Are We REALLY Alive?
by James Jaeger


This is the greatest time in the history of the Earth to be alive. What an incredible time and place.


Allow me to play the devil's advocate, for those of you who are young and still hopeful, if not naive and/or stupid.

I say the human race is stagnant and going down fast, succumbing to entropy, decadence and greed.

Except for the Internet and a bunch of miniaturized electronic devices, I am extremely disappointed in human beings on this planet. We were further ahead in space exploration in the 1960s, the dollar was many times more powerful in the past 30 years, major developments happened in the past 100 years (TV, radio, flight, radar, laser, nuclear energy, computers, discovery of galaxies, E = plus or minus mc^2, etc.). The Greatest Generation(1) fought off communism and fascism and opened the doors to America's full potential. But what did the BabyBoomers do with all this? They pissed it away like so much beer from a multi-decade orgy.

What's happening today? Just a bunch of fat, drugged-out, greedy pigs all over the place trying to MAKE MONEY. And our leadership? There is none whatsoever. Look how the human pigs disposed of Ron Paul when he was found "guilty" of wanting to follow the Constitution.

Look at that abortion we call Congress. All bought and paid for by the greedy, pig-corporations that are leading the way to global- warming oblivion and cheaply-made, overly-diverse products with increasingly less value.

This mercenary, MONEY-MENTALITY, system will, and is, crashing now. $150 - $250 per barrel oil. Bank failures. Endless debt, public and private. Cultural Marxist-instigated, sex, violence, blood scandals all over the media. Real answers suppressed. Ignoramuses "graduating" left and right from the nation's public "schools" and PC-drooling "colleges."

Unfortunately humans are too stupid and confused to even DO something about all this to prevent the crash. The current human MO is: ACT-AFTER-CATASTROPHE.(2) We only act AFTER catastrophes force us to act because our very brains are stagnant and depressed from endless beer, pot and pharmaceuticals.

So are we REALLY alive today? Barely.

(1) Of course, what was the so-called Greatest Generation compared to the generation that the Founders came from?

(2) For more info on the ACT-AFTER-CATASTROPHE modus operande of the human race, see James Martin's new book, THE MEANING OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

11 July 2008

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