How Charlie Sheen Threatens the Establishment With It

by James Jaeger

Unless you have been high on psychiatric pharmaceuticals these past weeks, you will be aware of the current Charlie Sheen phenomena. What he and his actions represent is a question that should be asked beyond superficial judgments now rampant on government-licensed network TV.

As a Libertarian who reveres the limited government stipulated by the U.S. Constitution, we value freedom and, its more chaste sister, liberty. The libertarian view is that government has no right meddling in the personal affairs of individuals. Libertarians therefore want ALL drugs, including prostitution (a natural drug) decriminalized. This also means we want government out of our business and for it to leave the free market alone to generate honest competition. As judge Napolitano says every evening on FOX BUSINESS NEWS, "Government that rules the best, is government that rules the least."

So how does this apply to Charlie Sheen?

Whether or not Charlie knows it, he's living the libertarian life: a life unrestricted by other people's opinion, considerations, judgments, religious "values" and theories about what drugs do.

All this is hilarious to watch, as experts and pundits all over the media attempt to "evaluate" Charlie (they way they did so well for Lindsay, Michael and Elvis). One psychiatrist just came on TV and said of Charlie: "He's crashing, and his days are numbered." Another macho pundit -- obviously jealous that Charlie has hot live-in G-friends -- said, "We'll see how long this reality show lasts before Charlie comes back to true reality." Then, thinking he was off camera, Mr. Macho turned and thought: "Shit, Charlie has it all, fame fortune and some great ass on tap 24/7. I wish I had the courage to do all that, but my boss, my wife, my pastor and my government would never allow it."

So in this thought, we can see what's really happening and why Charlie Sheen represents more than just another reality show. Charlie's a guy that likes sex, drugs and rock & roll and he's not ashamed to admit it. Can you admit YOU like sex drugs and rock & roll? Maybe not. Or maybe you just need to get some hormone replacement therapy.

The fact of the matter is: most Americans are not only idiots, they're terrified, sex-starved, reason-challenged hypocrites. Is it any wonder this "self-governing" nation is driving itself into the ground?! Yes, Americans -- other than the RonPaul-youth -- simply don't get it. As a BabyBoomer myself, I am totally ashamed of myself and my fellow BabyBoomers. Most of us have not only sold out to canned-religions, buy products made by Chinese Communist slaves (many of them women under 14 years old) and a Congress comprised of lawyers, corporate fascists and career politicians that could care less about the U.S. Constitution or the American Dream.

Yes, Charlie Sheen is not only bringing all this out, he's threatening the established order with a long-lost substance: FREEDOM. A multi-millionaire celebrity that comes from a talented, loving family -- Martin and Emilio -- who has all the hot chicks and drugs he wants, Charlie is demonstrating the ideal of freedom in the truest sense of the word. Not only the freedom to have two wonderful kids and nice pads, but the freedom to get rid of a bitch-wife and replace her with two sexy "Goddesses." Of course this life-style won't be very popular with those that are still enslaved to wives or bubbies who they pretend to love.(1)

But beyond love, what cowardly American male, penis-envy psychiatrist or Ken-doll media robot is NOT covertly jealous as shit over Charlie?

And Charlie knows this, thus he's having fun pushing everyone's buttons. He's making his rounds over the very media networks that desperately need him financially yet are desperately trying to evaluate their positions as to "political correctness." In other words: 'how do we network execs appropriately position Sheen to our audience without revealing the fact that WE too live, or desire to live, the exact same life-style as Charlie. How do we do this and still make money from the dumb, sex-confused, religion-soaked public. After all, good weed and well-trained hookers ARE expensive these days, even for network executives.'

Only, in this case, the network executives have no idea where to draw lines. Charlie's ongoing life-story -- far more exciting than anything on network TV -- provides writers with the few sources of material that seem to sell to the morons that still watch TV. So, how can the corporate fascists in the networks possibly cut him off (for long)? And since the networks are funded by establishment corporations that rely on selling their products to brain-dead Americans enslaved by pharmaceutical drugs, it's particularly difficult. Ironically, for them, fameing a guy that uses drugs OTHER THAN the DEA-approved ones issued by Establishment psychiatric ministers is BAD business -- just as it was bad business when Tom Cruise bad-mouthed anti-depressants and post-partum pharseuticals. Yes, it's the same old story the Church of Scientology has been trying to warn the public about for decades but now it's Charlie Sheen, not Scientologist, Tom Cruise, who's being pinched by Big Pharma for over-promoting drugs that aren't "legalized" yet.

