Big Banks Not to be Trusted
by James Jaeger

The current banking industry we have all been exhausted into "accepting" is built on dishonesty. Not only do these people, under the Federal Reserve System, loan out assets (and collect interest on same) that they don't even have in their vaults (fractional reserve) but they create this money out of nothing and "back" it with less than nothing, debt. Thus they have been creating the money supply (Federal Reserve NOTES) out of debt instruments and, in essence, enslaving the population through a very subtle form of taxation known as "inflation." Why do I use the term "enslaving?" Because the inflation created by the banking system has subjected the population to a slow energy-drain since 1913 and this energy-drain is cumulative and compounding. Inflation is a compounding phenomena just as interest-bearing savings is a compounding phenomena -- only COMPOUND INFLATION accrues only to the bankers (and their owner/families). Plus, the beneficiaries of the fiat currency which causes this long-term compound inflation are always those who have first-call on the new fiat money. Thus, it now takes two breadwinners to properly fund an American Family whereas it used to take only one. See to see the long-term effect, before and after the passage of the Federal Reserve act.

So, let's say what I have said above is TRUE (as undoubtedly some of you will say, 'Oh no, there goes jjaeger again off on his pet theory about the Fed'). Do you really want to give even MORE leverage to a dishonest, or questionable bunch of institutions, such as the banks?

Remember, these are the same people that have set up or helped set up credit reporting agencies (like TRW, Honest Isaac, Trans Union, Equifax, Check Systems, etc.). Do you suppose these agencies, these bank dossiers, are there for YOUR protection? Of course not -- they're there for the Banks' protection -- AND more importantly -- so the banks can extort more money out of you. "Extort?" Too strong of a word? Hear me out. Been out for a loan lately? What's the first thing the loan officer checks (especially if you are going for a "no doc" loan) -- your *credit report* -- i.e., the dossier the banks have on you. And if your credit report has a few BLACK marks on it, even some delinquent utility bills, guess what: your "points" go from 1 to 2 or your rate goes from 7.5 to 8.0 because "we see here that you have a few credit problems Mr. Smith." Now I ask you, do you want boys like this ALSO knowing your entire life history (medical, education, equity finance, tax, marital, sexual, dwelling, interests, purchasing)? Not I. Whether or not you are a generally HONEST person or a DISHONEST person -- it makes no difference --data can always be used against you. And don't these banking boys use your credit data to extort higher payments out of you in the end -- even if you are now doing better (everyone has had bad periods, yet these are still the black marks on your credit report for at least 7 years). And do the bank-boys really attempt to report ALL the things you have done RIGHT in your life -- the VAST majority of things. No they do not. Do all of the tens or hundreds of thousands of payments to every person in your life show up in your credit report? Yes, a TOKEN few of them DO show up, for instance they often show your "payment record" for installment loans -- but does this really give them the proper picture? I say no. I say that for every negative blotch on your credit report (amortized over a life time) you have at least hundreds of other positive things that NEVER show up, and that probably even you aren't aware of (as MOST of us just go about doing the "right" thing in life without really putting any attention on it). SO does most of this good show up in the bank dossiers -- of course not. Any system the banks use is for THEIR gain -- NOT yours. Right down to the FACT that banks process all the LARGEST checks presented for payment FIRST in hopes that they can draw your account down to zero and thus bounce numerous SMALL checks and thus charge your account a Non Sufficient Funds charge of $25 - $35 for EACH small check. The banks are a totally dishonest racket for the most part.

So god help us if the "big banks become databanks of our personal, digital knowledge' of if 'Banks become the digital fortresses of knowledge, as a resource of wealth and power.' The digital fortress of your personal knowledge should be held in a portable, highly-encrypted, device that one presents when making out an application for something. And then, after some specified period of time (set by you the CLIENT), say 30 days, all the information you have given the Loan Officer or the Whatever Officer, becomes re-encrypted, so that you can continue its accessibility, or terminate it. This is called the right to privacy and it was envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution. The reason citizens MUST retain this right (as well as the right to bear arms) is to act as an inhibition to the formation of tyrannical government and/or tyrannical government's financed or controlled by tyrannical banks. Citizens MUST obey and respect their governments, but they MUST also, collectively, retain the right AND the ability to revoke that government if warranted. Read the Declaration of Independence once again with what I have just said in mind and imagine yourself in the position the colonists were in and try to apply this to yourself today. It may be difficult, but give it a try and see if you can re-experience the SPIRIT of security the Founders were trying to give you as a Human Being who has an inalienable right to be, and to exist, in this incredible Universe.

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