How ObamaCare Facilitates the Expansion of All Three

by James Jaeger

We all want "credit" because that makes us feel powerful and that someone believes in us. And we all want "insurance" because, what if something goes wrong? And we all want to pay our fair share of "taxes" because we need roads and trash removal.

All of these things are good, even necessary. At least this is the way the average, un-thinking person views these "necessities." And this is exactly how one is supposed to think, as they continuously indoctrinate themselves with the New York-based mainstream media and the Hollywood-based motion picture industry. We need credit, insurance and taxes to make civilization run. That's the chant, the meme.

But let's take a look at this meme -- this mental virus of civilization -- and see what merit it has here in the 21st Century.


Once upon a time the word "credit" was invented to replace the following words and terms:

debt service
interest payments

Bankers felt that all of these words had negative connotations. Who wants to be in "debt". Or who wants to have to make "interest payments" or be "encumbered"? You can't sell people loans with these stigmas flying around. On the other hand, everyone wants to be believed in, hence the word "credit" was devised.

The word "credit" comes from the Latin word "credo," translated it means, "I believe." Thus, one who has "credit" is one who the banks "believe" will pay "debt service" and "interest payments" when they are "encumbered" and pay them until they are no longer in "debt."

But this should tell us something right here: that borrowing money is such a nefarious and disgusting habit, the very words for are changed from time to time. And it hasn't stopped with the word "credit," for today we have additional terms like "fiat currency," "fractional reserve" and "quantitative easing".

"Fiat currency" means printing up endless paper money and getting the government to enforce its use by fiat so that the banks get their debt serviced."

"Fractional reserve" means lending out more money than you actually have in the vault in the hope that everyone will not come and withdraw their money at once.

"Quantitative easing" means printing "fiat currency" and lending it into the economy so the global Ponzi scheme doesn't crash until the Plutocrats in the banking system have converted their paper money into gold, real estate and art.

So this is what it all means when you have "credit," when the banks "believe in you." And when your banking buddies believe that YOU will keep their nefarious system working by continuing to borrow their bogus "money" YOU are indeed part of the system: a "qualified borrower," a "good credit risk," even a "player" or true member of the "tribe."


If we have to buy something on "credit," it's assured that we will not be able to afford fixing it if it gets broken, no. So we need "insurance" because we always want to make sure that the things that we can't afford get fixed when they get broken.

But wait a minute, doesn't this have the color of insanity or too much Madison Avenue? Indeed it does for there IS something duplicitous going on here?

Who owns your house and your car until you are done with your installment payments? The bank. Yes, the bank puts a lien on the title to your house and car until their loan is paid off.

So who is insurance REALLY for? It's for the banks -- you know, the people that printed out of thin air the money they loaned you to BUY the stuff you're now insuring.

Thus it's the BANKS that benefit MOST from insurance because it's the BANKS that OWN most of your stuff until it's paid off. This is all a part of being a good "credit" risk, a good sucker.

So the very money the BANKS lend to you is money that they conjured up out of thin air through either fractional reserve banking or fiat currency. THEN they get YOU to insure and pay for THEIR assets while they also CHARGE you interest on money that they have NO assets behind. In other words, you are getting screwed at least two times: once when you have to pay exorbitant interest rates on money they created out of thin air and then on the insurance premiums to protect THEIR assets -- that they pretend are YOUR assets -- for most of the loan period.


If "credit" and "insurance" are such indispensable technologies, "taxes" must be the very icing on civilization's cake.

After all, we need government, we need all the good things government does; the "general welfare" it provides and the "security. We all benefit from the government "growing the economy" and building roads and delivering the mail. And "taxes" pay for all this. It's therefore every citizen's duty to pay taxes or move to another country (where he has to also pay taxes).

But here's what's really happening with taxes. One portion of the group decides that they are going to "do some social good" and so everyone in the group must chip in to help. If everyone in the group doesn't agree on what is "good," the biggest and meanest members of the group arm themselves with sticks and guns and force the others to go along. To pay their taxes. And they figure, there's nothing wrong with this because people must sacrifice for "the greater good," as Auguste Comte says or the "general welfare," as they interpret the U.S. Constitution.

So one faction of society points guns at the other faction and makes them pay taxes.

But the gun pointers -- the "thugs with guns" as Ayn Rand called them -- figure, hell as long as we got 'em paying TAXES, why stop there: let's make 'em pay for CREDIT and INSURANCE as well.


With this new slant on CREDIT, INSURANCE and TAXES, let's take a look at ObamaCare.

ObamaCare is basically the crowning jewel of the welfare state, what Lyndon Johnson called "The Great Society." In reality, the "Great Society" is little more than the thugs with guns forcing millions of people to pay for "automobile" insurance for their bodies.

