Snipers, Drone Operators & Back-Stabbers

by James Jaeger

Michael Moore is right this time: snipers are cowards. And the fact that Hollywood -- the Government's propaganda pimp -- glorifies them is nauseating.

It's also nauseating that American audiences would shell out over $100 million to watch a movie that profits off an enlisted coward's, mass-killing deeds. When one considers what a sniper actually does -- hides thousands of feet from his "target" and then shoots him, sometimes in the back -- it's especially nausiating.

Drone operators do basically the same thing, but with much more distance and much more expensive "guns." These enlisted cowards sit thousands of MILES away from their intended "targets" and then "precision bomb" them, often murdering innocent women, children and others in the process. Commanding Cowards "justify" this as "collateral damage" because the drone-sniper is going after an HVT (a euphemism for High Valued Target) and thus "saving lives." Such actions comprise the morally-corrosive philosophy known as, "the ends justify the means". (1)

Yes, these "brave" snipers are "just doing their jobs" making the world "safe for democracy" and to expand the fiat empire's military-industrial complex. After all, the "ends justify the means."

People with IQs below 100 buy into immoral philosophies -- such as "ends justify means" and "greatest good" -- when they watch too many gun-crazed movies green-lit by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) studio executives with an ax to grind. These executives, about 21 of them that control the 6 major studios -- are not the least bit concerned about violence in the movies or about promoting cowards. After all, most of them had all or part of their families or relatives wiped out in the Holocaust. Surely the American ticket buyer can handle a little fiction. And, as former Washington lobbyist for the MPAA, Jack Valenti, reminded us: "movies are merely entertainment."(2)

Given the sick and perverted, victim-revenge mentality that has taken over Hollywood, do Christian Americans ever ask themselves: whatever happened to the concept of "turning the other cheek" or if one must go to war, fighting only the "just war" with honor, valor AND courage on the battlefield -- not sniping and droning at a safe distance?

Has war come down to but geeky little cowards using high-tech weapons to kill at a distance? How is this much different than what "terrorists" do? What young man would want to enlist in an army or a navy that practices tactics as cowardly and covert as terrorists? Whatever happened to real men, warriors that have the courage to "declare a just war" as the Constitution demands, and then "engage" the enemy face to face, even eye to eye? Yes, the Commanding Cowards of today's computerized "military" and their political overlords in the DC Plutocracy have done their best to sanitize, if not feminize warfare.

The safer and more friendly "warfare" can be made, the more "secure" our "soldiers" can feel while performing their state-sanctioned, mass-murdering "missions" -- the easier such "warfare" will be in the pursuit of "justice". And the easier such "warfare" is to pursue -- even if back-stabbing snipers and drones must be used -- the "ends are justified by the means." Unfortunately, those "ends" are always for profits garnered by the military-industrial complex that manufactures the world's weapons. Just as Hollywood movie star, Leonard Nimoy, cautions us to "never forget" the Holocaust, we should also "never forget" that the judeo-corporate Mainstream Media (which includes the MPAA studio/distributors) marches to beat of the same military-industrial complex. Corporations connected to this Complex spend endless billions on TV ads AND weapons sent to Israel, covertly or overtly. Yes, psychopathic, zionist, neocon-militants have not only taken over Hollywood, but are in process of taking over Washington, DC. And what better proof of the Hollywood-DC nexus than the latest propaganda films coming off the MPAA Assembly line: Warner Bro's AMERICAN SNIPER and Sony Picture's, THE INTERVIEW -- a recent movie designed to instigate conflict with North Korea so DC can build a pretext for yet another war. Yes, the subliminal message from these two Hollywood movies is that the American voter should send a sniper to kill the leader of North Korea.(3)

This is how YOU -- an AMERICAN TICKET BUYER/VOTER -- are being played by the violence brokers in Hollywood and DC.

When a nation tortures "enemy combatants" and "fights" undeclared "wars" by assassinating people without due process -- as we did with Osama bin Laden -- it is only natural that it would attempt to institutionalize the act of hiding behind high technology to maim and kill people from a distance. In Hollywood-speak: "One man rose to become an AMERICAN SNIPER. Coming to a theater near you."

With Hollywood brainwashing like this, what is to prevent the government from sending an "American Sniper" to someday murder YOU? Maybe, someday you won't entirely agree with the idea that Hollywood Holocaust survivors should be running movie studios in partnership with psychopaths in DC. Maybe someday you will not agree that it's okay to put forth mass-media propaganda pieces in order to get our kids to enlist in the Global War Machine. For an industry hell-bent on preserving ITS freedom of speech, Hollywood filmmakers and the Academy of Motion Pictures -- woefully ignorant of the Bill of Rights and principles set forth in the U.S. Constitution -- are sure hell-bent on killing everyone ELSE'S freedom of speech, if not THEM as well.

Those who support AMERICAN SNIPER -- a motion picture abortion that only the "control group" of Hollywood could love -- should be ashamed of themselves. Ashamed for supporting a propaganda piece that glorifies not only sadistic, cowards like Chris Kyle(4), but SHAMES the brave and courageous oath-keepers that serve in the military as true guardians of the U.S. Constitution and who preserve the honorable ways to conduct "just" warfare. The ends often do NOT justify the means: snipers, drone operators and back-stabbers, that's a memo.(4)

(1) To get a good idea how cowardly and despicable drone operators are, watch this NON-Hollywood films entitled DRONES. Someone put it on the net for free at Watch the movie and then for God's sake buy the DVD to support the filmmakers. Pass this movie and/or its trailer at on to your family, friends and associates. Also, I place bombers in the same category as drone operators. People that drop any explosives on human beings are disgusting abortions of nature and that it's done with "precision" makes them no better. Lastly, it has come to my attention that more drone operators quit every day than enlist. The site reveals that enlisted men and women are having a serious moral problem with drone missions because they realize that such an activity is not only cowardly, it's no different that assassination. If government leaders have made a pact that assassinations are not okay, then drone and sniper assassinations should also not be okay. Let's not gave a double standard.

(2) See for an article about a power change in Hollywood. And for more about how Hollywood operates in general, see the various materials at the Film Industry Reform Movement site at


(4) One reader wrote in stating: "This movie was just a big propaganda piece ... my husband and I hated it. There was no doubt Chris Kyle enjoyed killing ... obvious from when he was a kid and his dad took him hunting. I have no doubt he was there for the "thrill" and was glad when someone took him out. He was a piece of shit."

(5) Watch MOLON LABE to get a better understanding of the Founder's vision of how one can honorably serve in the defense of one's nation. The movie and trailer are at If you like this film, please help us make the new one now in production. See MIDNIGHT RIDE at

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