Parallels Between
by James Jaeger

According to a documentary entitled, HOUSE OF CARDS, as well as numerous media reports, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) was repeatedly warned about the "red flags" in connection with Bernie Madoff's operations. Though warned, the SEC did nothing, consequently the Ponzi grew into the tens of billions and many were hurt.

For the world at large, the SECs inaction is probably a total mystery. Why would the SEC refuse to investigate and/or criticize a nice Jewish boy like Bernie Madoff, especially when he managed and had the total confidence of hundreds of equally respectable Jewish clients, among which even numbered a God of Hollywood, Steven Spielberg?

For the people who have been watching and/or actively involved with the FILM INDUSTRY REFORM MOVEMENT (FIRM) the past 10 years, the SEC's inaction is probably NO mystery at all. It boils down to one sentence: If you criticize Jews, you are branded anti-Semitic. And since no one at the SEC was "stupid enough" (or courageous enough) to criticize a Jewish money manager, especially one that had the golden seal of approval from so many in the Jewish community AND the Hollywood community, Bernie Madoff was able to continue, unfettered, with his unethical, predatory and illegal business practices for decades.

Unfortunately the Bernie Madoff situation is much the same as the situation in the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture industry. Like vigilant analysts who warned the SEC of the "red flags," entertainment securities attorney, John W. Cones, has been warning people in general about the unethical, predatory and illegal business practices of the MPAA studio/distributors for decades. But, since the major studios are dominated by "politically liberal, not very religious Jewish males of European heritage" -- and Cones correctly points this out -- no one is paying attention to THESE potential "Bernie Madoffs." Instead, John Cones (and anyone who is "stupid enough" to support his research) is branded anti-Semitic for his legitimate observations and reports on the Hollywood-based MPAA studio-distributors.

Certainly Bernie Madoff did not commit the crimes alleged BECAUSE he is Jewish any more than any of the studios executives engage in unethical, predatory and/or illegal activities because THEY are predominantly Jewish. No correlation can be drawn. But, a lesson can be drawn, and that lesson is this: ANYONE can engage in unethical, predatory and illegal business practices: even Jews. Thus, as countless Jewish people (who placed their faith in Madoff, possibly because WAS Jewish), may now be willing to attest, i) it was unwise to have faith in someone simply because he happens to be Jewish; ii) it is unwise to brand someone anti-Semitic simply because they are critical of some specific person who happens to be Jewish and; iii) this is DIFFERENT from being critical of Jews in general, a practice that IS reprehensible and bigoted.

Thus, this lesson should apply to John Cones, and FIRM, just as much as it applies to those who were trying to blow the whistle on Bernie Madoff.

When will non-Jews stop discriminating against Jews and Jews stop discriminating against non-Jews? How many non-Jewish people -- people who were not "members of the club" -- were denied services by Bernie Madoff? How many non-Jewish people -- people who are not "members of the Hollywood club" -- are denied funding or distribution by MPAA studios because they are not Jewish, or because their legitimate constructive criticism is mistaken for anti-Semitism?

In short, use of the anti-Semitic sword by members of the Jewish community -- and apologists of same -- has its liabilities. Like Bernie Madoff and his extensive inner circle of Jewish clients, will the extensive inner circle of Hollywood studio executives, 70 to 80 percent liberal Jewish males, run headlong into some financial catastrophe because of ITS unethical, predatory and often times illegal business practices, practices enumerated in detail at and more generally at

Maybe it's time thoughtful people refuse to allow ethnic groups, especially the Jewish community, to hide misdeeds behind the false and misleading accusation of anti-Semitism and people of all groups, no matter what ethnicity, are treated the same, without prejudice.

04 April 2009

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