The theory behind ObamaCare is that we have some 30 million people who are uninsured so when they walk into emergency rooms at hospitals society has to pick up the tab. The next part of the theory is that we have the Baby Boomer Generation, the largest generation in history, reaching their "golden years" and they will need medical attention. Society simply can't pay for all this, so the thugs with guns are going to have to make EVERYONE pay equally. But here is the problem with this scheme:


Insurance companies are trying to use the force of the state to compel everyone to buy insurance just like the elite banks in New York City did when they used the state to force everyone to use their "bills of credit," now known as Federal Reserve Notes.

Just as the state now forces everyone to buy insurance for their cars, the insurance companies are trying to get the state to force everyone to buy insurance for their bodies. It's as simple as that.


Many will say, and what's wrong with this. What's wrong with government stepping in and making people do the right thing: buy money, insurance and government services. It's for the "good of society."

To this I say: maybe this kind of smokestack-thinking WAS good for society in the past century, but technology has now changed everything.

By permitting banks and insurance companies to mediate, "protect" and service society, civilization will never prosper on the whole. Only those connected with the banks, insurance companies and state will prosper. And here's why:


If an individual has to borrow money in order to have NOW what he would otherwise have later through SAVING, he has reversed the normal flow of events. He has in fact reversed causality. Borrowing, or DEBT, makes a "future" available now, but for a price that exceeds the cost of the money borrowed and the marginal utility of that which is purchased by that money. In other words, the entire civilization must pay and the price to civilization is its loss of potential, long-term, exponential growth. In mathematical terms, debt places civilization on an arithmetic curve rather than an exponential curve. At the very least it places civilization on an arithmetically-influenced exponential curve. This is why growth rates always hover around 2 - 3% even though technology is always expands exponentially. The difference is being siphoned off by the Global Plutocracy. In layman's terms, this is HOW the RICH get RICHER but civilization, as a whole, fundamentally stays stagnant at less than 3% growth rates. Sure, some cities and countries seem to be doing better than others, but if you average out the entire global economy, it's fragile, interdependent and basically stagnant compared to what it could be.

Yet the word "interdependent" has been trumpeted as a good thing by the global-trading billionaires. This is testament to how ignorant and dangerous these people are and why the memes they have been promoting on their "liberal," "corporate" networks are ruinous to civilization.

In short, your bankers, insurance men and tax collectors are the enemies of civilization and the reason People in general will never reach a Kardashev Type I Civilization as long as these middlemen-parasites have any dominion.


By the time debt is paid off, the cost of a product has doubled AND the product has been reduced to obsolescence. Obsolescence -- the study of how quickly entropy reacts on technology -- is always speeding up. As technology makes the production of products quicker, products are in service for shorter periods of time because there are always newer, better products vying for deployment. This is known as hyper-depreciation. The value of the product depreciates due to not only old age and use (entropy) but to obsolescence as well. Thus more and more products are replaced rather than repaired because it costs less money to simply make a new product on a multi-billion dollar assembly line in China than it does for an individual workman in a TV repair shop in Podunk to repair that product. Thus, obsolescence of civilization's current products is generally speeding up.

Now enter the bank and the insurance company, two of the most predatory entities ever contrived by mathematicians and social engineers. Specifically, enter the idea of borrowing money to pay for an item that has a shorter depreciation term because that item becomes obsolete more quickly due to Moore's Law.

In short, to the degree terms of bank loans equal or exceed depreciation terms, buyer/borrowers are paying interest, not only on money that doesn't exist, but on useful products that no longer exist.

Thus, does it really make sense to borrow money for depreciating assets like cars, TVs and computers? We all know it makes no sense to borrow money for non-durable goods, like food and toiletries, so why do so many do it? Because they have been brainwashed to do it.

What about insuring non-durable goods and quickly depreciating assets. What about insuring bank-financed assets? Do these things make sense?

Let's face the fact, insurance is almost never for the benefit of the insured. As reviewed above, it's for the benefit of the bank, or the OTHER car owner with the dent or those that survive your death. And if we agree that insuring non-durable goods and depreciating assets is unwise, wouldn't it follow that insuring the human body itself -- the ultimate non-durable depreciating asset -- is the most unwise thing we could do? Would it not be better to place all this insurance money into life extension technology and medical break-throughs?

It's never a 100% probability that one will pile up their car or loose a house to fire, but it IS a 100% probability that one will die -- at least in the current kick-in-the-head, Type-0 Civilization in which we now "live." Still so, we let some huge corporation sell us insurance to protect us from the inevitable. Something about this sound off.

Something about this sounds like middle men -- banks and insurance companies -- are making money off the plight of humanity all in the name of "doing social good." Is this is the "snake oil" salesman at his worst?


Let me present an alternative road, a road that does not require debt or insurance -- a road where civilization gets stronger and more able with every passing century, a road where risk is minimized to almost zero and where we actually become a Type 1 Civilization.

