How Cold Fusion Works
by James Jaeger

What may be happening with COLD FUSION is this:

Somehow the cold fusion process provides a mechanical advantage, similar to a lever or pulley.

Smashing atoms together with high energies could be compared to hoisting a piano to a second story window with just a rope. Pushing atoms or protons together with low energy cold fusion could be compared to hoisting that piano with a pulley. It takes longer, but ultimately the result is comparable.

So if P&F found a method of using chemistry to induce "slow" fusion, it would stand to reason neither field could define what's happening because the language doesn't yet exist. One.

Two, if the fusion is happening with the weak nuclear force rather than the strong nuclear force, perhaps this is what opens the door to changing the nucleus of these atoms into different elements with the attendant release of energy.

The idea of stuffing little lumps of matter into the lattice of larger lumps of matter, lump by lump is elegant. Each little "stuff" of matter would NOT require much energy but as the palladium atom gets stuffed, some of the protons and neutrons are going to get squeezed significantly. Eventually the local pressure between several protons and/or neutrons will get so intense, two of them will fuse. Immediately, they will release a burst of local energy and this will produce a burst of local pressure to the neutrons and protons in the lattice thus pushing others on the verge to fuse also.

As the packing continues and the bursts of energy escalate we reach a point where the extra pressure provided by the increasing numbers of protons getting fused takes over and the external electrical power becomes insignificant by comparison. This is why it takes a while (a week or so) for the reaction to get started.

I'm sure the above has holes in it, but this process makes sense to me. If this is what's happen, this phenomenon is very exciting as I can see it leading to both cheap energy and cheap transmutation of matter.

As my filmmaker friend in LA asked me when I told him about the 60-minute shows: "Well how come this isn't all over the media?" My response as a professional in the media for about 40 years is" Given the history of discovery, that's the PROOF that Cold Fusion is real and it is world-changing: the media only covers the trivial."

24 April 2009

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