The Federal Reserve System Must Be Destroyed
by Victor Thorn

The greatest evil currently facing this nation - the TRUE terrorists - are the international bankers who manipulate our Federal Reserve System for their own personal gain. In this essay, I will show not only how the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned corporation (and not part of our Federal Government), but also how a nefarious cabal of international financiers lied, connived, and ultimately pried the reins of control over our money supply away from Congress. In addition, I will also provide a timeline that links our country's history to those men who lurk in the shadows and determine world events on the sly. Finally, I'll close this article by illuminating who really OWNS the Federal Reserve System, and what we can do as citizens to eliminate their presence. In the end, if we don't return the creation of our nation's money to Congress (as set forth in the Constitution), and destroy the Federal Reserve System, I guarantee that America will no longer be a global superpower by the next decade.

Opening Quotes

Anthony Sutton ("The Federal Reserve Conspiracy"): "Nothing is more dangerous to the power of the elite than the public discovery and understanding of the private control of the money supply."

Andrew Jackson - "If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning."

H. L. Mencken - "I feel sorry for the man who, after reading the daily newspaper, goes to bed believing he knows something of what's going on in the world."

The Federal Reserve - Introduction

Did you know that:

  • The Federal Reserve is not part of the Federal Government, nor is it an institution run by the United States Government.

  • Instead, the Federal Reserve System is an aggregate of private banks owned by international bankers.

  • Although it is called "Federal," those who created the Federal Reserve took great measures not to call it a "privately owned central bank." Why? Because if they told the truth, the American people would realize that what they instituted was way too much like what Karl Marx described in the "Communist Manifesto." (the primary tenet of Communism is a central bank.) Thus, "Federal Reserve" (a misnomer) sounds more like a governmental agency, even though the terminology was ultimately used to deceive the people.

  • In essence, then, the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE company operated FOR PROFIT where decisions are made behind closed doors and only those who are privy to this process know about the policies beforehand.

  • Stated differently, since the Federal Reserve is not part of the government, but a private organization OWNED by member banks, they become aware of financial information before everyone else. When they finally make it public (ex: new interest rates), they're already one-step ahead of the game. What they've done, then, is rig the system in their favor! Surprising, huh? Picture it like this - how would you like to get a copy of Fortune 500 or the Wall Street Journal a month before everyone else so you could make a host of financial decisions? Well, that's what these bankers are doing.

  • Who is the financial gain derived from? The United States Government! And who PAYS via taxes to support our government? We do!

So to me, something sounds fishy about this arrangement. Why? Well, our Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 8, Subsection 5, gives ONLY Congress the right "to coin Money, and regulate the Value thereof." How did the Federal Reserve; a private company operated for financial gain and controlled by private stockholders, seize control of this crucially important aspect of our government?

  • Think about how sinister this is - the Constitution - the most sacred document of our democracy, says only Congress can create money. But now we have private bankers, NOT elected officials, handling our money supply and reaping huge, perpetual profits along the way.

  • If you don't believe these FACTS, then take a peek at a Washington, D.C. phone book sometime. Here's what you'll find. The D.C. phone book is divided into four sections: a) general information b) residential numbers c) the Blue Pages - United States and District of Columbia governmental listings, and d) business listings. Now, where do you think the Federal Reserve should be included? If you still think it's part of the government, then it should be in section 3 - the Blue Pages. But no! Guess where it is. Yup - section 4, under BUSINESS LISTINGS!

  • Still not disillusioned enough? Well, how about this: the Federal Reserve has NEVER been audited by an independent auditor - EVER! How many other companies or individuals have been given such carte blanche since 1913 (when it was created)?

  • In addition, Congress has never investigated the Fed.

  • The Federal Reserve determines its own legislation, and is not subject to the President or Congress. Now, although its board members are "appointed" by the President and "approved" by Congress, the core of them come from the inner sanctum of the Wall Street banking elite, and almost all belong to the Council on Foreign Relations.

  • This unrestricted power gives the Fed a virtual monopoly over our financial matters, allowing them to control interest rates and the size of our national money supply.

  • The Fed thus loans money to our government, at interest, and demands repayment. How does that happen? Well, the government instituted a little thing called the Income Tax whereby they steal money from our paychecks. And the more they owe the international bankers, the more they pinch from our checks. Don't believe me? Take a look at what percentage of our income has been subject to taxation over the past nine decades. Have taxes gone up or come down? We all know the answer to that one - UP!

