by James Jaeger

Every time something goes wrong, Americans are encouraged to "write your congressman." Well I encourage you to "NOT write your congressman."

In fact, maybe WE THE PEOPLE should start IGNORING our congressman AND that THING -- that abortion -- some jokingly call the U.S. Government.

I don't like to be rude to an entity formed by Founders I deeply respect, but let's face it, both the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement and the TEA PARTY movement have proven that our congressmen and the entire U.S. Government, for that matter, could care less about what WE THE PEOPLE have to say. Congressman Ron Paul is, of course, the ONLY exception.

Has anything changed in DC since Bush or Obama have been in office? Has the national debt decreased? Are taxes lower, or even higher? Do we have term limits yet? Are American jobs still being outsourced to China? Is the price of food and gasoline still going up? Are we still raping and pillaging the rest of the world with our military industrial complex? Do we still have 900 bases in 130 countries? Are we still in NATO, the UN, the WTO? Has the PATRIOT Act or ObamaCare been rescinded? Have we audited or abolished the Federal Reserve System? Do we still use paper dollars that have been so debased that it now takes over 1,500 of them to buy just an ounce of gold? Is the mainstream media still covering for the buffoons in government? Has Ron Paul been properly acknowledged yet? Are we still using Keynesian economics to "stimulate" the economy? Have any of the banksters that crashed the economy in 2008 been jailed? Have we even been back to the Moon?

WHAT the HELL has changed other than the fact that your phones are smaller and your speech has been reduced to "tweets" and "free speech zones"?

Nothing has changed. NADA!

So WHY are you writing your congressman? What have THEY done about ANYTHING? Why are you even voting for a "political party"? What have THEY done? Why are you paying lawyers to "remedy" your legal problems? What do they do, except bill $300 per hour to remedy the very problems THEY have made with the endless spew from their word processors? WHY do we need MORE laws and regulations, and why should WE THE PEOPLE even OBEY laws and regulations if they were made, or influenced, by CORPORATIONS and their lobby firms?

Why should WE THE PEOPLE obey WE THE CORPORATIONS' laws when these THINGS aren't even HUMAN?

Maybe it's time WE THE PEOPLE wake up and start by going back to a mental space where we can just be PEOPLE, people with the same basic fears and desires, hopes and dreams as all other PEOPLE.

WE are not a government. We are not a political party. WE are not a military, or a corporation, or a church or any organization or any group. WE are PEOPLE, united in the desire to survive and prosper, if possible, on a wilderness planet in the "center" of an unimaginably huge Universe. All we have is this tiny little world . . . and ourselves.

Congressmen, governments and armed forces will not protect us. Religions, science and technology will not save us. The only true security in the entire Universe is the FAITH that our fellow humans want peace and prosperity as much as we do. WE THE PEOPLE have faith that WE THE PEOPLE are WE THE PEOPLE.

We do NOT need our government to tell us this or to provide "security" -- the manufactured pretense of keeping us "safe" from each other.

In short, we do NOT need to "write our congressman" for anything. Our congressmen and women cannot help us. The most they can do is provide the ILLUSION of help so we will feel "secure." But isn't this kind of pathetic -- needing an illusion in order to feel secure?

And PAYING for this illusion dearly. How much does every man, woman and child in the nation, in the world, pay for the illusion of security? When we write letters and emails to our congressman; when we write columns and articles; when we talk all day on radio shows or around water coolers; when we demonstrate in parks and on bridges; when we do all these things -- do we really expect our congressmen to keep us "secure" if they don't even care or respond?!

Unfortunately we do. And therein lay the insanities.

We do the same things over and over and expect different results.

We vote for the Democrats and Republicans over and over and expect different results.

We write our congressmen over and over and expect different results.

We listen to the same pundits, authors and "experts" over and over and over and expect different results or new visions.

But we receive no new visions or even any positive results. We are stagnant as a civilization. And we have become stagnant because we have become brain-dead. Other than alcohol, drugs and sex-addition, we have become brain-dead because we are in a vicious cycle -- a catch-22.

The cycle goes like this: we seek to survive and prosper, but we CAN'T survive and prosper. We can't survive and prosper because we are too busy surviving just to prosper.

If all we want to do is prosper, we will not even survive. By prosper I mean: make money, have friends, enjoy food, recreation, own material possessions, have children, become respected or feared.

But what good is it to prosper, if one has no understanding or appreciation of the world or the Universe in which they live?

If one has none of this, how can one even be WE THE PEOPLE?

So how can we get back to being WE THE PEOPLE and solve the problems we can all agree on?

How can we do this without involving the U.S. Government, or agents of the Government, such as congressmen, judges and lawyers?

How can WE THE PEOPLE by-pass government and address WE THE PEOPLE? In other words, how can WE THE PEOPLE have a discussion without involving the multi-trillion dollar parasite that rapes and pillages, taxes and wages wars?

Let's mentally go back to a place BEFORE we formed the United States. When we were just WE THE PEOPLE and we had more concern about surviving than prospering.

If we can do that, maybe we can re-boot the system. Maybe WE THE PEOPLE can once again emerge and forget our differences. From many, maybe we can once again become one. If we can, if we can once again become WE THE PEOPLE -- not Asians, Blacks, Hispanics or Whites; not Atheists, Christians, Jews or Muslims -- we can once again become E PLURIBUS UNUM.

We can correct the flaws in our Constitution that have permitted us to wander. We don't need to write our congressmen to do this. Our congressmen are not necessary. The president is not necessary. The Supreme Court -- and the millions of "esquires of the court" that jam our system with paperwork, filings, regulations and laws -- are not necessary.

We are all that's necessary. We can separate our selves from the endless illusions imposed upon us by the government, the banks, the war machines, psychopathic politicians, big corporations, pharmaceutical drugs, pompous pundits, authorities in uniform and ties. All of these agents of "reality" scream endlessly for us to acknowledge their existence. But what if we don't? What if we simply ignore all of them and go about our business being WE THE PEOPLE. What if we start doing this all on the same day. How about January 30th, 2012 at high noon?

We can correct our flaws, flaws that have permitted our government and banks (and the corporations that surround them) to grow so over-sized they are detrimental to the general welfare of WE THE PEOPLE, what might also be called, WE THE 99%.

So whatever you do, do NOT write your congressman.

Write to someone else. Become a PERSON again. Connect up with other people. Believe in ordinary PEOPLE, not your CONGRESSMAN. Not your lawyer. Not the government. Become WE THE PEOPLE and realize that that is where the true power is: in your family and friends. A good friend is someone who will help you move. A really good friend is someone who will help you move a body. WE THE PEOPLE need to form a network of really good friends, then writing your congressmen, and relying on a government, will be a thing of the past.

12 January 2012

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