Was 9/11 a False Flag Operation?

by James Jaeger

Ten years after the attacks on September 11, 2011, many Americans are still asking questions. I am one of these Americans. For about five years now, I have quietly reflected upon what happened on 9/11 and studied many of the books and documentaries on the subject. I have now come to a serious conclusion:

There is enough bona fide evidence from qualified scientists and forensic engineers to support the call for a new, independent, investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. I also feel that the individuals involved with the last 9/11 Commission should also be investigated for it looks like these people, this "blue ribbon team," may have violated laws of evidence.

WE THE PEOPLE -- and especially the families that lost loved-ones on 9/11 -- deserve a proper and full investigation of 9/11, an investigation that encompasses all of the forensic data connected with the event. I am abhorred to learn that only a government-sponsored "forensic" investigation was done in the aftermath of 9/11.(1) I am abhorred to learn that the vast majority of the steel from the towers (material evidence) was quickly whisked away to China and immediately melted down so none of it would be available to any independent forensic engineers other than the material selected by the government's "blue ribbon team." I am abhorred that no investigation as to exactly why World Trade Center Building 7 came down at almost the exact acceleration of gravity (32 fps^2) in what looked like a controlled demolition. I am also abhorred to hear that nanotherminte (demolition explosives) and micro spheres were found in all of the dust surrounding the collapse zone of the towers. The NOVA documentary entitled WHY THE TOWERS FELL doesn't mention any of this and other things discussed below -- serious outpoints of omission.

Until these, and the outpoints mentioned in the film: 9/11 EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE - Experts Speak Out" such at -- are fully addressed and answered, WE THE PEOPLE are missing the facts of this crime of the century. In a sense, politics as usual are thus meaningless because, if 9/11 was a False Flag Operation, or the actors we have been assured were responsible were not in fact the actors, then our government, in full or in part, has been lying to us. If that's the case, we must find out what really happened and who was responsible. As OCCUPY WALL STREET protests around the nation show, many feel they are not properly represented by their government and they feel that the mainstream media is filtering the news as an opologist for the government. Nevertheless, just like any murder trial, all the relevant questions and motives should be laid on the table and addressed.

Anyone reading this article -- especially engineering professionals -- is urged to watch 9/11 EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE before they jump to the conclusion that I have lost my mind. Again, movies like WHY THE TOWERS FELL do not address the most salient issues and should be suspect as cover-ups since they were partially funded by the government, as Ken Burns says his PBS films are in an interview he gave REASON magazine.

After you have watched 9/11 EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE, please send me any information that refutes OR supports the materials in this documentary.(2) Please do not send in information if you are just looking at one-side of this issue. People that see just one side of a problem have psychological problems or find themselves immersed in either the Democratic or Republican party.

My Conspiracy Theory:

So, here's my personal theory about 9/11, what COULD be the largest, most extensive conspiracy ever pulled off by an empire and its vast military-industrial complex.

The twin towers were probably hit by the jets as reported. They were piloted by the hijackers and there were real human passengers on board. These jets were NOT remote controlled as some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories posit. The passengers on the jets died as reported and the jet that crashed in Pennsylvania probably DID disintegrate into nothing. I can believe this last because the force of impact is equivalent to the mass of an object multiplied by its acceleration. F = ma. Even though the mass of the jet was not that high, it was accelerating into the ground at high speed so it's easy to see that there would be nothing left, as reported. So that takes care of the Pennsylvania crash, but what really happened at the Pentagon? Why do we only see one 4 frame-per-second (4 fps) video of the jet that hit the Pentagon? This is an outpoint because surely a building as secure as the Pentagon would have scores, probably hundreds of cameras on all aspects of the building. Also it is very suspicious that the Feds confiscated some 10 or more of the cameras that we know were on the building at the impact zone. According to witnesses, they also confiscated all of the video cameras in the gas stations and 7-11s across from the Pentagon. What don't they want us to see?

