Why the Mainstream Media Promotes Them

by James Jaeger

Before I address exactly what a "bird-brain" is, and how they are effectively utilized by the Mainstream Media, I want to go over the facts as to exactly what the Mainstream Media is.

The most significant fact to remember about the Mainstream Media is that it is ultimately 6 corporations that control 90% of the information delivered to Americans. The ostensible "diversification" we see all around us in the media is thus only an illusion created by corporate lawyers and crafty social engineers.

What this comes down to is the fact that -- due to deregulation of the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC) and an orgy of mergers the past several decades -- we no longer have a "free press" in America. We have what could be termed, an INFORMATION CARTEL.

This cartel is similar to the BANKING CARTEL we suffer under and know as the Federal Reserve System, and the price-jacking OIL CARTEL we know as OPEC. The action of all cartels is to increase profits by consolidating resources and money into fewer and fewer hands.

Today, wealthy corporations -- often owned by wealthy individuals -- dominate almost every word, image and thought that goes into the brains of American Citizens. Given this level of control, is it any wonder American democracy itself has been consolidated into fewer and fewer hands? Is it any wonder we are being moved away from a Constitutional Republic and consolidated into a cultural Marxist-infested, totalitarian, surveillance state?

WHY is this happening?

In 1983, roughly 50 companies owned the Mainstream Media. Today, 2014, the following 6 corporations own, directly or indirectly, 90 percent of the Mainstream Media:


These could be termed the "Big 6" and they own most of the other familiar companies you are aware of. For instance, COMCAST owns NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features. NEWS CORP owns Fox News, Wall Street Journal, the New York Post. DISNEY owns ABC, ESPN, Miramax and Marvel Studios. VIACOM owns Paramount Pictures, MTV, BET, CMT. TIME-WARNER owns CNN, Warner Bros., HBO, Time magazine. CBS owns Showtime, 60 Minutes, Smithsonian Channel.

But it doesn't stop there. The Big 6, and the familiar companies they own, also PARTIALLY own and control yet many, many additional companies and media outlets consisting of TV and radio stations, movie companies, newspapers, and websites -- what can be termed collectively, the "Mainstream Media".

Even though the Big 6 are the top corporate owners and controllers, they effectuate and obfuscate, their ownership of an exorbitant number of media outlets by hiring corporate lawyers to set up endless subsidiaries and "legal entities". These legal entities usually have some sort of voting stock that's owned by the Big 6 and the exact ownership-chain is often obfuscated through mechanisms known as "nominees" and "street stock," stock held in brokers' or attorneys' names.

What the layperson often does not understand is that a person or entity does NOT have to own 51% of the voting stock of some entity to control it. All they need to own, especially in the case of large public corporations, is 4% or 5% of the common stock.

To get an idea how the obfuscation works, let's take a look at a popular TV show that enjoys vast, unfettered access to the presentation and revision of our nation's history. Formerly known as The History Channel, HISTORY and HISTORY 2, are owned by the Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E Network). A&E Network however is owned by a joint venture between the Hearst Corporation and the Disney-ABC Television Group. Disney-ABC Television Group is a wholly-owned division of The Walt Disney Company, what we refer to above as simply DISNEY, one of the Big 6.

But who owns the Hearst Corporation, again, one of the entities that owns the A&E Network? The Hearst Corporation goes back to William Randolph Hearst, the original owner and original newspaper monopolist that Orson Wells portrayed as Citizen Kane in his classic motion picture, CITIZEN KANE. The Hearst Corporation is still beneficially owned by members of the Hearst family -- just as News Corporation is beneficially owned by Rupert Murdoch and members of the Murdoch family.

Among the holdings of the Hearst Corporation are 15 daily newspapers and 36 weekly newspapers. This entity also owns more than 300 magazines, including Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Elle, and even Oprah Winfry's, O Magazine. The Hearst empire, via yet another entity known as Hearst Television, Inc., also dominates 29 television stations which blanket 18% of American voters. This should give you an idea how vast and seemingly diversified these media entities are, and Hearst Corporation isn't even considered one of the Big 6 today.

