Hollywood Watchdogs Bite Mel's Butt
by James Jaeger

Are any of us really surprised that Hollywood-apologist watchdogs, such as Harvey Levin (In the Zone) and Abe Foxman (anti-Defamation League, a.k.a. the ADL) have been hoping and praying that, since THE PASSION, Mel Gibson would sometime commit even the tiniest transgression so they could pounce on him with the full force of the media?

Even though there is no excuse for driving under the influence, nor verbally abusing a police officer, Mel Gibson has every right to feel the way he feels about Jews. No one in this world is automatically entitled to being admired, respected, trusted and/or loved by mere reason of existing. Admiration, respect, trust and love are earned. By the same token -- just as a person has the right to admire, respect, trust and/or love -- they also have the right to disdain, disrespect, fear and/or hate if given cause. This applies to Jews, as well as any other person, ethnic group, company, nation or religion. By saying this I am not advocating anyone has the right to make war on a person, ethnic group, company, nation or religion because they disdain, disrespect, fear and/or hate them. I am simply saying that all people have the right to feel as they do about others. They also have the right to express those feelings under the freedom of speech doctrine without fear of reprisal from government, employers or an industry dominated by people that have different opinions.

If Mel Gibson disdains, disrespects, fears and/or hates Jews: that's his right. If you're the owner of a private company, an you don't like this, you don't have to hire him. But the MPAA studio/distributors are NOT private companies. They are public companies, owned by thousands of diverse people across the U.S. and world. The fact that these publicly-owned studios are dominated by liberal, secular, Jewish males of European heritage in a significant percentage of the top executive posts, does not give them the right to reprimand or punish Mel Gibson for exercising his right to express his private feelings about Jews or any other subject. Thus, any action to blackball Mel Gibson from employment with Hollywood studios is an abuse of power because it cannot be a prerequisite that one not be anti-Semitic in order to work in a public corporation. Put bluntly: anti-Semites have a right to work in Hollywood studios as much as anti-Muslims, anti-Christians and even anti-Scientologists. Executives in publicly-held Hollywood studios cannot discriminate because they disagree with someone's feelings or opinions, or even because that person is a bigot. I do not condone bigotry, but even bigots must be tolerated for to not tolerate a bigot, MAKES one a bigot, ipso facto.

Thus Mel Gibson should NOT feel he has to make any apologies about his private feelings or comments in connection with Jews. Instead, what he might consider doing is explaining WHY he feels as he does. Such explanation could be given in the true spirit of seeking to reach a better understanding and acceptance of Jews. If Mel were to lead the way in explaining why he may disdain, disrespect, fear and/or hate Jews, Jews could then explain why they may disdain, disrespect, fear and/or hate Mel (and/or his movies or that which they view he represents). The goal should be an honest dialog where any differences and/or animosity could be vented in a civilized manner. If both carefully LISTENED to the other's comments and complaints, perhaps both could modify their behaviors to some acceptable standard. In this event, I see no reason admiration, respect, trust and/or love could not be engendered. If Mel Gibson were to do this and Jewish leaders (both inside Hollywood and in the larger Jewish community) were to do this, I believe they could set a healthy example of how human beings can work together to iron out their differences. Who knows, such a dialog could establish a model by which peace might more easily be reached in the Middle East.

Those that finance, manage, supply or fight any war, for any country or group, directly or indirectly, are guilty of doing violence to people, ethnic groups, companies, nations and religions because they have allowed their disdain, disrespect, fear and/or hate to override their sense of judgment and rational behavior. In short, any meat-head can start or fight a war; it takes real genius and rational action to avoid and stop wars. Thus it is unwise for the studios and Hollywood apologists to use, or seek to use, Mel's personal and private comments to exact revenge on him for producing THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. By taking Mel's alleged comments public, they are themselves potentially inciting meat-head hatred towards the Jews at this most critical time when conflict in the Middle East is in high boil. Again, now is not the time for the MPAA studio executives, and other Jewish-dominated media, agencies and/or apologist organizations, to seek revenge on Mel Gibson. Now is not the time for them to attempt to satisfy their disdain, disrespect, fear and/or hatred for Mel Gibson.

Executives, major talents and opinion leaders who work in Hollywood, as well as the mass media (no matter what their ethnic background or religious beliefs) have a grave responsibility to leave the global movie-going public with a sense of well-being and a preponderant feeling that the future holds promise. Maybe film executives and filmmakers don't feel this in their hearts, but I believe they are capable changing this feeling by seeking out what's good about civilization. By more often asking the question -- how is the glass half full? -- this could be accomplished. Unfortunately, the past four decades I have worked in the film industry, I have witnessed the Hollywood Establishment and mainstream media depicting and postulating a future of chaos and doom, respectively. In movie themes, there has been far too much violence, hatred, pessimism, disrespect and hopelessness. I once made the comment: 'what can you expect from executives that green-light multi-million dollar movies when many of them, or their families, lived through, or were killed in the Holocaust.' This may be an insensitive comment, but none the less I still feel it's true. If Hollywood is over-represented by Jews, it's only natural that they will want to tell stories that are real to them, and unfortunately this reality contains a lot of violence and hate, violence and hate that has been done to them. But I call on Jewish studio executives to rise above this. Curtail movies that continually dramatize experiences with violence and hate, for this just breeds more of the same, including more violence and hate towards Jews.

