How to Live
by James Jaeger

It's possible, if not easy, to live a LEAVE IT TO BEAVER life. Here's how:

1. Find a NON-ALIEN WOMAN you love and marry her. Do this by dating widely, writing down what qualities went RIGHT and what were WRONG after each relationship ends until you ZERO-IN on the correct spouse. (All of you computer-savvy guys/gals out there should understand heuristics.) Then stick it out. No divorce. Marry late (or never) if you are wishy-washy, stupid, overly sex-crazed, druggy or can't apply heuristics. But don't screw-up the kids anymore with DIVORCE -- even if YOUR parents divorced.

2. Don't borrow money from banks if possible. Get loans from family members. Keep the wealth in your family. NEVER allow wealth to enter the banking system. Never ever use a credit card. Use debit cards (checks, cash and pay-pal) only. Never ever borrow money for a consumer good or to eat out, etc. Use equity over debt whenever possible for business, but borrowing for business is okay if the business plan positive cashflows. Rent out a portion of your house to help pay off a mortgage if you must get one. Always use a 30-year fixed rate. Pay down as quick as possible to get the auto-rape mortgage insurance off your back. Watch my movie, FIAT EMPIRE, so you have a better understanding of how gangsters have set up the unconstitutional banking system and how they have been taking advantage of Americans since at least 1913. It's at

3. If you are a Westerner, have at least 3 kids spaced no more than 2 years apart. Don't use corporeal punishment on them unless they are under 4 and do some life-threatening thing, such as throw a fork or sharp, heavy object across the room at their older brother. Then only swat their butt so the physical sensation will restimulate and remind them that they should never do that again. Phase out swatting and spanking as soon as they get old enough to understand words, reason and deadly actions.

4. Don't drink alcohol, smoke pot or use recreational drugs especially past the age of 30 or if you get married and have any kids. Parents that use drugs of any kind are not as gentle, fun-loving and rational as they could be. Drugs make parents (and other humans) wooden, intolerant, overly-serious, inconsistent, critical, egotistical, and anti-social. Avoid drugs, even aspirin and pharmaceutical drugs at all costs. Only take pharmaceuticals and painkillers when it's a definite life-threatening situation and then phase these out as soon as possible after returning to better health. Remember, all drugs interfere with the DNA in every cell in the organism and ultimately CAUSE or accelerate dysfunctionality due to telomere breakdown. See THE IMMORTAL CELL for details. More LEAVE IT TO BEAVER lives are ruined by LEGAL and illegal drugs than you can imagine. Much of the illegal drug trade has been institutionalized by the "legitimate" pharma industry so they can capture this global cash flow and capitalize on the sick and drug-infested remnants of the Sexual Revolution. These people are evil beyond words and if you want to get a good dose of their MO, read, WORLD WITHOUT CANCER. If you are a druggie, get to NARCONON. Narconon, which utilizes drug rehabilitation techniques developed by Ron Hubbard, is the only drug program in the world that actually works without recidivism. Once you are on this program, you will understand why.(1) And BTW, why else do you think the pharma-sponsored mass media incessantly attacks Scientology and its advocates, such as Tom Cruise? Note that Tom Cruise was never attacked, even ONCE, by the mass media until he made the negative comments to Matt Lower about psychiatry and Brook Shield's pharma dependency. Then, "all of a sudden" the follow-the-leader, bird-brain media pundits are all over him. Why is that? If Tom Cruise were such a jerk, why wasn't the media talking about him DECADES ago? It's because there is nothing wrong with Tom Cruise -- unless he voices his opinions about Big Pharma. Sumner Redstone-type bosses have to kiss not only big Big Pharma butt, but AMA and APA butt and if THEY have to kiss such butt, you can be sure they expect their brainless anchormen and blond-bimbo, red-dressed reporters to do same.

5. Support your wife (financially, mentally and spiritually) so she CAN work in the home NOT in business where her efforts aren't usually as valuable, especially in the post-NAFTA industrial world where it's NOT-Made-in-the-USA. Some women (who have bigger brains than breasts) can contribute more to society in the post-NAFTA workplace and I acknowledge this. But this is not the norm -- just as HOMO SEXUALITY is NOT the norm, but an ABERATION -- even if the bankers disagree. Remember, the more "two-income households" out there, the more people will qualify for the Fed-member banksters' loans. These greedy, MONEY-MENTALITY bankers are same KIND that invented banking and fractional reserve banking in the first place. Many of them are anti-traditionalists, and especially anti-Christian tradition thus they are consciously or subconsciously hell-bent on the destruction of the family unit. All of this is part of the plan from the minds of the Frankfurt School, the same ones that invented communism and who now dominate the MPAA studios and mainstream media. Why else would these executives pass on a film project like STALIN'S BACK ROOM.