As far as the big picture, this is what I think happened. When the cold war wound down, factions in the military-industrial complex, perhaps the infamous Neo Cons, realized that they needed an excuse to justify an increase in the military budget. The first attack on the World Trade Center in the early 1990s was thus probably orchestrated by these factions, possibly in conjunction with rogue CIA agents and military staffers and/or certain Islamic extremists. Since this was deemed a "terrorist attack," the CIA, and/or factions in the military industrial complex, were able to bring the Trade Center Towers under the auspices of the federal government as a "high security zone." This then gave certain actors years of access to the elevator system in the towers.

In the film, 9/11 EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE, a World Trade Center elevator employee discussed the elevator system and the easy access one would have to the central steel core of the building. So this is how they may have gotten in there to slowly wire up the charges on the central column of the towers and Building 7 over the course of as long as a decade. Once the towers were wired and ready to go, the CIA alone, but more likely in conjunction with elements in the Mossad, instigated or contracted with Osama bin Laden, directly or indirectly, to execute the attacks in the name of Islam. It would be a great glory moment for him and a blow to the "Western infidel." This is why bin Laden was not "caught" for so long, he was still a CIA asset. This is also why, when he WAS "caught," he was, of course, killed by the special forces that "caught him." The central planners of 9/11 could risk having him expose what he knew.

Most likely, bin Laden had no idea the towers had been pre-wired for complete demolition. Bin Laden's job was simply to commandeer as many jets as possible and "attack" multiple targets so he could look good to this religious constituents. The reason for the multiple targets was to diffuse the New York attack. Had all the attacks been on just the twin towers, the public's investigative powers would have been focused just on the New York crime scene. Having the "terrorist" attacks spread over a wide area gave MUCH more credence to the idea that this was a concerted attack from a massive and threatening force.

This is also the reason the towers HAD to be demolished, and why there HAD to be two of them hit simultaneously. Had a jet just flown into one tower, it would have simply sat there for 24 hours soldering and no one would have been impressed. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to have melted the core structure thus allowing the buildings to "pancake" down, as apologists of the official story promulgate. The morning the first jet flew into the first tower and it just smoldered, it wasn't that impressive of a sight. Even when the second jet hit, the only alarming thing was the realization that this wasn't just an accident. That's, of course, a reason there HAD to be two jets and two towers: to make every one think "oh my God this is a terrorist attack" -- what has been programmed in to us by Hollywood movies for decades. And it wasn't even that impressive, until the Pentagon was also hit. THEN it became interesting, if not scary, because the 9/11 Planners had created a feeling of being surrounded -- a surround-sound attack.

So, in essence, what the central planners of 9/11 HAD to do was create an image that superseded what everyone has endlessly seen in Hollywood movies. This means they had to supersede DIE HARD and even TOWERING INFERNO, a sky scraper that burned for the entire movie and didn't collapse. So, in order to access the $2 trillion that was eventually available to the military-industrial complex and elements in the U.S. government and elsewhere, the 9/11 show had to be super dramatic AND spread over a wide area.

The way this was pulled off was i) it was planned over a long time; ii) very few people had to know very much and iii) the upside was "profit" potential was in the multi-trillions of dollars. Bear in mind, MANY more people were kept silent during the MANHATTAN PROJECT than the 9/11 FALSE FLAG OP. So just because a project involves deaths of thousands, doesn't mean it can't be kept quite secret. History shows that people are MUCH more loyal to MONEY than they are to LIVES and they will obey "authority figures" today even more than they did during the Milgram experiment of the 1950s.

So, as previously mentioned, not only was this a multi-trillion dollar op, it involved saving millions of lives by expending "only" hundreds of thousands of lives, not "just" the people in the buildings and jets, but all the innocent citizens our military adventures have killed in Iraq and Afghanistan as "collateral" damage. Remember, the Mossad was probably involved with the CIA. The Mossad wanted 9/11 to happen because they are desperate to protect their 8 million people in Israel. Israel is surrounded by over a billion hostile Arabs, many of which would love nothing more than to invade Israel, kill all the Jews there, and take back "their homeland" of Palestine. The only thing that's standing between Israel and these hostile hoards is Israel's nuclear arsenal and their good Christian buddies, the U.S. presidents goaded on by AIPAC. If the nukes are used however, they could contaminate the entire ME area, including the small tract of land Israel sits on. So nukes are not that good of an option and a last resort. The preferred option is to keep the U.S. military-industrial complex fired up and over in the Middle East fighting the "War of Terror." And the only way THAT can be done is if the American people look the other way in connection with the 9/11 False Flag Op and keep printing up fiat currency. So you can bet there are millions of Genesis-reading American evangelicals that secretly like 9/11 because it gives them an excuse to trump the interests of Israel.(3)