One has heard the saying: you get what you finance. Or you get what you put energy into; or you get what you promote. If you finance the welfare state, you will get a bigger welfare state. If you subsidize the poor, you will get more poor. If you finance the sick, you will get more sickness.

Having said these things, I am not saying that we should not help the sick and poor. What we should be doing however is trying to figure out the reasons there ARE sick and poor and addressing these for the long-term. This has never been done, yet it's being done every day because people now live to 80, 100 and 120. But of course, on this issue, almost everyone has an opinion; thus mine:

Life grows wherever there is sunlight or energy, and money is simply another form of energy. So if you want a fat and sick society that is dependent on state-survival, all you have to do is finance or insure it and you will assure it happens.

Every time an insurance company pays a bill for a hospital, doctor or pharmaceutical company it is distorting the market and making it that much more difficult for civilization to grow. It does this by distorting the interaction of supply and demand.

The interaction of supply and demand is what causes the price of things to come down and the quality to go up. In short, it's what causes civilization to become better and to grow. This is not a difficult concept and should be easily grasped by anyone who has not had their mind indoctrinated by the statist mentality -- the mentality that over-relies on the state or what has been called the "nanny state."

When a multi-billion dollar insurance company -- or the government -- pays for your hospital stay, doctor's care and/or medication, the price is almost always higher than an individual could pay. For instance, the hospital charges $18,000 dollars but the insurance company will only pay $10,000. Since $8,000 of the bill is uncollected, the hospital writes off a loss of $8,000 on its tax returns. The American tax payer then foots the bill indirectly and the hospital pockets $5,000 because that's all the service was really worth.

Computer technology has reduced $1 million computers to $1,000 PCs. The cost of genome mapping has dropped from $100 million to $100 and every imaginable other technology has been so affected in a similar way. So, in such an environment, how is it possible that "the cost of health care is sky rocketing"? Health care, the most technologically-dependent endeavor on Earth is sky rocketing when technology in general is following Moore's Law, Metcalfe's Law and the Law of Accelerating Returns. The fact is this is lie. Medical technology is becoming cheaper but the savings are not being passed on, they are being stolen by the people that offer CREDIT, INSURANCE and TAXES. These people are getting fat and rich.

And all of these people use the force of government to extort payments from WE THE PEOPLE. They specialize in the hurting and healing of people. Hurting by wars and conflicts (Military-industrial Complex) and healing by medical care (ObamaCare).

And they "justify" their extortion with lies about the "general welfare" or "paying the bills" or "the full faith and credit of the US" or "the high cost medical expenses" or the "Democrats did this" or the "Republicans did that" or whatever comes to their puny little, oily "minds." And, as discussed above, with the bankers, all of them constantly invent new words to hide their crimes and then their paid, blond, ignorant talking-heads spew this verbal trash all over the TV-watching public.

Insurance thus creates basically the same effect on the economy as fiat currency.

Money printed out of thin air is little different than hospital bills paid for by insurance companies operating multi-billion dollar Ponzi schemes out of thin air. In both cases, however, the citizen/customer pays the in the long-term. The cit pays the bill with inflation, a hidden tax, and the customer pays ever higher premiums and medical expenses over the long-term.

We are now at the point whereby the insurance Ponzi is so great, the insurance lobby has formed a cartel and must ask the government to FORCE people to buy insurance at gun point. THIS is ObamaCare -- insurance at gun point, for if you do not buy insurance, the government's thugs at the IRS will come to your door. Thu is the socialist dream, the dream that RT's Abby Martin has "no idea what your talking about."

And THIS is what the New York banks did in 1910 when the American economy was doing so well that corporations were able to finance their research and expansion out of "capital formation" (savings) rather than bank CREDIT. The scum-banks in New York had a secret meeting on Jekyll Island and got the government to pass the Federal Reserve Act late in December of 1913 when most of Congress had gone home for Christmas recess.

Then the scum-bankers told the government they would give them CREDIT any time they wanted it IF they were given the "right" exclusively print up money and call it "elastic currency." This we now call "monetizing debt" and "quantitative easing".

"Monetizing debt" means turning debt into money by printing up "money" and then using that "money" to buy U.S. debt in the form of Treasury Bills.

Since the Fed is now monetizing $85 billion worth of debt a month through "quantitative easing," it's a blatant lie that "no one will lend us money if we were to default on the National Debt." How many times did you hear the politicians, pundits and prez utter this lie on CNN, CNBC and FOX NEWS the past 3 weeks? "No one will lend us money." "The full faith and credit . . . blah blah blah." What a bunch of horse. ALREADY no one will lend us money because no one HAS any money to lend. That's A. And B, as stated above, the U.S. monetizes 85 billion dollars worth of debt each month with its "quantitative easing " charade so no one HAS to lend us any money. We just print the money out of thin air. No "lending" needed. No "credit" needed. So again, this means all the ballyhoo over the "full faith and credit of the United States government" is nothing but a crock of horseshit being spewed out of the mouths of stupid and ignorant pundits and meat-head politicians. And when the Tea Party members of the House try to tell everyone exactly what I am saying here -- the morons in the rest of the government look at them like they have no argument or are "fringe."

