Or Does it Represent Weenies Who Don't Like Outer Space?

by James Jaeger

We have a serious, serious problem in America -- a problem most "freedom-loving" Americans have never even thought about.

As of 06 November 2018 we have 435 Congressmen and 100 Senators "representing" WE THE PEOPLE. Of these 535 "elected officials" the November 6, 2018 issue of Nature magazine states that only:

" 11 candidates with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering or medicine won election to the US House of Representatives on 6 November - including several who had never before run for political office."

Out of the 535 people who "represent" WE THE PEOPLE only about 2% have a "background" in science. And who are these people and what is their "background"?

Nature goes on to say that one of the elected reps is Elaine Luria, a Navy veteran and nuclear engineer; Chrissy Houlahan, a former business executive with a degree in engineering; Lauren Underwood, a registered nurse and Sean Casten, a clean-energy entrepreneur with degrees in biochemistry and engineering.

All of these people are social engineers, but where are the astronomers, cosmologists and physicists? Actually, Representative Bill Foster is the only one left in Congress who holds a Ph.D. in physics and back in June of 2008 The New York Times said this:

"According to the Congressional Research Service, there are only about 30 scientists among the 535 senators and representatives in the 110th Congress, and that is counting the psychologist, the psychiatrist, a dozen other M.D.'s, three nurses, an engineer, two veterinarians, a pharmacist and an optometrist."

In fact, there were no physicists until Vernon Ehlers was elected to Congress in 1993. Then, in 1998, Rush Holt from the Princeton Plasma Physics laboratory and Bill Foster from Fermilab were elected to Congress. Now, here in 2018, Representative Bill Foster is the only one left in Congress who holds a Ph.D. in physics.

On the other hand we now have 226 lawyers in Congress: 169 in the House and 57 in the Senate. In other words, 38% of the House of Representatives is filled with people who have law degrees and 57% of the Senate have law degrees.

Ok, I get it, Congress is supposed to make the "laws," so we need lawyers in the Legislative Branch of the Government. But Congress is also supposed to represent WE THE PEOPLE and our interests. Is 42% of the American population in the legal profession? Is 42% of the U.S. population interested in making rules and regulations?

Might think so because this is certainly what we have: little innovation and space exploration but lots of rules and regulations.

Is it thus any wonder that only half of one percent (.5%) of the National Budget is spent on space exploration? The lawyers in the U.S. Congress piss over $3 trillion per year on THEIR interests -- mostly warfare and welfare projects -- so it's no wonder they only allocate $19 billion a year to explore the Solar System and even the entire Universe.

Is this not a statement about Americans, if not the Human Race, in general -- that we permit this kind of mindless, shortsightedness of our elected reps?

WE THE PEOPLE have only one physicist -- zero astronomers -- and 226 lawyers to "represent" us. Is that who we are? Are we creatures that would rather make laws or explore space -- space exploration, the ultimate symbol of freedom? We say we want freedom, but do we? We elect 226 times more freedom-killing people to run our Republic yet we say we love Liberty. Seems we would rather sit on a planet and argue about trivia than explore the Universe? Does anyone other than me think this is pathetic?

And while WE THE PEOPLE indulge the petty interests of our "226 elected lawyers," a few scientists on Earth have managed to discover new worlds.

Yes, folks, our galaxy is teaming with planets. First our budget-restricted Astronomers found a dozen or so. Then, fighting the 226 lawyers off their backs, they discovered a hundred more new worlds. Now -- against the dictates of the budget-slaying monsters roaming the Halls of Congress -- Astronomers and Exobiologists have managed to discover thousands of new worlds.

Among these worlds is a beautiful new world named Kepler186f. Yes, Keper186f is only 500 light-years away in the Constellation of Cygnus. Even more exciting is the fact that Kepler186f is Earth-like. It's not only about the same size as Earth, it orbits its star in a zone -- an "ecosphere" -- that's warm enough for its water to be liquid. And since Kepler186f is similar in size as Earth, it hosts a gravity field that's comfortable for Earth-like creatures.

Would the budget-murdering monsters in lawyer-infested Congress ever allocate money from their weapons and war-making projects to knowingly support a Kepler186f project? Of course not. They would rather keep WE THE PEOPLE glued to a poverty-stricken planet, paying taxes, running up debt and fighting endless wars to support their elite lifestyles. In short, stagnation is the name of the game played by your reps in Congress and the White House. Freedom is just the bait they use to get you to go along with their selfish plans.

Kepler186f was discovered with a new generation space telescope. Somehow scientists were able to allocate enough of the miniscule space budget -- $19 billion out of $3.5 trillion --- for the Kepler Space Telescope. With this new telescope Astronomers and Astrophysicists have now been able to estimate that there are over 40 billion Earth-sized planets in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. And Kepler186f is the first to be discovered despite the screaming and thrashing of over 200 lawyers in "we hate space-filled" Congress -- your representatives hard at "work."

The challenge however, is Kepler186f is far away. 500 light-years or 125 times farther away than our closest neighbors in the Centauri System. Given this, it looks like most of the planets that are Earth-like will also be at similar and farther distances. So the Kepler Space Telescope isn't going to be enough to map them properly. But if lawyers in Congress would stop pissing money into manufacturing bombs and weapons to kill human beings -- WE THE PEOPLE of Earth would someday have enough money to build fusion, anti-matter or photon rockets that could travel 500 light years and visit.

Of course our science- and math-challenged, lawyer-infested Congressional representatives are totally oblivious to dreams and realities like this. This is why they have cancelled endless space exploration projects from Nixon on. Any project that represents true freedom for Humankind is cancelled on the grounds that "we can't afford it" or "we need the money to build more bombs" or "we need more money to kill more people."