6. Believe in something higher than yourself and teach this to your kids so when they are alone (or have night terrors) they have something eternal to turn to.

7. Pay off your cars. It's better to drive old cars than having your wife out working for the banking system just so you can drive new cars and impress your neighbors.

8. Never try to keep up with the Jones. If you do this list, you will be light years ahead of the Jones.

9. Avoid (too much) socializing with any antagonistic family members, friends or associates or people that are potential trouble sources. Disconnect from all people and entities that are in any way suppressive of you or your life or goals or selected friends and family.

10. Don't do anything illegal, immoral or unethical. Often ethics are a much higher standard than the legal standard, especially when laws have been made as a result of special interest influence on Congress. When a (large or multinational) corporation influences an election by making campaign contributions in excess of what members of the general population can afford to make, that non-PEOPLE corporate entity usurps power from We the PEOPLE. Thus "laws" made under such circumstances often violate the letter and/or the spirit of the Constitution. Such "laws" that violate the U.S. Consitution or the rights of real, flesh and blood People, are no laws at all, and should be considered null and void by WE THE PEOPLE.

11. Be true to your spouse, kids, friends and associates.

12. Do things as a family whenever possible. Maintain your friendships. As your friends invite you places and have parties, you do the same. Never talk about each other however. Gossip probably destroys as many relationships as drugs. Never tell your friends or family members things "for their own good." Don't attempt to "justify" your lust for gossip in this demented way.

13. Eat right. No dead cows or dead pigs. The beef industry is a disgusting abortion. Don't eat it. Boycott beef and pig-meat. Both are disgusting industries and this type of meat will make you fat and shorten your life inevitably. Plus the drugs and adrenalin in the cows when they die makes humans hostile and hard to get along with. Also eat little or no sugar. Eat no cheese. Drink no milk and avoid all the carbohydrate crap in the corporate grocery stores. Shop only at a TRADER JOE.

14. Consolidate your life so you work close to home. See THE LONG EMERGENCY so you know why you are doing this. Also read ENERGY VICTORY so you know why FLEX-FUEL and PLASMA FUSION are the only solutions to the energy problem.

15. Try to own not rent. Put your money into real assets: real estate, gold, silver, tools, means of production, education, spiritual enlightenment, travel, good food, vitamins.

16. Watch network TV and MPAA/indi features VERY VERY selectively. Read MOVIEGUIDE so you better understand from a psychological POV what and how Hollywood writers, directors, producers and the studio executives who naturally-select them are indoctrinating you into cultural Marxism. Visit the FILM INDUSTRY REFORM MOVEMENT often to keep up to date.

17. Never believe anything on the LIE BOX. Remember the mainstream media is owned by less than 8 multinational corporations and ALL of the material on their networks MUST be friendly to their corporate sponsors, thus it's impossible to get any "news" from this system that is not "grid-locked news." By grid-locked news I mean news that's not actionable by the legal departments of these corporations. Remember, these corps pay out millions of dollars to the networks so their legal departments don't want any news or info floating around out there that has not been fully vetted. This vetting is also known as political correctness, or more accurately, CORPORATE CORRECTNESS. Thus the ONLY "news" you will/can get is news that promotes the expansion of corporate-dominated and global commercialism.

18. Exercise at least three times per week. Walk, run, swim. Stay away from team sports, especially football, the blood sport designed to create meat heads and people that "fit into the system" and drink endless amounts of beer so they can remain stupid and hostile to their wives and children. Football has replaced the gutted gladiator of the Roman Coliseum. Intellectuals and thinkers don't waste their time watching football.

19. Try to maintain good relationships with your siblings and parents even if you justifiably hate them or they justifiably hate you. Eventually you will have to face them in probate unless you set up an IREVOCABLE LIVING TRUST.

20. NEVER ever place your kids into the PUBLIC school system or send them to a so-called Ivy league or state college, such as Harvard or University of California. Home school or private school only. Home schooling is very easy. Use the UNSCHOOLING method of homeschooling as it a SELF-DIRECTED education. There are home school associations out there you can connect up with, such as OPEN CONNECTIONS in Edgemont, Pennsylvania. Your kids will be LIGHTYEARS ahead of the neighborhood kids by the time they are 13 because you, nor the MORON-public school/college sys, will have killed their natural curiosity about the Universe in order to "fit in" with society. If society were NOT dysfunctional, perhaps it would be fine to "fit in," but unfortunately, at this time, this is not the case.

These are some LEAVE IT TO BEAVER tips off the top of my head. I guarantee they will work quite effectively if one actually applies them.

(1) By saying this I am neither advocating or discouraging people from exploring other services or religions of their own choice.

Originalted: 23 July 2008
Modified: 26 June 2010

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