Given the Federal Reserve System, the U.S. government -- and your trusted Congressman -- are no longer dependent on either TAXES or BORROWING from U.S. citizens or any other citizens or governments in the world, including China. And THIS is basically why they do whatever they want and ignore YOUR votes. Also, they have no term limitations to help them focus on what's important.

These are the games your sick and stupid congressmen are playing with your future: partnerships with the BANKS in order to participate in the direct creation of fiat currency and now they want to be partners with the INSURANCE companies and move the entire mess over to a "single payer" system.

A "single payer" system means the government will end up collecting all the insurance premiums -- stealing a huge middle man fee, like they do with taxes and did with our gold in 1933 -- and then spending the balance on the crappiest and most minimalist health "care" government "service" can possibly buy for the cits to keep them just "alive" enough to pay taxes.


Whether its banks partnering with gov or insurance partnering with gov, both are extortion of the public.

Forcing people to buy insurance for medical expenses that would be within everyone's reach due to technological advancement is not only extortion, it's a waste of civilization's efforts. The only ones who profit from this scheme are the banks and insurance companies and the corporations that surround them, as Jefferson warned.

INTEREST and INSURANCE PREMIUMS are middleman fees. These fees siphoned off of society unjustly enrich a class of people at the detriment of the entire civilization. If the market were allowed to work without the interference of parasitic TAXES, INTEREST and INSURANCE PREMIUMS, products and services would now be so cheap and abundant the PEOPLE of Earth would not NEED to borrow money, they would be able to AFFORD medical care at market rates and governments would probably not even be necessary to "protect" people against crime because the motivations FOR crime would be GONE.


Think about how much money the world's citizens pay for CREDIT, INSURANCE and TAXES.

Let's say the world's economy is $80 trillion per year. If you, as one of 7 billion people in the world, are a microcosm of the whole, your personal economy could serve to shed light on the world economy. How much of your annual income to your spend on debt service for your house, school, car and/or credit cards? How much do you then allocate to insurance for your house, car and body? Lastly, how much do you pay to the three or four governments that "serve" you?

I would be willing to estimate that the average world citizen allocates at least 50% of their gross income to CREDIT, INSURANCE and TAXES. If so, this amounts to the sum of $40 trillion per year. Some will say that my estimate is WAY low; that 80% better describes the situation. If so, this would be the sum of $64 trillion per year. Taking the average of these two percentages, let's settle on the sum of $52 trillion per year. The world pays -- or is forced to pay -- $52 trillion to BANKERS, INSURANCE AGENTS and TAX COLLECTORS per year.

Now just imagine what this amount of money could do if it were allocated into research and development of new technologies that would:

  • provide cheaper more effective health care;

  • remedy the scarcity of housing and every day necessities;

  • harness solar and plasma fusion energy technologies;

  • grow more and healthier food;

  • better-educate and inform people about the natural sciences and humanities;

  • And I don't mean that this money should be allocated into these things by GOVERNMENTS. THIS IS WHAT'S ALREADY HAPPENING AND IT'S A DISMAL FAILURE. Re-read this entire article if you don't get what I mean.

    The problem is -- whenever you have a government managing things or centrally planning the allocation of money -- the government itself preempts too much of the cash flow and the job never gets done (properly). This is why $52 trillion of the world's $80 trillion cash flow is preempted government and its evil twin sisters, insurance and banks.


    In deed, the very REASON we "have" to borrow money and insure things is because we don't HAVE enough of these things. So we reverse causality to get them and submit to extortion to make us "secure." Then we hold guns to the heads of our fellow citizens and make them participate in the same crimes and call this "good governance."

    Note, fewer and fewer pundits, politicians and CFR-infested, apologists for globalization are even USING the word "government" in their speeches as this word is SO tainted, the word "governance" has come into use along side such words as "quantitative easing" and "target" (meaning, live human beings that the U.S. government murders with its global, standing army while "spreading freedom and democracy" to the world). So what's the actual definition of the world "governance"?

    "Governance" is a word that apologists for the state use to hide the fact that they freely and knowingly participate and condone the current system of exploitation and global slavery, a system whereby an elite -- of which they salivate to be a part -- governs and steals from the masses using three basic technologies devised by mathematicians, political engineers and sadists: CREDIT, INSURANCE and TAXES.

    If you still don't know what I mean, visit MOVIE PUBS at where you will find a number of films that will fill you in on the details.

    ORIGINATED: 20 October 2013

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