But it's more than just Big Pharma and Network, money-grubbing fascists. It's about the very essence of IMAGE, and that essence is the proper image of CONFORMITY. If you don't CONFORM, you are a loose canon or "crazy." If you don't conform, you are "crashing and your days are numbered." If you're not a CONFORMIST that goes along with the collective TV mentality, you are no person the mainstream media and millions of pharma-drugged, BabyBooner can tolerate (for long).

But unfortunately here's what's really happening, what's totally horrifying: Charlie is OFF drugs and high ON life. God forbid if someone could have a great life OFF Ritalin and OFF beer. This might next lead to a life OFF religion, OFF political-correctness or even OFF consumerism and debt. Shit, how would anyone make any money if everyone were to follow Charlie OFF the consumption of everything except Life, and it's natural drug: sex? How would Globalization continue? How would the CFR-infested IMF/World Bank, NAFTA and GATT keep the international slaves EMPLOYED? And how would that occasional political dissident, such as an Elliot Spitzer, be brought down if everyone accepted sex in a motel rooms with people you don't know too well as natural propensities of the human species? Horrifying.

Charlie is horrifying the very fabric of modern civilization: government-approved freedom, politically-correct culture, safe-sex monagomous monotomy, debt-enslavement consumerism, U.S.-approved dictators and cattle-nations peppered with fiat money-spewing banks on every street corner. In short: were people to get an actual view of real FREEDOM -- the Charlie Sheen brand -- not only would the Middle East be in riotous demonstration, so would the Western World, and even bigoted, discriminating Hollywood.

To the CFR-infested global Establishment, Charlie Sheen might very well represent a universal threat: the threat of TOTAL FREEDOM. Thus the shrinks, pundits and wordprocessor-addicted lawyers; are paid ever higher fees to control the Sheen PR. Say, "He will crash in our professional opinion . . . it's only natural, he's just getting off coke." "A return to sober reality awaits." But what if it's THEY, and their 'sober realities,' that are about to crash? What if it's THEIR vanilla life of conformity, endless laws, bogus-choice DemoPublican government, one-chick families, and media hypocrisy that are the memes that are not sustainable?

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees you and I the right to free speech.

As a plank in the tradition of freedom cum liberty, we, as Americans, may disagree, or even detest each other's speech on occasion -- BUT we must not only tolerate it, we must LEARN from it. How arrogant, how condescending, to JUST "tolerate" another being, as if we -- YOU or I -- had all the answers to the universe and we were just "tolerating" others. Fuck tolerant people, as Charlie might say.

By the same token, we may detest another's life-style, but we must tolerate such AND do our honest best to learn from them. After all, isn't this the concept of federalism at its highest focus? The idea that every state is an experiment in the free market of ideas and the best state will prevail. Why cannot this same principle apply to individuals and the STATE of individual lives? This is what individualism is all about. This is what freedom, in the fullest sense, is all about and what the Libertarian view is all about.

And if this means that someone wants to take "illegal" drugs, screw three different women every night and watch Fox News: they have a right to do exactly this. No government, government-licensed network, religion-challenged husband/wife or society has the right to stop them.

People have a right to do stupid and life-stunting things. People have a right to hurt and be hurt. People have a right to kill and be killed. Welcome to the quantum universe, where "civilized" ideas to the contrary DON'T always work.

If Charlie's drug-use, or withdrawal "mania" is going to truncate his life, then he will die and be less likely to reproduce. This is a good thing, because it means that natural selection is doing its thing: weeding out people that do stupid and unwise things. As a result of this SOBERING process, civilization will grow stronger in the long run. But when society -- influenced by government-force, do-gooder religion and/or crippling memes -- steps in to adjudicate HOW individuals should conduct their lives, it does nothing more than preempt responsibility from the INDIVIDUAL and relegate it to the STATE or some GOD, if any. As society -- in the name of Aquinas and Big Pharma psychiatrists -- intervenes to "protect" the public from bad and dangerous "behavior," it CAUSES more and more bad and dangerous behavior by its very acts. In other words: governments, nuns, Marxist philosophers, unions, environmentalists, policemen, legislators, judges, UNs, fiat-bankers, mad mothers and jealous wives are all BAD for civilization. They are bad for civilization when they attempt to override personal LIBERTY -- FREEDOM tempered with PERSONAL responsibility that comes, not "learned" from PUNISHMENT, but empiricism and God-given, a priori knowledge.

