly, the right of citizens to have a fair banking system. (See

History has shown that everything horrible and negative starts out seeming perfectly "reasonable" and "for the public good." A lender wanting to know whether his prospective borrower is okay or not - seems perfectly "reasonable" and "for the public good." But here's the reason it is not: It takes individual discernment away from individual lenders with respect to individual borrowers. It attempts to liquidate the dictum of caveat emptor and replace same with what amounts to a vast, electronic dossier on citizens by a known private banking cartel: The Federal Reserve Banking System. (See The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin for details as to why

Since people's life conditions are always changing, it is insensitive, at the very least, to have a national credit dossier system attempting to evaluate them (over long stretches of time and distance). Such an activity should be done on a local level and between private individuals, face to face, across a desk at one's Friendly_Neighborhood_Bank -- not by a bunch of super-computers keeping numerical tabs on citizens 3,000 miles away for the benefit of a private banking cartel.

Many Christians now view the action of such a dossier system as a Fair Isaac, an Equifax or a Trans Union, as nothing less than "the mark of the beast" set forth in the last book of the Bible. The idea being that individual people are being tethered to a vast global banking system (i.e., the Federal Reserve and it's alter ego, the IMF/World Bank), which literally creates money out of thin air (through a system of fiat currency and monetarization of debt instruments such T-Bonds, T-Bills and T-Notes) and then lends this non-backed money to only the most "prime" borrowers (victims) while maintaining a probe into every crevice of their life via their social security number (the actual "mark" itself). Hollywood science fiction screenwriters could not have come up with a more terrifying, or accurate description, of the reality all people, no matter what religious preference, are now being forced to confront.

The first step in resolving this parasitic dilemma is, of course, to abolish the Federal Reserve Banking system as soon as possible. Mr. Griffin, in the above reference book, introduces some preliminary considerations in connection with starting this activity in an orderly, and safe, manner.

The next step, which should occur concomitantly, is that all citizens should refuse to use, or give out, any Social Security Numbers. Since this number is actually your private bank account number in the social security system (a virtually bankrupt system I might add), you should be under NO obligation to divulge a private banking number, and others should recognize that forcing you to simply validates the bank dossier system. Such an SS number (SS? Wasn't THAT term used once before in some criminal regime!?), should be treated no differently than your medical records, your home phone number or your credit card numbers.

The fact is, the Federal Reserve Banks, and their lapdog dossier systems, such as the Fair Isaac's of the world, ARE using your private bank account number as an indexing tag so you, and your life-activities, may be MORE easily open to surveillance. The BALD fact of the matter is: In such a system YOU have everything to LOSE and THEY have everything to GAIN. So there is nothing really "fair" about a "Fair" Isaac or a Trans Union or an Equifax or a Check Systems or a Hitler Third Reich.

How an evil world bank, along with its credit dossier systems, gains totalitarian control of a planet (and how it is realistically thwarted), would make a VERY interesting feature motion picture -- if only the MPAA studio/distributors were not so dependent on such a banking system that financing and distributing such a picture were possible for them. So it looks like such movies will just have to be written, made and distributed over the Internet as bandwidth becomes available!

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