  • Finally, now that we've learned that this disastrous situation is actually true, we need to ask: why doesn't the media tell us about it, or at least our college professors? The answer is simple: every member of the mainstream media (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, Time Magazine, the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report) is owned by vast multinational corporations, and these corporations are owned by who? You got it - the international bankers! In regard to academia, universities rely quite heavily on grant money from Foundations and state funding. Well, I'm sorry to say that the international bankers control these foundations (ex: the Rockefeller Foundation), and they have the State in their back pockets. So, is it any wonder that both institutions are mum on the subject? If you were royally screwing the American people out of trillions of dollars a year, would you want them to know about it? Hardly.

The Basics of Banking

Before continuing with this essay, we need to take a look at the history of banking. As we all know - barter was the initial form of exchange before money was invented. In other words, if I had a bushel of corn and someone else wanted to trade a hen, we could come to an agreement and make a trade. But since people didn't enjoy carrying live animals and crops with them everywhere, they needed a better system. They arrived at one by giving "value" to objects such as seashells, seeds, pebbles, and bones. Of course these items had no "real" intrinsic value other than what a particular ruling body gave them, but their ease of use was apparent. It's much easier trading a purple seashell for a sack of feed than it is ten chickens.

Over time, this system also proved inefficient due to the wide array of objects being used to trade. So, a standard was needed, and gold eventually became that standard. Regrettably, this move brought about the inception of banking and usury. Here's why. Since goldsmiths were the most accustomed to handling this new form of exchange, people began taking their gold to them for safe storage (to keep it from being stolen, or when it became too bulky to carry around). In return, the goldsmiths gave them promissory notes for their gold.

We need to remember, now, that these promissory notes - pieces of paper - had no value in and of itself. It was only PAPER! But since an arbitrary value was established by the goldsmiths (and later the State), these pieces of paper became what is known as "fiat" money. Thus, what originally had no inherent worth (gold and paper) became valuable by someone's decree. "Fiat" money, then, is nothing more than a promise to repay something at a later date.

So, let's get back to our original thesis. Whenever a person would take their gold to a goldsmith and deposit it, they would be given notes in return specifying a certain amount of "money." But rather than going back to the goldsmith every day to get a chunk of gold, people began using these notes as a form of exchange. I mean, it was much easier carrying slips of paper than huge pocketfuls of gold. Now the goldsmiths, being the world's first bankers, soon realized that they had tons of very valuable gold sitting around; and more importantly, that only about 20% of the people ever came back to claim it. They were more content to keep using their paper money.

Now, what could the goldsmiths do with this other 80% of their unclaimed gold? Simple. They started making loans (at interest) because they knew not everyone would "make a run" on them and want their gold at the same time. The obvious benefit in this practice was that they could loan-out the majority of their accumulation and only keep a small amount on hand. In fact, for every one piece of gold they received, the bankers could issue FIVE notes, or loans. I'm sure you can see the catch by this point. Only one of the notes was actually backed by gold, while the other four had NO backing whatsoever. So, if you're paying interest to the depositor after he or she gives you one piece of gold, and are receiving interest on FIVE loans in return (at a higher interest rate), there's a definite profit margin to be made, especially if the bankers determine the interest rates! This practice is called "fractional banking," and via the interest earned on their loans, the goldsmiths became very wealthy men. The major problem nowadays is that there is NO MORE gold left in Fort Knox. It's empty, and as we'll soon see, the entire banking (money) industry is based upon nothing more than illusion.


Thomas Jefferson - "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies."

Andrew Jackson (1833 - to the shadow banking moguls) - "You are a den of thieves - vipers. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out!"

Andrew Jackson - "If Congress has a right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given to them to use by themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations."

Honorable Louis T. McFadden (Chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee) - "We have known in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks."

Reginald McKenna (Chancellor of the Excheque of England, Chairman of the Board of Midlands Bank - to stockholders in 1924) - "They who control credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people."

Dr. Carroll Quigley (history teacher, Georgetown University, author of "Tragedy and Hope," and Bill Clinton's svengali) - "The history of the last century shows that the advice given to governments by bankers was consistently good for bankers, but was often disastrous for governments, businessmen, and the people."

