Cosmological Prolegomena
by James Jaeger

Starting Supposition

Since Mankind has only had the written word on the Planet Earth for about 5,000 years, and since the Universe has been around for many billions of years longer, it must be assumed that words do not yet exist to describe phenomena fully, therefore the use of words to understand phenomena is very rickety at the most. Therefore, nothing that has been written or spoken prior to 5,000 years ago, comes close to describing the way Reality (or reality) is and Mankind will probably not have any inkling for yet another million years or until an ancient language is found that has been around as long as the phenomenon being studied.

It is possible that more advanced BEINGS have visited Earth or are currently visiting, or living here now. It is more probably than not probable that this is true.

Every living thing in the Universe makes up a point of energy that lies on the electromagnetic spectrum - thus every being is different because no two Beings can be at exactly the same point on the spectrum otherwise they would not be recognized as being distinct Beings.

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