Why Dating Sites Don't Work But Could

by Hunter Williams

With all the high tech available to us, dating sites are still in the dark ages. For the first time in history, we actually have the technology to bring boys and girls, men and women, together in more fruitful relationships than ever before. But again, the technology is being used in a bozo way that mainly benefits certain interests at the expense of others.

Study of a number of sites over the past five or so years has lead to conclusions few will find astounding if they have occasioned even three sites in the past several years. The main conclusions are as follows:

A. Dating sites are configured to serve female interests more than male interests.

B. After serving the female interest, dating sites serve the owner's profit interest.

C. Most dating sites do not work, and many are downright fraud.

D. The male is victimized, both monetarily and mentally by females on dating sites.

E. Given the boy - girl ratio of most sites of over 5:1 it's a buyer's market for the female.

F. Since it's a buyer's market for the female, females on dating sites are often rude, arrogant, demanding and downright hostile towards males.

G. Dating sites to date follow the same politically correct, social norms that have failed in the real world.

H. Dating sites do not match people up in the proper sequence of interests and leave out important areas of mutual interest.

The underlying reasons for the above problems with dating sites occur because males and females have different goals when interacting with each other. Males and females only share common interests at certain times and during certain states of a relationship.

The basic conflict seems to be: males want sex from females and females want companionship from males.

Females like sex as much as males, but they do not want to participate in it as much as males because they claim it is more risky for them. This is why many more conditions must be met before a female will participate, hence the skewed ratios.

Almost all current dating sites ignore these factors.

Instead of using technology to bridge the need-want gap between male and female goals, contemporary dating sites largely ignore this gap. This is to be expected however, given these sites reflect the memes of the current, aberrated society -- a society driven mainly by pain and punishment, rather than pleasure and forgiveness. In short, a society courtesy of the political correctness indoctrinated into all of us by the CHURCH and STATE for millennia.

Many lived through, or read about, the so-called "Sexual Revolution" of the 1960s -- but critical observations indicate that no such revolution occurred. We have yet to create a true "sexual revolution" -- a state of being where males and females truly understand each other's needs and wants; accept each other's needs and wants; and work diligently to fulfill and serve each other's needs and wants. The key proposition being a complete, and agreed upon, mental, physical and spiritual quid pro quo between the sexes at all times.

In this light, the anomaly that occurred in the 1960's was little more than a drug-induced, phantasm of a youth-explosion reacting against the remnants of Victorian Age social austerity.

Oh, some gains were made for women in that it was finally acknowledged that men were treating them as inferiors and secondary citizens. Women became sexually liberated when the pill came along because no longer were they as subject to the liabilities of unwanted pregnancies. Women's lib came along and demanded equality for women, socially, economically and politically. And the Hollywood-based motion picture industry was suddenly populated by "D-Girls" that read through every screenplay and made sure that every movie contained at least one or two scenes of a woman beating the shit out of a man. Androgyny in full bloom.

But as valid as most of these advances for women are, the pendulum has swung too far to the other direction. Now the male is the victim, and women are the predators. And this is not an idle claim as anyone can personally observe it in, not only the movies, but the nightclubs, the courtrooms and especially the dating scene. Society has been re-configured to cater to female interests and invalidate male interests and this is reflected in dating sites as well.

These observations bring us to consider the drug-addicted population we have now become. Whether "legal" alcohol, pharmaceuticals, pot, or "illegal" street drugs: all drugs are basically chemical methodologies used to obtain pleasure or address unwanted attitudes, emotions, sensations or pains -- another way of saying "obtain pleasure." BUT -- given the current pain-oriented society -- when pleasure is offered or received -- someone must PAY because someone must PROFIT.

The entire aberrated society of today is thus configured so one must PAY if they want pleasure and the only socially-correct pleasure one may demand must come from one of the following authorized sources:


This means, nature's ultimate free and natural drug -- SEX -- has been deemed:


The state has suppressed sex by making the purchase of it rather than drugs illegal.

The church has suppressed sex by making the practice of it immoral outside the marital contract of adhesion.

The female species has suppressed sex by using it as a bargaining chip for social, economic and political power.

All the while, coursing through the veins of society, is endless pain. Shots of killing, explosions, beatings, war and endless suffering is all that's authorized on the global networks -- while the pleasures of nature's natural drug are relegated to back channels and labeled "pornography." The message from the state, church and female network: every way possible to hurt, maim and kill human beings is socially acceptable, but watching every way possible for men and women to give and receive sexual pleasure is fringe, risky and/or deviant.

So, the current society -- brainwashed by thousands of years of government- and church-mentalities, as well as the current crop of overly-reactive women, hell-bent on seeking revenge on men for a thousand years of abuse -- would and could do nothing less than utilize revolutionary technology to bastardize all current dating sites one can observe to date.

The way a dating site could be made workable is as follows:

1) A woman signs up to a dating site and pays the same amount of money as the men.

2) Per the dating site rules, she must upload at least 3 pictures clearly showing what she currently looks like from all angles. The males on the site must do the same thing.

3) Then each female on the site is shown a picture of every other local male member.

4) Each female must then pick out 20 to 40 local male members that are physically acceptable to them. Each male must also pick out 20 to 40 physically acceptable local female members.

5) After both the males and females pick out their required number of pictures, the dating computers look for "sets unions" -- instances where she picked him and he picked her.

6) The male members of the set union are then presented to the females and the female members of the set union are presented to the males.

7) Then and only then is each female permitted to view the profile and communicate with the males in her set union. Same with the males.

This process will greatly narrow down the floods of communication received by women due to the 5:1 male-female ratio. It will force the women to be active, in essence have "skin in the game" and it will make the male-female ratio exactly 1:1.

Unfortunately, some people may not get into union sets. No women will pick male pictures that also had their pictures picked by the same males. And no men will pick female pictures that also had their pictures picked by the same females.

This program is Darwinian, true, but it at least matches up people. It starts with physical attributes (pictures on the dating site) and then moves to the mental attributes (profiles and communication on the dating site) and then it matched up spiritual attributes (actual dates in 3-space).

09 August 2014

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