Dr. Carroll Quigley (on the goals of international bankers) - "Nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in PRIVATE HANDS able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economy of the world as a whole."

Senator Barry Goldwater - "Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international moneylenders. The bankers want it that way."

Gary Allen (author, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy") - "Using a central bank to create alternate periods of inflation, deflation, and thus whipsawing the public for vast profits, has been worked out by the international bankers to an exact science."

Tim Madel ("The Spotlight" March 30, 1992) - "Banks are businesses. Businesses have one reason for existence: profit. Everything the business does is in the pursuit of profits."

American History and a Central Bank

When this country was founded over two centuries ago, our Founding Fathers realized the importance of being free from outside influences, especially monetarily. That's why they saw how crucial it was to print their own money instead of borrowing from the Bank of England. By engaging in such a practice, America could exist in a debt-free state rather than being controlled and in hock to those whose tyranny they had escaped. But the European and English bankers didn't care for this decision in the least, especially when they realized America's vast financial potential. By pursuing their independence on an array of levels, America was essentially cutting the aristocratic banking families of Europe out of the loop.

In this vein, then, the American Revolution did not take place primarily because of taxation without representation (as we've been taught), but because the European financiers didn't want us to be able to create our own money. By eliminating them, and the interest paid on their loans, we didn't allow ourselves to be enslaved by usury and debt. Thus, the American Revolution was actually a battle over who controlled our money!

Regrettably, even though America became a sovereign nation, it didn't take long for the international bankers to get a foothold into our financial matters, for the First Bank of North America was founded in 1781. The most disturbing aspect of this institution was that only 20% of the money used to create it came from the United States Government, while 80% originated from foreign investors, namely the Rothschilds. Luckily, this bank folded in 1790, and its charter was not renewed.

But the international bankers didn't give up that easily. No, when they want something badly enough, the best method to achieve it is via war. So, the War of 1812 was, in essence, "designed" by these very same financiers to send American businesses into chaos so that they'd be forced to form a 2nd Bank of North of America. But due to our hearty nature, the going was tough for those who wanted to infiltrate and corrupt our financial matters. This was particularly true when the Controllers came up against Andrew Jackson, who staunchly opposed any notion of a central bank. Andrew Jackson, who was truly one of the greatest Presidents in our country's history, became such a bane to the international bankers that he was the first Commander-in-Chief to be the target of an assassin. The gunman that tried to kill him was Richard Lawrence, who acted as an agent for the European banking institutions.

Not willing to abate their efforts to control our money, the Rothschild brothers wrote a letter in 1863 that described the American populace as such: "The great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that Capital derives from the system ..." It sounds like they had plenty of respect for us, huh? About as much as they have for us today, which doesn't say a whole lot. Anyway, the Rothschilds were getting so desperate to get a piece of our pie that they resorted to a horrendously despicable act to tear our country apart. What did they do? Well, they set forces into action that began our Civil War in the 1860's. Now most people aren't aware of this fact, but a group of slimy dog Rothschild agents in the United States began giving money to each side - the Union and the Confederates - to get each sector of the country deeply indebted to them. Their ultimate plan was to have the South secede from the Union, then let each new country rip themselves apart to such an extent that they'd be in debt up to their ears. Finally, when the bloodshed ended, both new severed, decimated countries would go crawling on their hands and knees to the Rothschild boys to borrow even MORE money to rebuild. The result - vast amounts of debt, and control shifted from us to them.

Fully aware of their tactics at the time, Abraham Lincoln said shortly before being re-elected to his second term: "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me, and causes me to tremble for the safety of my Country; corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

Isn't it refreshing to hear MEN, real men, such as Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson speak out against these greedy sick pig bastards! These were men of courage and conviction. Why can't we have leaders like that today instead of pussy rollover sell-out gutless cowards like the Bushes, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter? Man, all it would take is ONE individual to lead the people and show them how badly we're getting screwed by the international bankers. But lo and behold, all we get is spineless pieces of shit who not only allow the Controllers to pull their scheming stunts, but also work hand-in-hand with them.

At least Abraham Lincoln was a man, and because he stood up and criticized the bankers, he was assassinated. He wasn't shot because of slavery, prejudice, or Southern loyalties. Lincoln was knocked-off by the Rothschilds because he wouldn't let them takeover our country's money supply. Thank God for Abraham Lincoln!

