Global Warming Deniers
by James Jaeger

It's the Media Stupid:

The BBC-produced documentary of the century, which PBS ran in the middle of a Tuesday night, was called DIMMING THE SUN. The thesis of this doc is that we have a more serious problem than the corporate-media and corporate-infested gov have let U.S. citizens ("Cits") in on. In their Never-never Land of piggy-cars, piggy-food, piggy-houses, piggy-debt and piggy-government, U.S. Cits, as usual, are the last people in the world to be apprised of, or accept, reality. Comprising 5% of the world's population, yet pigging up 25% of its global-warming-fuels, the ignorant U.S. Cit that doesn't care, doesn't act and/or is in denial of Global Warming is like an unsightly Zit on the planet's surFACE.

Light Intensity Studies:

What the U.S. Zits (some hopefully reading this very essay) are missing is the following information on Global Warming: There have been at least four (4) independent studies that confirm the phenomenon of a planetary cooling effect, now known as Global Dimming. The first study was a light measurement study done by scientist Gerry Stanhill working in Israel. His initial light-intensity data was acquired in the early 1950s by placing light meters all over the country and taking measurements of the total amount of sunlight falling over a period of time. He then repeated this experiment in the 1980s and again in the 1990s. This data, stretching over 40 years, revealed a steady decline in solar intensity. This decline is not caused by the sun. Satellites above the Earth's atmosphere have measured no intensity fall off. Thus the dimming is happening at ground level. Such dimming of sunlight over a 40-year period was observed to be a fall off of 22% over Israel, 10% over the U.S. and as much as 30% over parts of the former Soviet Union. The overall the decline in sunlight amounted to 1 to 2 percent globally per decade! This result was so astounding, most of the Zit scientific community ignored it, as usual. Nevertheless, a second team in Germany, independently confirmed the dimming data from Stanhill's studies in Israel. Still the scientific Zits slept (like they are currently doing for crop circles).

Pan Evaporation Rate:

THEN, a third set of experiments in Australia, not related to sunlight intensity measurements in any way happened. This third set of studies came from what's known as the pan-evaporation rate. For the past 100 years or so, pans of water have been placed out in the sun all over the world to measure how much water evaporates every day. Every morning, at the exact same time, water is added to the pan to bring it back up to its standard level. The amount of water that must be added represents the amount of water that had evaporated in the past 24 hours. Thus the pan evaporation rate serves as a type of quality control for agriculture.

What's significant to Global Dimming, however, is that a pan evaporation study showed that water is NOT evaporating as fast as it used to because the sunlight is not as intense. The most significant reason for evaporation is NOT heat, relative humidity or wind factors however -- it's photon intensity, i.e., sunlight intensity. Photons from direct sunlight are by far the largest cause of evaporation because only photons have enough energy to crack through the surface tension of water and cause evaporation.

This pan evaporation study is backed up by over 100 years of data collected all over the world, so there is no question: the worldwide evaporation rate of water has been falling. Thus the global pan evaporation data INDEPENDENTLY confirms the dimming data discussed above. Zits take note.

Post 9/11 Sky Survey:

And forth, an expert who studied contrails and the skies on 12, 13 and 14 September 2001 -- the three days all jets and aircraft in the U.S. were grounded after the 9/11 terrorist attacks -- found the temperature RANGE for these three days had shifted UP by 2 degrees Celsius. This is an unbelievable shift. If only 3 days of decline in particulate pollution from jets could cause a dimming/cooling effect of 2 degrees, imagine what the dimming/cooling effect is for the entire world where thousands of smoke stacks and jets are pouring particulate pollution into the atmosphere non-stop!

Severity of the Situation:

So, here are four independent studies that FINALLY ignited a majority of the sleepy scientific community to now take the Global Dimming effect seriously. The big question is, however, how much has the cooling effect, due to Global Dimming, been off-setting the warming effect, due to Global Warming? The answer to that is that Global Warming is probably at least twice (2X) as bad as conservative Zits have estimated over the past decade. And it could be much worse because, when carbon dioxide levels rose as high as they are today during the last ice age, we had a global temperature RISE of 6C (over 12 degrees F). If we continue to burn oil, coal and other fossil fuels, AND we continue to remove smoke and particulate matter from the atmosphere, the combined effect of Global Warming (from green house gasses such as carbon dioxide and water vapor) and Global Dimming (from smoke and particulate pollution) could render us a world temperature INCREASE of 10C by 2100 (over 20 degrees Fahrenheit). Surely Cits and Zits will have kids and/or grand children who will be alive when this happens.

But this is not the worst of it. The temperature rise will accelerate the ice melting on land at the northern polar cap. This melted ice dumping into the ocean will cause the sea level to rise all over the world. This is already happening and there are islands out there that are starting to be covered over by a rising sea. Eventually all of New York City, the entire state of Florida and most of Los Angeles will be under water. As the Zits flee inland to pig up dry real estate, higher global temperatures will heat up the oceans making hurricanes worse and worse, thus demolishing costal areas and chasing them ever deeper into the forests and Bush lands. In the forests and Bush lands, the Zits will think themselves safe and so start pigging up what food supply they can find there and buy on world markets.

Unfortunately the increase in global temperature will also cause massive crop failures especially if Global Dimming shifts annual rain clouds AWAY from heavily populated areas of Asia causing crop failures that result in a run on the world's food supply. If this happens (and it did in sub-Saharan Africa in the 1970s and 1980s killing hundreds of thousands), it could happen in Asia with much larger populations of billions. Massive global starvation, in addition to land scarcity due to rising sea levels and routine Katrina-like hurricanes, would thus impinge on the U.S. Zits' eating, buying and pigging habits significantly. As temperatures rose, forests all over ZitLand and BushLand -- and especially illegally over-populated California dry lands -- would dry out. Massive forest fires would rage out of control burning and destroying not only million dollar celebrity Zits' homes, but more importantly the precious oxygen-giving trees. All this will release yet more greenhouse gases and smoke into the atmosphere exasperating the potential difference between the effects of Global Warming and Global Dimming.