For instance the Apes in Congress cancelled the Space Interferometry Mission in 2010. They reasoned: WE THE LAWYERS can't have WE THE PEOPLE spotting any more beautiful worlds out there -- they might become dissatisfied with Earth and stop paying taxes.

Then our moron, science-challenged Congressmen cancelled the Superconducting Super Collider particle accelerator in 1993 to shut the door, not only on outer-space, but inner-space as well. When they cancelled this project the rest of the world went bandannas with joy. They jumped on the project and built a super, super collider at CERN. As a result, the rest of the world discovered the very particle -- the Higgs Boson -- that CAUSES gravity. The lawyers back at U.S. Congress were horrified -- a particle discovered NOT subject to THEIR jurisdiction! A particle that only obeys its OWN physical laws and not the WILL of the 226 lawyers that dominate and control Congress. They immediately went on a long-term, budget-cutting spree so that nothing new would ever be discovered.

Yes Congressmen have cut and slashed as many science and exploration projects as they could. Any project that might help advance the Human race was out. Any project that didn't build more weapons to sell to the Saudis would have to be cut. Any project that didn't make citizens more dependent on big government was out. And to emphasize this point, they cut the Asteroid Rendezvous Project of 1992. Wouldn't want Humans escaping the planet to the Asteroid Belt. No way to tax them.

And even though our Lawyer Reps legally steal over $500 billion a year from WE THE PEOPLE at gun point and call it "taxes," they continue to axe and chop the .5% budget for space exploration. "We always need more weapons" is what they always tell the voters. Then they arrange for a few towers in New York City to be demolished ostensibly by hijacked jets and ask for $4 trillion to fight a "War of Terror." Thus, right after September 2001, all manner of space exploration projects "had" to be cut" for your "security."

They then cut the TAU Project in 2003. This was funding for a probe WE THE PEOPLE could have sent 1,000 Astronomical Units out into deep space to photograph and learn amazing new things about our Solar System. But the legal Apes in Congress don't want you to know anything more about the Solar System. Apes like this were pissed when Copernicus came along and revealed other secrets about the Solar System. In their view, you already know enough and ignorance is good.

Then they cut the Beagle 3 Project in 2004. The idea of a lander mission to Mars to continue the search for life -- what if they found some?! Next thing you know WE THE PEOPLE would be demanding to spend more than .5% of their tax dollars on Mars exploration. Then we would want to go there. Horrifying. Expensive, thought the Apes, there are plenty of wars to fight back on Earth -- and if there aren't, we'll make more.

Thus to make sure Mars exploration, and any possible settlement, was out of the question, in 2005 your Ape Reps in Congress cancelled money for a mission to place a permanent satellite in Mars orbit. Can't have scientists better able to communicate with rovers and mobile labs on the Martian surface. They might discover something, like liquid water, oil, or platinum deposits -- upset the Globalist's world economy.

Then in 2006, to better cripple any Solar System exploration, the Lawyer Lawmen in Congress cancelled the Pluto Kuiper Express Mission, a mission to study Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. Even though this mission only cost $350 million, the Congressional Space Destruction Committee voted to give the money to the Department of Defense for more Bunker Bombs and high-tech Killer Jets. There were still a few Middle Eastern towns to demolish and peasants to slaughter.

Hearing this the scientists revolted and demanded money to explore the alien-black, ice-caped seas on three of Jupiter's moons -- Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. The budget-busting Congressional lawyers went ape-shit. What if aliens were discovered in the black, alien seas of the Jovian moons -- then THEY wouldn't be the meanest creatures in the Solar System. The robotic mission to Jupiter's moons was promptly cancelled in 2006.

By this time the science and space exploration community was beat down. They were as discouraged and as empty as their missions, so nothing much was proposed or disposed of until 2010 with the Space Interferometry Mission. This $200 million mission would have placed a super-powerful telescope in orbit around the sun so extra-solar worlds could easily be discovered and analyzed. But again, the math-challenged morons in Congress cancelled the mission on the grounds that "Earth is enough" and "we want all our taxpayers securely corralled on no other planets but Earth."

To make sure "no other planets but Earth" could be out there, Congress then cancelled the Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Survey. This project had the audacity to send a flying drones to Mars to investigate the atmosphere and magnetic fields in great detail. A mission like this could make taxpayers and debt slaves back on Earth envious of new worlds, thus the project had to be off-loaded to MAVEN in 2010.

Then a year layer, the Terrestrial Planet Finder project was killed. This was a freedom-provoking project that would have allowed the inmates of Earth to build a network of telescopes to facilitate their search for extra-solar planets. Again, "Humans are made for Earth and that's where they should stay." To emphasize this point the 200+ lawyers in Congress cancelled yet another Mars exploration project, the Mars Astrobiology Explorer Cacher, a specially-designed rover that didn't even use Earth's electricity as it was solar-powered.

Given the cancellations, this author asks the question: "Does Congress represent WE THE PEOPLE or does it represent weenies who don't like outer space?" As rocket scientist, Robert Zubrin, said in his must-read book, Entering Space, we have a serious, serious problem in America -- a problem of civilization stagnation due to a lack of frontier shock.

When Nixon cancelled manned missions to the Moon, it all began. Then Bush II set a return to the Moon as a new goal, but Obama cancelled this and instead spent the money on low-cost space taxis. And speaking of space taxis, the Shuttle program has also been cancelled. Hey who needs space ships if all the space missions have been cancelled. Hopefully WE THE PEOPLE will rise above the Apes in Congress and weenies who don't like outer space -- or represent us.

Originated: 22 November 2018

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