The Rothschild Devils

When the 20th century began, it was estimated that the Rothschild family owned HALF of all the world's wealth. Think about that for a moment. One family possessed half of everything in the world. Half! Now, considering that the Rothschild's were ruthless bankers with a penchant for having things go their way, do you think it's safe to say that they had some input on what was going on in the world?

What the Rothschild's did (using practices stolen from the Knights Templar), was perfect their banking system on a local level in Europe, then transport it globally to be implemented in various parts of the world. They did this by using secret agents that were paid off via loans, salaries, or appointed positions within a company. Some of the men utilized to undermine our country were Jacob Schiff, J. P. Morgan, and Paul Warburg, whose incredible accumulation of power in the United States in the late-1800's was mind-boggling.

Here's the way it worked: The Rothschild's were king of the shit hill in Europe, running a majority of the influential banking houses. Then, setting their sights on America, they sent Paul Warburg to our country, where he began laying the groundwork to create a central bank patterned after the German Reichbank. Another German to enter this equation was an Illuminati member named Jacob Schiff. This devil came to America for the sole purpose of getting control of our financial system. Serving as a direct tool of the Rothschilds, he soon became head of the banking firm Kuhn, Loeb & Company.

More importantly, Schiff began laying an octopus-like network that connected bankers like J. P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, and the Rockefeller family. One of the perks of being involved in this cabal was access to the Rothschild money, which was demonstrated by the Rockefellers, whose first loans in the 19th century came from the National City Bank in Cleveland. Now, guess who owned this bank (and two others) at that time. Yup, the Rothschilds. Over time, these agents, especially J. P. Morgan and Co., ran practically all of the banking, oil, steel, and business that took place in America.

At this point, some people may say, "Oh well, that's just American Capitalism at work." And y'know, I'd agree with them if everything was done above board. But these Rothschild-led agents didn't play fairly. Rules didn't matter to them - only more power and wealth and influence. So what they did was manipulate industry, commerce, and especially the financial markets. A perfect example is the Panic of 1907, which was deliberately set into motion by J. P. Morgan's banks and the Rockefeller/Standard Oil cronies. The result of this orchestrated calamity was typical of the way these crooks operate. How so? Well, here's what happened. While thousands of "little people" lost everything they had to this artificially created collapse, the bankers who implemented it reaped enormous rewards due to inside information and foreknowledge. Thus, a few men became even wealthier than they already were, while the majority of hapless citizens were wiped-out. But the final blow came when certain people ("moles") started whispering that a central bank was needed to prevent another one of these tragedies from occurring. The stage was set for the implementation of a "Federal Reserve" System. (What, you thought all this stuff just happened by accident?)

1913 - The Year America Was Ruined

As we have seen, the financial panics of 1893 and 1907 were the creation of international bankers intent on undermining America's financial stability in hopes of establishing a central bank. At the top of this planning pyramid was the notorious House of Rothschild, who had in their employ Warburg & Company. One of the Warburgs, Paul, eventually traveled to America and became affiliated with Kuhn, Loeb, & Co., then joined forces with the sick, amoral Jacob Schiff. After corralling a slew of preeminent money men such as J. P. Morgan, the Rockefeller Brothers, Edward Harriman and John McCormick, they basically controlled the entirety of America's industry and finance. Now all they had to do was create a Communist-type central bank called "The Federal Reserve" modeled after the German Reichbank and the Bank of England. And behind it all were the primary shareholders - the House of Rothschild and the Warburg Family.

To accomplish this goal, they met at Jekyl Island in 1910 for a planning session. (And never forget that PLANNING is always the key.) The six men who met so long ago were part of what was known as the "Money Trust" - a group of financial monopolists that dominated Wall Street. Among the men associated with this cabal were John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Nelson Aldrich, the Drexel Family, Benjamin Strong, Colonel House, Bernard Baruch, and the Kahns. Between them, they had a virtual stranglehold on the oil, banks, media, railways, and industry of this nation.