And this is what was in it for Israel and its Mossad, enhanced American support and an enhanced level of "security" in the Middle East and the greater Israeli area. And this has all happened, as we can all see. In the name of "security" the U.S. received the anti-constitutional PATRIOT Act, legislation that was passed without even being read by Congress. This has now created a police state, not only in the United States, but the entire world, for the Republicans, with the sold exception of Ron Paul, think the US should be the policeman of the world more than ever. Thus every government on earth has benefited from the 9/11 False Flag Operation. When one considers this, it makes the 9/11 project MUCH bigger than just a $2 trillion project.

Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center buildings, may have been in on the op too. He may have helped wire the demolition charges. If so, he probably was NOT privy to the impending "terrorist attack" from "bin Laden." All Silverstein knew was that he was covertly wiring up his buildings for their eventual demolition and he didn't want to tell any of his tenants. Why tell the tenants and loose millions in rent until the very last possible moment. So, he may have kept quiet while the wiring was done, but suddenly and unexpectedly (to him) after the buildings were "hit," his attorneys probably advised him to simply say nothing about the pending demolition, just play the "victim" and collect the $2 billion in insurance that he subsequently DID collect. $2 billion can buy an awful lot of silence.

Lastly, there was a further motivation present for the oil Establishment. When the Caspian pipeline produced much less oil than expected and we started to hit peak oil in 2000, as Hubert predicted, the oil powers were super alarmed. Ghawar started losing reservoir pressure, and I would bet money that this has happened. So, we have three serious hits to the oil Establishment that galvanized them: i) Ghawar, Saudi's largest oil field has peaked; ii) the Caspian didn't pan out; iii) and Hubert's predictions turned out to be correct (as evidence by the fact that NO new large oil fields have been discovered for over 30 years). The only answer the U.S. government, in agreement with the oil Establishment, could come up with was to somehow secure IRAQI oil fields, the world's second largest oil fields. But, in order to do that Iraq would have to be invaded and Saddam ejected. The only way to do this would be a False Flag Op to drum up support from the American people exactly the way a False Flag Op -- the sinking of the Lusitania -- was used on the American people to get them into World War I. But somehow the oil Establishment HAD to be duplicitous in the 9/11 False Flag Op. Surely only key players in the Oil Establishment knew the full extent of both peak oil and the 9/11 project, and probably Dick Cheney was one of these people. He probably felt this was the best thing for his oil industry AND the American people, just like the Big Oil operatives in the Robert Redford film, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR.

In this light, maybe these people were truly operating on the greatest good for the greatest number. Maybe the U.S. would be high and dry on oil right now, before the new biofuel Exxon-Mobile is preparing is fully ready. Thus, even if history shows that 9/11 does turn out to be a False Flag Op, maybe it was totally justified. That is how the thinking may go, and frankly, I am in no position to judge, neither are you. Life is tough on a wilderness planet in an infinite Universe.

(1) The April 2011, white-wash film put out by NOVA, a PBS presentation, states that a "blue ribbon team of forensic engineers was asked by the government to determine what exactly triggered the towers' collapse". First of all, PBS gets a substantial portion of its funding from the government so can we really rely on either a PBS documentary OR the government's "blue ribbon team of forensic engineers," who, were not even identified in the NOVA documentary.

(2) There are a number of other documentaries and many books out on this subject other than EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE. Among the documentaries are 9/11 TRUTH: Hollywood Speaks Out, BLUEPRINT FOR TRUTH, COLLAPSE, ENDGAME, FABLED ENEMIES, FALL OF THE REPUBLIC, INVISIBLE EMPIRE, POLICE STATE, THE AGENDA. Most, if not all of these are available on YouTube or elsewhere on the Internet.

(3) Genesis 12:3 "I will make you into a great nation (Israel) and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

Originated: 21 October 2011
Revised & Supplemented: 28 December 2011

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