To the degree the movie-going global public is perpetually exposed to violence and hate, it becomes apathetic to solutions for reducing it. In this way the world becomes increasingly tolerant of a chaotic and disorderly culture. If it is true that Hollywood studios are dominated by secular, liberal Jews -- many of them dramatizing violence and hate done to them, or their families -- then it is true that they are probably responsible for propagating violence and hate to the world through the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture industry and the mass media. Just as Jihad crusaders train their youth to hate Jews, are not the Hollywood Jews training OUR youth to hate Arabs? In the cartoon, POPEYE, who is Popeye always fighting? Arabs. Who is so often depicted in Hollywood movies as the bad guys? Arabs. Muslims. People with dark skin. So, while we Americans sit back and judge the indoctrination practices taking place in the Arab world, are we not guilty of doing exactly the same thing by allowing the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture industry to imbue our children with attitudes of violence and hate towards people that we should have no quarrel with? By allowing the movie industry and media to continuously indoctrinate Americans with the hatred Jews seem to feel towards Arabs and Muslims, we have become biased against Arabs and this bias is creating enemies for us where once there were only peaceful, friendly desert tribes that gave us endless amounts of inexpensive oil.

Behind any conflict, there is always an undisclosed third party (i.e., person, group, country or other entity) actively promoting that conflict. Given the above is true, the conflict that is brewing between so-called (fundamentalist) American Christians and so-called (radical) Arab Muslims is being actively promoted by Jewish executives that dominate the MPAA studio/distributors. If movies green-lit for production by these power brokers constantly depict Arabs as the bad guys, they may very well be the undisclosed third party that is causing conflicts were there once were none. Because the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture industry is dominated by Jewish ideals and politics, the American electorate may have allowed Bush II to take us to war against Arab states and Arab people without due cause. After all, movies have taught us to believe that Arabs are the bad guys from childhood.

In physics, ENTROPY is a measure of disorder. All systems, whether they be a company, an industry, a nation, world or person tend towards greater entropy. Everything in the universe tends towards greater entropy, greater disorder. Greater chaos. This is the "natural" state of any system, simple or complex and it's why things seem to always need repair and maintenance. Why things rust, break down. Only prudently allocated energy, in other words, rational intelligence, can reverse the universal tendency of entropy. Humans, by their very nature, are capable of reversing entropy. Maybe not for the universe as a whole, but in their local domains. Since Filmmakers are humans, they need to get to work and stop allowing those with violence and hate in their blood and memories to influence them, or employ them. They need to stop making movies that allow entropy to proceed at an accelerated pace.

Unfortunately there are people in the world that DO hate. This hate is real. Often this hate has been caused by war. Wars kill loved ones. How can one not hate that person or that country that killed their loved one? It goes on and on -- sometimes for hundreds or thousands of years. There is evidence for the thesis that all wars are but a continuation of the same original war. The haters bred by these wars have valid reasons to hate -- from their perspective -- so to simply not-is their hate or make them wrong for how they feel is totally unworkable. They hate for a reason, a reason they have justified in their minds. Nothing can change this -- but open communication CAN de-intensify it. Hate can thus be reduced by granting people the freedom to express their emotions and allowing them the opportunity to get off "charge" without judgment or retaliation. If they are not allowed the opportunity to do this, often times this hatred will express itself in violence or war. It's high time all people acknowledge the fact that each of us hates someone or some thing. If you didn't hate someone or some thing you wouldn't be here on Earth. This hatred is real, but there are real solutions for discharging it. Theses solutions involve honest and intense communication and/or counseling. If Mel Gibson has a hatred of Jews, he should not be hung out on a cross, punished or criticized -- for those that do this cannot then claim they are free from hatred as well. The solution is for Hollywood leaders to sit down and communicate their feelings to each other. If Hollywood Jews have a hatred of Mel Gibson (or what he represents), they should sit down and communicate this to Mel and no one should judge or punish them but accept the fact that their feelings are real to them and caused by some real event. It is folly to believe that those who are hated do not also harbor hatred for the haters. It's a psycho, vicious circle of entropy-accelerating emotion.

According to an MSNBC news report interviewing Harvey Levin on 31 July 2006, the ADL is calling on Hollywood to "distance" themselves from Mel Gibson. Excuse me? Is this the same ADL that represents Jews in general? So Jews in general are poking their nose into Hollywood business as if they have some sort of divine right to dictate WHO the publicly-owned studios should do business with. This is not okay, because to the degree Jews in general (i.e., non-Hollywood Jews) allow their representative organizations to dictate Hollywood studio policies, they commingle themselves with Hollywood's liabilities to the nation and World as above discussed. Such liabilities center in part around the questions: "Is Hollywood controlled by Jews?" OR "Do Jews control Hollywood?" - two entirely DIFFERENT questions, the answer of which is: No, Jews do NOT control Hollywood BUT, Hollywood IS controlled by Jews. Nevertheless, to the degree Jews (in general) allow organizations that represent them in general (such as the ADL) to influence or dictate Hollywood studio hiring policies, the later statement becomes equivalent to the former, and vice versa.

