Hypocracy on the Silver Screen

by James Jaeger

A friend of mine is a Hollywood B-star and I was talking to him the other day about an action-adventure he's currently appearing in. During the course of our conversation I asked him if he was uncomfortable about having to use a gun in the movie. Surprisingly he said, "Hell no, we all have guns!" By "we," I was to understand that he was referring to the Hollywood acting community.

I was surprised by this responce because my friend -- a Hollywood actor in a town full of liberals that promote the hatred of guns and anything Second Amendment -- says "we all have guns." All the actors have guns? Really. I was shocked so I asked him to explain further.

He said he gets so many rolls that require gun play, he not only has become comfortable with guns, he actually OWNS a number of guns himself. In fact, on occasion, he is expected to provide his own gun as a prop when auditioning or performing for low-budget productions. But even more interesting is what he said next: "I'm not only a gun owner, I have become a 'Second Amendment guy' AND I 'pack' because I never know when a psycho fan may lunge at me."

So this is very interesting. Hollywood -- a notoriously liberal and anti-gun political block -- has an acting community that not only "keeps and bears" arms, but supports the Second Amendment. Reality is stranger than fiction.

But this makes me wonder: how many other actors out there pack? And how many people across the nation pretend to disdain guns publically, but privately depend upon them for personal protection? I bet it's more than one would think.

Given the politics of the day, Hollywood actors -- possibly armed to the teeth at home -- would never advocate Second Amendment principles on the set. Were they to do so, their anti-gun, politically-correct bosses -- who ultimately report to the CONTROL GROUP -- would surely blacklist them from any future work.

Yes, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media are not only hypocrites, they breed hypocrisy with almost every movie and network news program spewed across the airwaves. Publicly attacking and suppressing gun organizations like OATH KEEPERS, GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA and the NRA, they profiteer from endless GUN MOVIES and require their acting talent to suppress their true feelings about the Second Amendment. Pretty pathetic, no?

This is why MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT, in association with OATH KEEPERS has produced a documentary about the predatory, unethical and illegal business practices of Hollywood and the New York Media. In this documentary -- MAINSTREAM -- we explore the history of the movie industry and how it came to SUPPORT the 10 rogue orders any good oath-keeper would DISOBEY.

We will see why the Mainstream Media always gets it wrong, whether misquoting OATH KEEPER'S founder, Stewart Rhodes, at a rally in Berkley, California or when failing to respect the Constitutional principles set forth by Thomas Jefferson.

The producers and sponsors of the motion picture documentary series, "MAINSTREAM - How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda," would like to invite everyone concerned about guns in the movies to screen MAINSTREAM at at their nearest opportunity.

Originated: 22 April 2017
Revised: 28 January 2018

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