The six men who specifically attended the 1910 Jekyl meeting were:

  • Senator Nelson Aldrich, father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller
  • German Paul Warburg, Rothschild agent and rep. of Kuhn, Loeb, & Co.
  • Henry Davison, a J. P. Morgan partner
  • Benjamin Strong, vice president Bankers Trust
  • Frank Vanderlip, chairman National City Bank
  • Charles D. Norton, president First National Bank

The last three men were all employees of J. P. Morgan, who owned their affiliated banks. And, knowing what we know of these men from previous articles, where do you think their loyalties and interests lie - with the Rothschild-controlled Money Trust, or with the American people? The answer is clearly evident, especially considering how they conspired to conceal the very nature of what the Federal Reserve was - a privately owned for-profit company that was NOT part of the United States Government. Anthony Sutton commented on their underhanded tactics in his book, "The Federal Reserve Conspiracy": "If any Wall Street name ever became attached to a central banking Federal Reserve bill it would be the kiss of death." The reason is simple - Karl Marx bragged that the first tenet of Communism was the establishment of a central bank. If the American people discovered what was being thrust upon them, they would have flipped-out. So the Money Trust used subterfuge and deceit - their standard practices.

So, in December, 1913, the Federal Reserve Act removed from Congress the right to create money and laid it in the fat, wallowing lap of the Federal Reserve Corporation. (Please note the use of the word CORPORATION.) Congressman Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Committed on Banking & Currency from 1920-31, said at the time: "When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of the United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here - a Super-State controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure." Indeed, in that fateful, final month of 1913, the United States handed over control of its money supply to a filthy cabal of European and American bankers. Our country has never been the same since.

One may wonder, at this point, why the Congress would pass such a bill. I mean, they and only they had the right to create money in this country. Why surrender such a powerful privilege to J. P. Morgan and his cronies? The answer is quite simple:

  1. Some unaware Congressmen were manipulated and deceived by the financial "panics" which the Money Trust "created." Essentially, they were scared into passing this bill.

  2. The bill was passed right before the Christmas recess, which caught the outgoing Congressmen off-guard.

  3. Many of the Congressmen were bought off via large campaign contributions and money under the table.

  4. Finally, some of the Congressmen were actually representatives of the Money Trust "selected" for public office.

So, do you see how the wheels spin when we take a peek behind the veil?

WOODROW WILSON - America's most manipulated President

While all of the above shenanigans were taking place, the yellow-spined snake Woodrow Wilson was President. Now I could give you reams of damning information on this creep, but the following tidbits are all you really need to know about how despicable he was.

  1. 2/3 of all campaign money for Wilson's election came from just 7 people.

  2. Wilson once uttered these devastating words about the devil, Colonel House: "Mr. House is my second personality. He is my independent self. His thoughts and mine are one. If I were in his place I would do just as he suggested."

    What incriminates Wilson even further is his knowledge of how horrendous the international bankers were, as can be seen from these two quotes:

  3. While Governor of New Jersey (1911): "The greatest monopoly in this country is the money monopoly."

  4. While President (1916): "A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled governments in the civilized world."

Knowing all this, why did Wilson allow such an atrocity to occur in 1913? Why did he rollover and let our country be destroyed? His actions are, quite literally, unforgivable.


So, let's review a few things we've learned, then continue on with our timeline.

a) The true reason behind the American Revolution and why we went to war with England was to retain the right to create our own money instead of allowing the Europeans to weasel their way into our financial affairs.

b) Abraham Lincoln was assassinated not due to slavery or the War Between the States, but because he was adamant in standing up to the international bankers.

c) Since we've mentioned the Rothschilds yet again in this article, here are the tiers of control in our world:

  1. Policy makers = the Rothschilds + European nobility + secret societies
  2. The couriers = American families such as the Rockefellers, Morgans, etc.
  3. The implementers = CFR, Trilateral Commission, foundations, etc.
  4. Order followers = George Bush, Bill Clinton, etc.

a) During World War II, Franklin Roosevelt bamboozled Congress into allowing them to steal our money by withholding it directly from our paychecks. This move was supposed to be temporary - a patriotic act to support our war efforts - but yet again the Controllers deceived us by refusing to rescind this bill once the war ended. If you've noticed lately, the government STILL steals your money directly from your paycheck before you have a chance to get your hands on it. Are you beginning to see how they operate?

b) National debt through the 20th century:

1901 - less than 1 billion
1917 - 25 billion
1942 - 49 billion
1952 - 72 billion
1962 - 303 billion
1970 - 383 billion
1971 - 409 billion
1976 - 631 billion
1996 - 5 TRILLION
2002 - 5.9 TRILLION (that averages out to a total debt of $18,183 for every man, woman, and child in this country. Appalling.)

