How Rachel Maddow Backed Rand Paul into a Corner
by James Jaeger

The Daily Bell's article is spot on. The power elite's attack dogs have dredged up their usual cry of bigotry (or anti-Semitism) in order to discredit Rand Paul in the hope that his father, Ron Paul's, free-market, semi-libertarian message will be damaged, a message probably shared by Rand.

The issue Rand was addressing with Rachel Maddow -- private property rights in light of the Civil Rights Act -- must NOT be led by the Marxist-mentality that infests the mainstream media and Hollywood.(1) Where Rand made his mistake while debating Maddow was allowing her to back him into the "bigot's corner" with questions to the effect of: 'Does the government have the right to prevent a private restaurant from discriminating?' While the philosophic answer to this question is NO, such an answer comes off as self-incriminating in this Frankfurt School-generated, politically correct environment.

What Rand SHOULD have said to Maddow in response was the following: "Discrimination should not be tolerated, however it is not the government's role, under the U.S. Constitution, to police discrimination or to dictate how citizens may use their private property. It is the role of the CHURCH and the FAMILY to police and discourage discrimination, NOT the government." Had Rand stated this to Maddow, he would have re-framed the debate to a more proper philosophic context and eliminated her ability to back him into the bigot's corner.

The senior philosophic fact is -- during the progressive era that we are all trapped in -- the state is desperately attempting to justify its existence and expansion. It does this by assuming roles that are not constitutional and by attempting to preempt the roles of the individual, the family unit, the church and private industry.(2) Under the Constitution, the state has no business telling a private restaurant owner how he can use his property. If the owner of a restaurant is a bigot, Society has to tolerate such in the same way it has to tolerate "hate speech" in order to preserve the right to "all speech," including the very "hate speech" media pundit, Rachel Maddow, relied on to unjustly attack Rand Paul. Unless they want to be labeled hypocrites, media pundits that insist government has the right to infringe your property rights are implying government also has the right to infringe your free speech rights, including their media-speech rights. To many/some Americans, having a Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann on their TV is just as offensive as having a Black or Jew in their restaurant. But again, it is NOT the government's role to temper this intolerance -- it's the role of the Church and the Family.

(1) See the FILM INDUSTRY REFORM MOVEMENT at to get a better understanding of how the mainstream media and Hollywood machinate in order to maintain power and dominate the debates and issues.

(2) For more information on this subject, see the documentary film, ORIGINAL INTENT, featuring Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan and Ted Baehr. DVD available at and full movie available for free at and

23 May 2010

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