But bear in mind, Orson Wells never made another movie in Hollywood after he made CITIZEN KANE, an embarrassment to William Randolph Hearst. The Hearst Corporation -- which back then was in a similar position as any one of the Big 6 Media corporations of today-- blackballed Orson Wells so badly he ended his life making little more than TV commercials for a winery. The one last feature he did manage to make, entitled THE SECRET OF NIKOLA TESLA, was financed and produced abroad. It is significant to note that Orson undoubtedly felt a kinship with Nikola Tesla, for when Tesla irritated J. P. Morgan, a financial magnate on par with W. R. Hearst, he was blackballed on Wall Street and he too died a diminished pauper.

So, the point is this: people with money and who own large media and financial machines can do great damage, not only to individuals, but to Society in general. People with money, via their media corporations, can promote or invalidate any idea, ideology, product or system they want. In other words:


When such reality extends into the political realm and is controlled by wealthy individuals the form of government that usually results is known as "plutocracy" -- government by a wealthy elite. Today, we live in a plutocracy. We no longer live in a republic, or even a democracy. Wealthy individuals -- through the various entities their government-manufactured lawyers create -- determine the vote, hence the constitution of Congress and the "laws" that each Congress drafts and passes.

But exactly HOW do they do this, determine the vote and laws?

The Big 6 -- along with their plethora of obfuscating subsidiaries, joint ventures, partnerships, trusts and foundations, as we stated above, is an INFORMATION CARTEL known as the Mainstream Media. This cartel is not an independent voice reflecting the ideas and will of WE THE PEOPLE. It's become a propaganda tool of elites and their cronies in government, even people in the FCC. The CARTEL dominates, if not controls, what 314 million American citizens -- about 210 million registered voters -- think, say and do. Again, this information cartel, controlled by a plutocracy, has been able to literally purchase Congress AND keep WE THE PEOPLE in an unquestioning, STUPOR. Here's why.

Have you ever wondered why it takes so much money to run for political office such as Congress or the Presidency? Why does it now take a BILLION DOLLARS to run for President? Where does all this money, CAMPAIGN money go?

Most of it goes to pay for ridiculously over-priced TV commercials ("TV Spots") exacted by the Big 6 media monopoly. Remember, this is what cartels do: they monopolize money and resources and then extort ridiculously high prices out of everyone else. And the Big 6 not only do this directly, they do it via their endless subsidiaries and other entities. These, the Mainstream Media, sell 90% of the TV Spots used to get candidates known and elected and they demand 90% of the cash-flow. These six companies thus -- directly and via their corporate Diaspora of controlled entities -- get to SPEAK to 90% of the American Voters as a result of nothing more than MONEY.(2) In other words, roughly 230 media executives in the Mainstream Media develop, mould and produce TV Spots that will influence the thinking of as many as 210 million registered voters.

And the money machine is huge. In 2010 revenue collected by the Big 6 was $276 billion. In the election year of 2016, this revenue is estimated to exceed $300 billion.(1) Now, stop and think for a moment. $300,000,000,000 is collected by six Big Media Corporations. These 6 corporations collect this money by selling TV commercials to people who want to be in political office. Thus the 300 billion dollars worth of TV commercials is endlessly and constantly peppered over the 210 million voters in the United States. The peppering going on for years and as it does, the 230 media executives enjoy the lion's share of this cash flow every year through salaries and capital gains. In other words, they and their media corporations are endlessly enriched by THE DEATH GRIP THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT HAVE ON EACH OTHER.

Was this the plan of the Founders?

After American Voters have heard the name of some political candidate enough times, such candidate becomes the "front runner" and is usually elected for office. It has nothing to do with merit or qualifications. It's just about indoctrination and planting puppets into the government that will serve the wishes of the plutocracy.

Thus when the next candidate gets into office he or she is expected to originate and pass "laws" that favor his political donors. These donors are wealthy individuals, PACs, Super PACs, and Big 6 media corporations, and subsidiaries, that DEFER and/or DONATE the cost of TV Spots. This is hardly democracy, because WE THE PEOPLE have been essentially taken out of the loop.

Thus, the Mainstream Media -- owned and controlled by the Big 6 -- is duplicitous in the process of undermining democracy AND participating in unjust enrichment.

Once one fully comes to terms with the relationship between . . .