President John Kennedy

The way I see things, the real terrorists and biggest threat to our country aren't a group of rag-tag dirtballs running around in a maze of Afghani caves. No, the true villains are a hidden cadre of international bankers intent on implementing a Globalist one-world order that will ultimately trample the average citizens' rights and standard-of-living.

John Kennedy witnessed this threat first-hand, seeing how these financiers manipulated world events from behind the scenes with zero regard for the effect upon the every day citizen. Why do I say that? Well, take a look at the Vietnam War and see how 50,000+ American soldiers were sacrificed to the War Machine. These fuckers in charge don't care. It's all about control and profits.

Anyway, researchers over the years have theorized that Kennedy got killed because he wanted to pull out of the Vietnam War, threatened to dismantle the CIA, reveal the truth about UFO's, his vendetta against the Mob, or because of a grudge held by Fidel Castro. But few have written about the true, underlying cause of his assassination.

JFK cemented his death when he revolted against the international bankers by trying to issue $4 billion in "United States Notes." The catch comes, though, when he planned on doing it through the U.S. Treasury, not the Federal Reserve! To the Controllers, such a move was a mortal sin not even remotely tolerated. But in Kennedy's eyes, he realized that if America had its house in order monetarily with an adequate supply of money on hand, they didn't need to grovel at the knees of a lending machine. Thus, by returning to the Constitution, which stated that only Congress had the right to create money, we wouldn't be enslaved by the "foreign entity" bankers who print and loan money to our government, making a killing in interest payments that were strangling us.

Lee Harvey Oswald's wife Marina concurred with this assessment when she told author A. J. Weberman in 1994, "The answer to the Kennedy assassination is with the Federal Reserve Bank. Don't underestimate that. It's wrong to blame it on the CIA per se. This is only one finger of the same hand. The people who supply the money are above the CIA."

Taxation and Control

As it stands now with our current system of bullshit governance, we have NO HOPE of ever paying off our National Debt - EVER! The best we'll do is keep paying off the interest, and that's it. When you think about it, this cycle we're consumed by only seems to benefit one party - the international bankers - while the rest of us suffer. And when the truth is told, that's the way they designed it. The Fed (a privately owned corporation) creates money, then lends it (with interest) to the United States Government. We go further into debt, and have to continually raise taxes to keep digging ourselves out.

It's bad enough that the System is rigged against us, but here's an extremely important point to ponder. If the Controllers really needed money (they don't, but we'll continue for the sake of argument) they could collect it in a variety of ways other than how they currently do so, such as tariffs. But they use taxes for one primary purpose - to CONTROL us! Taxation is a form of enslavement, and the percentage of our income that we keep paying over time is always rising. What we've essentially done, then, is grant unchecked power to these bastards because they have access to our tax money, which is public money. Then they create more money, lend it back to us at interest, and the cycle continues ad nauseum.

In this light, the Federal Reserve has surpassed the powers of the Federal Government. How did they do this? Well, they learned long ago that to control a nation, they needed to control its money supply. Debt becomes, in essence, a political weapon. The day we transferred the right to issue money from Congress to the international bankers is the moment our country took a dramatic turn in the wrong direction. These men now act as sinister AGENTS - not for us, though, but for themselves.

What has developed from this system is a pyramidal form of control. First, we have our elected officials at the local, county, state, and federal levels. These men and women actually fulfill their duties of public service as was envisioned by our Founding Fathers. If every official serving our nation worked in this capacity, we'd be in great shape. Regrettably, we also have "SELECTED" representatives who don't attain office legitimately, but are placed there via "Votescam." As loathsome as they are, these figureheads don't actually make any decisions of import. They're merely "implementers." The true decision-makers don't even reside in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., but operate out of Wall Street in New York City. These devils are the Controllers - independent of Constitutional rules - and uninhibited by sovereign laws. These men, as I'm sure you know by now, are the international bankers who use the Federal Reserve as their vehicle of manipulation.

To retain power, the Controllers use a variety of psychological ploys, such as keeping all of us fighting against each other rather than focusing our attention on the true enemy - them! This in-fighting among the masses (black vs. white, man vs. woman, rich vs. poor, Catholic vs. Islamic, gay vs. straight) inevitably leads to battles and wars. The Controllers, of course, perpetuate this strife by funneling money and media attention on these struggles, creating instance after instance of chaos. Then, when things get out of hand, the media has conditioned us to turn our attention to THEM to step in and "solve" the problem. The press ultimately paints a picture strewn with propaganda so that the participants in this vicious cycle - US - never know the true, inside story.