If Jews in general thus take an active role in interpreting and influencing the activities of the Hollywood-based U.S. motion industry's seven major studios (the MPAA studio/distributors), then Jews in general will have to take greater responsibilities for the unethical, predatory, discriminatory and often illegal actions of the studios -- just as Christians in general will have to take greater responsibilities for the unethical, unwise and illegal activities of the Bush Administration in perpetrating, not only the War in Iraq, but the chaos this is now creating in the Middle East. In a way, Americans deserve what they get for watching so many indoctrinating movies and allowing their kids to be babysat by so many TVs with negative covert messages.

The U.S. Empire in many ways sets the political, economic and cultural standards for the world. The world looks to us for security, guidance and peace, but most of all it looks to us for a hopeful, optimistic, can-do attitude. The Hollywood-based, U.S. motion picture industry and its echo media, should remember this. Hope is given by acting ethically, maturely and responsibly both in GOVERNMENT and in the MOVIES. I dare say the movies are as, or more powerful, than the government. Years of time spent in top government brought Al Gore no closer to an address of Global Warming than his one quick film project, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, now out. This one-year movie project has caused Congress to start a series of serious hearings on Global Warming (now called Climate Change) more quickly than 8-years in government. Thus, MOVIES probably are more powerful than GOVERNMENTS.

If movies are more powerful than governments: those that control or dominate the movies need to really have their act together. They need to be informed, fair, positive, diverse, caring, concerned, efficient, speedy and effective. Not monolithic and paranoid, like the current Hollywood Establishment. And just because they ARE powerful they should not dominate the conversation, whether in America or the World. Arabs/Muslims around the world do NOT like listening endlessly to Jews/Zionists in the media giving "fair and balanced" reports to the American public on issues concerning THEM, avowed "enemies." This is a serious conflict of interest and a source of frustration to Arabs and Muslins. Americans also deserve to get the balanced truth about what's happening in the world from sources that are truly diversified -- not sources dominated by Jewish/Zionist apologists.

Accordingly, the U.S. government, dominated by conservative Christians at this time, has no right to impose its values on Hollywood, America or the World. This means it has no right, or mandate, to impose "freedom" or "democracy" on any other country in the world, including Iraq. It also has no right to ask others to disarm unless IT disarms pro rata. It has no right to ask terrorists to stop with THEIR terrorism of innocent men, women and children until and unless it at least apologizes to people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima for ITS terrorism in dropping atomic bombs on hundreds of thousands of THEIR innocent men, women and children. In order to elect appropriate government officials, people must have a free, diverse and unbiased media and film industry. Such an industry will lead to a free, diverse and unbiased government, thus issues and problems facing society can be routinely aired, accurately debated and rationally resolved without sudden blow ups - sudden blow ups like the current war between Israel and Hezballah. How can the American People properly evaluate this situation, a war essentially between Jews and Arabs, when they have been indoctrinated by a media dominated by Jews for 90-some years? They can't. Thus we should get out of the Middle East, stop providing Israel with foreign aid and stop buying oil from Arabs.

The current issue with Mel Gibson and the Hollywood Establishment's mission to brand him anti-Semitic and thus "justify" a policy of "distancing" themselves from him is another sudden blow up. Blackballing and discrimination have been going on in Hollywood for many decades. The anti-Semitic Sword has also been used by Hollywood apologists for many decades to consolidate power into the hands of a narrowly defined control group and to thwart even legitimate inquiry into Jewish dominance of the industry. Again, these activities have caused the news and entertainment industries to be seriously biased. This bias inhibits the free flow of information to the public and distorts government policies. Government policies are often distorted because candidates and elected officials are often afraid of crossing the media because they depend on it to get and stay in office. Thus our elected officials play along with the Jewish control group's view of reality, even to the point of attempting to suppress Christian messages, such as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and now Mel Gibson for expressing his personal views. Who can blame Mel Gibson for disdaining, or even hating Jews, when certain Hollywood Jews worked so hard to suppress and invalidate his movie and religion?

John Cones and I, at the Film Industry Reform Movement (http://www.homevideo.net/FIRM), have worked for many years to point out how and why the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture, arguably the most powerful communications channel yet devised, should not be dominated by ANY narrowly definable demographic. We are not targeting Jews. Were Hollywood dominated by any other (ethnic) group, our argument would stand firm. In the on-going saga of Mel Gibson and his film project, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, one can see a microcosm of what has been going on in Hollywood for 90-some years: a few get to tell their stories, most do not. At some point the American people, filmmakers and movie-goers that patronize the major studio/distributors need to put a leash on Hollywood, as well as its insipid watchdogs.

01 August 2006

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