. . . it's easy to see why the Mainstream Media ONLY grants platform to BIRD-BRAINS.

What is a BIRD-BRAIN? A bird-brain is a pundit, candidate or person that dilutes the national political debate with disinformation and/or trivia. Case in point:

Bird-brain, Sarah Palin, went on FOX NEWS -- one of the Big 6 news outlets -- the morning of 12 April 2014 and stated that the First Amendment is the most important Amendment, even more important than the Second Amendment because 'if we can't talk about it, none of the other Amendments matter.'

Palin is on Mainstream TV so that she can make American Voters think that if Citizen A fires words at tyranny and Citizen B fires bullets at tyranny, the WORDS will prevail over BULLETS!(3)

It's this kind of broken-down-think the Mainstream Media endlessly parades over the networks owned and operated by the Big 6. Forget about having a true expert, like Edwin Vieira, Jr. (with four degrees from Harvard, including his JD specializing in the U.S. Constitution) on one of the Big 6's network. Even though Dr. Vieira is an expert orders of magnitude more qualified to discuss the relative importance of Amendments in the Bill of Rights and especially the Second Amendment, the Big 6, and their cohort of Mainstream Media outlets make sure his views are NEVER heard and the views of Bird-Brains and partisans are heard INCESSANTLY.(4) This strategy serves to confuse and stupefy the American Voter. Such Voters will then vote for the candidates the Big 6 -- in cooperation with rogues in Washington DC, the CFR and the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex -- want in power. The people these entities want in power are the people that will forward THEIR globalist, one-world-government agenda -- NOT the agenda of WE THE PEOPLE. In other words:



Concerned, non-BirdBrain Citizens need to start demanding more qualified pundits in the media or they should petition their Congressmen to demand that the FCC revoke broadcast licenses from the Big 6 and their endless other entities. Under FCC law, the public airwaves are supposed to serve the public good, NOT vested corporate or political interests.

The current system is in violation of FCC regulations to serve the public good AND it's in violation of Sherman Anti-trust Laws that make monopolies illegal. Since the Mainstream Media speaks with essentially one voice, it is essentially ONE BIG MONOPOLY -- no matter how cleverly hidden by the $500 per-hour, corporate lawyers and all their "entity" machinations. A Big 6 of corporations is at the very least an oligopoly HEADED into monopoly.

The current system -- which says that corporations are people and votes are speech -- fails to give equal platform to appropriate experts and ALL political views. The current System relies on bird-brains to stupefy the American People. Were the American People NOT stupefied they would instantly realize that their voice is necessary to the operation of a democracy. They would realized that media corporations are NOT people and they NOT entitled to help people get elected my means of advertising dollars and kick-back legislation that passes "laws" inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution.


(2) And where has this money that has unjustly enriched the Plutocracy come from? Most of it has come from fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. Fiat currency is the wanton printing of paper "bills of credit" and passing them off as legal money and fractional reserve banking is the practice of stealing of money through mathematical fraud, both practices now "institutionalized" and made "legal" by the banking cartel that began purchasing Congress in 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was formed.

(3) To get an idea how ridiculous Sara Palin's statements on FOX NEWS were, and to get the correct prioritization of the Second Amendment with respect to the First and the Fourth, see MOLON LABE at

(4) Comcast CEO and president Brian Roberts is Obama's golf buddy. He's donated thousands to Obama, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and numerous high-profile Democrats, including Steny Hoyer. Roberts is also an Obama fundraiser to the tune of $2 million and has visited the White House 14 times since 2010. The Comcast Foundation has funneled more than $3 billion -- with a "b" -- to Hispanic, black and Asian groups that make up the Democrat's primary voting bloc. Continetti also points out that the primary contribution Comcast has made to Democrats has been through its ownership of NBC and NBC News. NBC's entertainment programming obviously skews left, and has always been ready to promote things like the Left's green campaigns. What NBC News and MSNBC have done for Democrats and Obama, though, is incalculable. Imagine a fully-staffed news team and network solely devoted to protecting your party, your agenda, and attacking your opponents. If that isn't enough, the company Comcast wants to merge with, Time Warner, has been greasing the palms of Democrats like Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry to the tune of millions. Source

Originated: 12 April 2014
Supplemented: 15 April 2014

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