In this context, the Controllers always stand outside the strife, looking in, putting fuel on the fire, but never getting burned themselves. Why? Because the Controllers want to keep every side in BALANCE so that one force can't get too big or powerful. That's why America is being deliberately undermined right now. The balance of power has shifted too much toward us. So, the Controllers are going to chop us off at the knees and replace us with another superpower - China - before we wise-up to their ploys and bite their hands off.

Nicholas John Spykman, in "America's Strategy in World Politics" summarizes the scenario very well. "He who plays the balance of power can have no permanent friends. His devotion can be to no specific state, but only to balanced power. The ally of today is the enemy of tomorrow."

Isn't it clear? The Controllers sit APART from us - with no loyalties to nations, rulers, friends, or sovereign philosophies. They're outside of it all looking in, like maniacal, diabolical players staring down at a huge chessboard. And us - we're their pawns, while our "selected" leaders are the kings, queens, knights, bishops, and castles. Their greatest struggle in this game is to guarantee that no one nation grows too big and strong and can challenge their authority. For if they do, then everything is lost - namely their power and profits.

The Banking Racket

Since we've been examining the financial aspect of control, a good question would be, whom do nations borrow money from? I mean; if the United States gets into another full-blown war, where do we get more money? A corner bank in Topeka, Kansas? Of course not. A financial institution such as that only has limited funds. But to get major league, UNLIMITED resources, nations must bow to the Princes of the Earth - the international bankers. Think about it. If we enter World War III, we'll need extra dough for tanks, airplanes, bombs, rations, boots, bullets, and computers, etc. So we're forced to grovel at the feed of Chase-Manhattan or a Rothschild-affliated bank. They lend us money (at interest), then also lend it to THE OTHER SIDE - OUR ENEMIES! I'm sorry to say, folks, but this is the way the world works. The Controllers ALWAYS play both sides against the middle. Then, when the war is roaring full-speed ahead, the Controllers decide which side they want to win. How do they do that? By cutting off money to one side or the other! Ha! Get it? This is the real secret of war that isn't taught in history classes.

The real pisser is - the Controllers NEVER lose. Why? Because the "victor" in every war is up to their eyeballs in debt, so they're forced to pay off their loans with interest. Also, since the Controllers "helped them out" by so kindly loaning them money, they now get a say-so in their government so that this "disaster" won't happen again (the same one THEY created). On the other hand, the defeated side is so obliterated and poor that the Controllers can step in (usually via some sort of "treaty" conference) and establish a form of government that suits their particular agenda - one that will maintain their much desired "balance of power." So, the victors are kept in debt by paying off their war loans, while the losers are kept in debt with rebuilding loans. Everyone loses except whom - the Controllers!

So, ya see, the banking racket is quite ingenious. On the one hand, they keep the "little people" in debt via credit cards, mortgages, car loans, student loans, and home improvements (borrowing on equity). Everyone is in debt! In regard to the business world, banks aren't interested in companies that want to borrow a small amount of money, then pay it off quickly. No, they're seeking those who'll borrow lots of money (millions), then keep borrowing more and more over time. That way they keep earning interest on these businesses. Finally, we have countries that borrow billions - usually to simply pay off the interest that keep accumulating from their national debt. Either that or they need to keep borrowing to build their War Machines. Either way, the more money the Controllers lend to them, the more power they hold over them! (A little later I'll show you precisely how much of our National Debt is held by international bankers, and how much money in interest we pay them a year. It's sickening.)

When we look specifically at the Federal Reserve, we discover that this entity is essentially a law unto itself, with accountability to anyone! Here are a few quotes to further this point:

  1. The 9th Circuit Court, in Lewis vs. the United States, ruled as such about the Federal Reserve Banks: "Each bank is statutorily empowered to conduct these [banking] activities without day to day direction from the Federal Government."

  2. Alan Blinder - Bill Clinton appointee to the Federal Reserve (as reported in the New York Times, September 26, 1994): "When we take actions, they are not reversible by any other body of government."

  3. Program from the San Francisco branch of the Federal Reserve Bank (July 16, 1979): "Some people think we're a branch of the Government. We're not. We're the banks' Bank."

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