Jewish Domination of COMCAST
by Jim Jenks

Is Michael Eisner bowing out to another Jew? The head of Comcast is Brian Roberts. Executive Vice President: David L. Cohen. Comcast was founded by three Jewish entrepreneurs in the 1960s -- Ralph Roberts, Daniel Aaron, and Julian Brodsky. By the 1990s the company's chairman, Ralph Roberts, was worth $400 million and owned 78% of the company's voting stock. In 1997 he ceded voting control to his son, Brian, who had been earlier named, at age 30, as the Comcast president. By 1996, Brian was also Chairman of the National Cable Television Association and on the Boards of Turner Broadasting System, QVC, Inc., and Viewer's Choice.

[ALMANAC, 4-23-96] In 1991, another Jewish executive, Ann Wexler, was named as Director of the Comcast company (she had once served as a public liaison assistant to President Jimmy Carter.) Comcast has been active in Jewish and Israeli causes, including a film about the Holocaust that was introduced to local school systems. In 1993 the company even defrayed expenses for a Jewish National Fund "gala" featuring the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell. "Having someone of Colin Powell's stature gives us the edge," said JNF president David Neving, "and means we'll sell more tickets to raise money for Israel." [FEILER, p. 17] (Brian Roberts -- today CEO of his father's Comcast company -- won silver medals in squash in 1981, 1985, and 1997 at Israel's Maccabiah Games. "The Maccabi," once noted Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion about the Games, "is without a doubt one of the most important offshoots of the Zionist movement."

[] According to the organization's web site, the Maccabiah Games' "Goals and Objectives" are "1. To re-inforce Jewish Zionist Education, both for the youth and adults to enable the Jews to receive and explore their roots. 2. To fight Assimilation 3. To get the Jewish youth of the Diaspora more acquainted with the Jewish heritage and tradition. 4.To foster the relationship between the Jewish communities inter-globally and with Israel.")

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