In short, we have become a society of short-term, idiots, influenced by the fallacies of Comte, Marx and Rousseau.

We sit in ignorant judgment of Libertarian freedom and values. We close the door on real freedom and advancement. The so-called progressive agenda is a fraud because it over-relies on the "protection" of big-government and the nanny state. The so-called conservative agenda is also a fraud because it over-relies on the "traditional values" of Western Civilization and the cult of Judeo-Christian collectivism.

Only the libertarian-conservative vision provides the proper balance, the "golden mean" as Aristotle might say. Here is a balance which respects tradition yet demands, not merely tolerates, change. Here is the ultimate test of microcosmic federalism: a federalism of the individual, not just the state. In such a system, the Charlie Sheens of the world would be free to compete with both progressives and conservatives, the anti-Sheens of the world. Let the best, most viable life-style win. That's what Charlie wants: "I want to win. I will win. I like to win." This is competition at its best. Charlie Sheen represents free-market competition at its best. And if he doesn't, he too will fade away. No need for government force or religion's hell-fires.

Hey, maybe he will win, maybe he will burn out -- as the network pundits and shrinks taut -- but the important thing is: all of us will grow stronger from Charlie Sheen 101. Charlie's confrontation of Life and challenge of the "norms" teaches us a little more about the quantum universe in which we are quarantined. A universe where baryonic matter comprises less than 4%; where particles appear out of no where and disappear just as quickly; a universe where time and space are only "real" to physics-challenged psychiatrists, pundits, network execs, bitch-wives, banksters, lawyers and corporate fascist-sponsored congressmen. Who is it that's really more ignorant of REALITY: Charlie or these abortions of nature?

Whoever, this lesson should be available for all to accept or reject. Sure, protect the children, don't kill or hurt anyone and educate about the dangers of drugs, but what if people, as a result of true freedom to choose, evolve to a state whereby they CAN actually get higher on Life than on drugs, government and religion? What if the very reason people USE drugs -- to get sex and numb-out opposite sex rejection and religious guilt -- is removed from society altogether? What if religion is wrong: sex is NOT dirty or bad. What if no one feels compelled to drink alcohol or snort coke in order to numb-out religious and societal moralizations? What if sex is good, and even healthy? What if a short cocaine-assisted life were better, at least more fun, than a long, drawn-out life of sitting home with the wife and kids watching Charlie Sheen on TV until you die of an envy-induced brain seizure? What if God gave humankind SEX so that it didn't need DRUGS: hence governments or religions to mop up after the billions of addicts plastered all over the planet have had their chaotic ways? Think of all the wars that have been started by hung-over rulers with mass weapons.

What if sex is the only NATURAL drug in the Universe -- and Charlie Sheen has stumbled upon it? Wouldn't you feel really STUPID? Would you ever listen to your local shrink or network TV pundit again?

What if Charlie Sheen is evolving a new meme: do what the fuck you want and screw the Establishment's antiquated morals; let the best life-style win, party and multiply. In otherwords, in a world of accelerating returns (due to technology) is HISTORY any teacher? Are we doomed to repeat the past, or is that meme horse?

In summary: all of this Sheenic freedom flies in the face of the religion straight-jacketed, politically-correct, money-grubbing mainstream media that requires minimum-wage conformists and "legally" drugged consumers to keep the CFR-slaver and globalized banking ponzi "working."

In Charlie Sheen, we have an example of total freedom flying in the face of a putrefied American Dream. Many older Americans, and BabyBoomers, CLAIM they want freedom and individual responsibility, but in reality they no longer have ANY idea what the words even mean. They have sold out. They have become slaves to their lives. They have become stultified by their 50-inch, network-spewing TVs, pharmaceutical, life-sapping drugs, anti-constitutional politicians and atheist gay clergies. Yes, the world is a very unreal place these days -- thank God, if any, we have Charlie Sheen to lead us out.

(1) And of course Charlie's two Goddesses would never be with him if he weren't rich and famous as American women are notoriously divided into exactly two camps: whores that will fuck anyone for money and/or fame; and mother/wife-types that are too scared by their religion and societal up-bringing to fuck anyone!

Orginated: 05 March 2011
Revised & Supplemented: 10 March 2011

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