As we continue to remove smoke and particulate matter from the atmosphere, yet continue to spew more invisible carbon dioxide and other green house gases into the atmosphere from the burning of COAL and the Exxon-Mobil's OILs of the world, the global temperature will start to rise exponentially. This exponential rise will trigger another round of exponential rises of all of the above events. The Zits will then pop in realization that they never FACED the problem in a timely manner.

Drill for More Oil:

So the solution to all of this is for Humanity to start drilling for more oil in the Gulf of Mexico and the Artic wilderness. Since there is bound to be plenty of oil, according to apologists for the Big Oil and the fossil fuel energy Establishment, we should have no problems for at least another century.(1) Further, since the evidence on so-called Global Warming is difficult to interpret, why not just continue doing what we're doing until the entire planet is blown out of orbit. Then, and only then will we have irrefutable evidence that something is wrong Jose. Only then, the apologists will claim that, since there is no planet in orbit, there IS no evidence that anything died. Where's the body?

Here's the point: even if you think cries of Global Warming and Global Dimming are extremist or premature, no one knows what might happen. We don't know what we're messing with, so shouldn't we err on the side of caution if we are going to err at all? If our burning of oil, coal and other fossil fuels triggers a phase transition in the world's climate, such shift may be irreversible and there is no mandate, not even the Anthropic Principle, that says humans aren't expendable.(2)

No Place for the Zits to Hide:

Given these new facts and conclusions by the majority of the non-Zit scientific community, plus the existential threat posed by the situation, Zits or corporations that frustrate efforts to communicate and remedy the problem are far worse than terrorists. These Zits -- some of them working for, or apologists of, the oil companies and current fossil fuel Establishment -- are FAILING to yell fire in a crowded theater when smoke is all over their popcorn.

If we (you and I as well as the Zits), don't stop frittering around, spending endless billions on the so-called, War on Terrorism, and immoral invasions into other peoples' countries in order to confiscate their oil -- the U.S. is going to lead the world into an irreversible catastrophic event that will threaten humanities' very existence. If such happens, the United Zits of America could be considered to be far worse than Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. After all, Adolph only killed 14 million and Josef only killed 50. Global Warming has the potential to wipe out 6 billion.(3)

So to all you Zits and Apologists out there that don't quite get it: wise up. To their credit CNN has been leading the way in running a non-stop series on the subject of Global Warming. PBS has been trying, but when they run an important show like DIMMING THE SUN at 3:30 AM on a Tuesday morning, only people like me are going to see it. This show, and others like it, need to be endlessly run during prime time and three or four times on the weekends all through out the day and into the evenings. All meat-head games, such as football, and bleeding-heart shows, such as the OPRAH WINFREYS, should re-allocate their time slots to running DIMING THE SUN-type shows. We only have ten (10) years to reverse the output of planetary greenhouse gas emissions otherwise we may not be able to reverse the damage. And guess who is 25% responsible for this chore? The U.S. Zits. So the Cits in the U.S. need to get the Zits in the U.S. to help force cable networks and media to work towards the goal of properly informing the public. Otherwise their licenses should be revoked. There must be a zero tolerance policy on the issue of Global Warming and any Zit that stands in the way should be ostracized as an enemy of mankind. There is no other way. If sensible people, and the scientific community, continue to be "reasonable" about this emergency situation, we will be dragged down by the idiot, moron Zits of the world and the money-mad corporations that have infiltrated the government to serve their hedonistic life-styles.(4)

(1) For those of you who don't realize I'm kidding: I'm kidding. Yet strangely, CNN is running shows that show us how we can drill for more oil and we have plenty of it while at the same time running other shows telling us that drilling for oil is killing our planet through Global Warming. Go figure. Maybe they have a program director that can't think, or is hopelessly schizophrenic.

(2) A phase transition is like when water suddenly freezes.

(3) Plasma fusion and Solar technologies are the ONLY viable long-term solutions for Earth's energy problem. For a fuller discussion of the situation, the reasons we have probably already hit PEAK OIL, why it's foolish to wast money and human intellectual power on any other technologies other than PLASMA FUSION and SOLAR, see Earth's Energy Problem at and Earth's Energy Solution at

(4) The way I deal with irresponsible network cable TV programming is this: Whenever I see a product advertised, I write it down. Then I make absolutely certain I, and all the friends I can get to listen to me, NEVER buy that product. If, for instance, they are recommending spaghetti sauce A, I will always buy spaghetti sauce B. If they advertise automobile X, I will only buy automobile Z. Why should I buy a product from some corporation that INTERRUPTS my program when I am a) already PAYING a monthly cable bill for the program and b) watching that program solely for the sake of hopefully learning something new and important to my survival on this planet. If the network cable corporations, and their irresponsible greedy sponsors, insist on supporting the bastardization of the nation's airwaves and bandwidth with uninformative, dated, trivial programming that emphasizes all manner of "sensational," personal human tragedies (rape, murder, theft, beatings, etc.) -- what I laughingly call "news" -- why should I, or anyone, feed any of them money or attention? Don't. They are all dying anyway because of their irresponsible and profligate reporting and programming as well as the cheap shoddy products they have been promoting for their fat money-making mentalities that don't give a shit about anything other tan "stockholder value." Do you see Trader Joes or Google advertising? To hell with all of them. Eventually, topical and important, independent programming on the Internet and Blogosphere will replace these merchants of chaos, spin irrelevance, energy Establishment propaganda.

23 April 2006

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