Will Theology, Metaphysics or Science Dominate the Future World Order?

a James Jaeger Film

Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens. -- Genesis 11:4

Reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence. -- L. Ron Hubbard

Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind. -- Albert Einstein

In the early twentieth century, the French thinker, Auguste Comte, observed principles about human civilization that were profound and far-reaching. These principles shed light on how the world works, who dominates it and what its future will be.

I have discovered a great fundamental law. . . that each branch of our knowledge passes through three different theoretical states: the THEOLOGICAL or fictitious state, the METAPHYSICAL or abstract state, and the SCIENTIFIC or positive state.

Comte further posited that the education of the individual -- from child to adult -- recapitulates each of these states, again, THEOLOGY, METAPHYSICS and SCIENCE.

Does not each of us, in contemplating his own history, recollect that he has been successively ... a theologian in childhood, a metaphysician in youth, and a natural philosopher in manhood?

What Comte is saying is we are all philosophers at heart. If this is true, philosophy is also at the heart of our economic, political and cultural institutions.

Let's take a closer look at how the interaction of our collective philosophies create that agreed-upon appearance of existence we call REALITY and how this "reality" will eventually manifest in a NEW WORLD ORDER ... or something entirely unexpected.


For 99.99% of us, life is a struggle to survive. This struggle is made particularly discouraging when we look up at the night sky and see a universe filled with endless energy and potential. Seeing this, we naturally ask: why must I struggle when the universe seems so infinite? This leads to further questions, like why am I here? Is the universe really "out there" or is reality subjective?

For thousands of years, billions of humans asked these questions, questions known as the ontological and epistemological questions of existence. But though we all ponder, most of us must soon return to our mundane lives. Lives with children, parents and responsibilities, sports and entertainment.

But alas, some of us continue to ponder. For these nonconformists, food and drink, leisure and consumption, bread and circuses are of less importance.

And over the centuries the hard questions have been ENDLESSLY pondered, if not endlessly debated and battled. After millions of man-hours of argument philosophers split into basically two groups: those that continue to deal with the HARD QUESTIONS, and those that opted to start with EASIER QUESTIONS and gradually build up to the HARD QUESTIONS. In the century after Comte, these groups became known as THEOLOGIANS and SCIENTISTS.

Comte, in his lecture series, The Positive Philosophy, discussed the differences between THEOLOGIANS and SCIENTISTS. He viewed THEOLOGIANS as those who studied UNKNOWABLE CAUSES, "unknowable" in that their scope is so immense they challenge one to the point of insanity. Theology, after all, asks the HARD questions. What is the cause, extent and purpose of existence? Why am I here? Who or what is GOD?

On the other hand, the SCIENTISTS addressed much easier questions. Questions like: what areas of existence can one be POSITIVE about? What can we know with CERTAINTY, that's testable in a lab, repeatable by other scientists, and falsifiable through actual experiment? In other words, KNOWABLE CAUSES?

Comte felt humanity's progress was hampered because it was trying to use three incompatible philosophic systems at once to solve the problems of the world.

It is quite clear that if any one of the three philosophies -- THEOLOGY, METAPHYSICS or SCIENCE -- really obtained a complete and universal preponderance, a fixed social order would result, whereas the existing evil consists above all in the absence of any true organization. It is the existence of these three opposite philosophies that absolutely prevent all agreement on any essential point.

But over the centuries one of the three philosophies HAS been gaining "complete and universal preponderance," that of SCIENCE. After all, has not this philosophy been able to consistently raise the standard of living for much of Humanity?

And one of the reasons for its progress is the STATE -- kings, dictators, and democracies -- have funded much of its progress. In exchange scientists have provided the STATE with weapons of mass destruction and the means for governments to maintain power over their people.

Unfortunately, much of this power been abused -- especially in the 20th Century. As a result, many scientists now refuse to work for governments. Many have even returned to THEOLOGY -- especially with the new findings in Quantum Mechanics and the Anthropic Principles that indicate the universe may have been intelligently designed specifically with human biology in mind.

Given these philosophic defections and new realizations, Comte's interim zone of METAPHYSICS has ever more become a battleground between THEOLOGY and classical SCIENCE -- what could be framed as a battle between CHURCH and STATE for reasons we will address later.


But the conflict between CHURCH and STATE has existed for centuries -- each claiming legitimate AUTHORITY over human affairs. Each claiming to be the source of human RIGHTS, each vying for human resources, intellectual domination and to be the author of all charity. In the end, the CHURCH and the STATE have settled into an uneasy balance of power.

Comte foresaw this conflict over a century ago, but felt SCIENCE was predestined to win out.

The positive philosophy -- SCIENCE -- is destined to prevail in the ordinary course of things. Science alone has been making constant progress for many centuries, while its antagonists -- THEOLOGY and METAPHYSICS -- have been as constantly in a state of decay.

But was Comte right? In many ways METAPHYSICS seems to be more popular than ever. Providing answers neither SCIENCE or THEOLOGY have been able to provide, the METAPHYSICS camp seems to be forming a critical mass, a METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT.

And this METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT seems to be combining the best elements of THEOLOGY and SCIENCE into what Aristotle might call a GOLDEN MEAN of thought.

The new metaphysics examines the complete spectrum between all possible dichotomies, from holism to reductionism; Gaia to inanimate matter; cellular-automata to complexity; free will to determinism. Especially systems of distributed-intelligence vs. systems of central-planning.

It also challenges the status quo in the political, economic and military realms from zero-government to global-government; capital formation vs. debt; co-ops vs. corporations; open-source vs. proprietary; Austrian economics vs. Keynesian economics; the Monroe Doctrine vs. the Bush Doctrine.

In taking philosophical positions midway between the extremes of THEOLOGY and SCIENCE, the METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT seeks to dynamically converge Comte's warring camps into a common goal, such as a world without insanity or war, where all beings are able to thrive, and where Humanity is able to rise to greater heights.


Let's take a closer look at how the METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT conflicts with what could be called the OLD WORLD ORDER and how the powers that be are trying to re-brand it as a "NEW WORLD ORDER" ... or "GLOBALIZATION." (beat)

The OLD WORLD ORDER -- that period of two World Wars, 107 smaller wars, 5 collapsed Empires 1 Great Depression and over 160 million dead -- had some management problems.

No surprise, for the OLD WORLD ORDER was managed by a bunch of Scotch-drinking, autocrats that, in 1955, sociologist, C. Wright Mills, called, the POWER ELITE.

The POWER ELITE is composed of men whose positions enable them to transcend the ordinary environments of ordinary men and women . . . for they are in command of the major hierarchies and organizations of modern society. They rule the big corporations. They run the machinery of the state and . . . direct the military establishment . . . the warlords, the corporation chieftains, the political directorate, tend to come together to form the POWER ELITE of America.

Interesting that Mills does not mention THEOCRATIC power in his POWER ELITE even though there were billions of people in the world's religions at the time but probably no more than 5,000 in his economic, political and military elite, what President Eisenhower later called the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

Equally interesting is that Mills does not mention the BANKING ELITE in his POWER ELITE, even though the Federal Reserve System is the central bank that supplies the very political, economic and military POWER to his ELITE.


Mills does however acknowledge that his POWER ELITE -- and by extension the GLOBAL ELITE of today -- operates in a hierarchal, command structure. As such, the symbol that best represents this structure is the PYRAMID. At the apex is the leader: the pharaoh, the king, the president, the corporate chief, and the GOD, as Mills would probably concede.

The base of the pyramid is the followers: the slaves, the subjects, the voters, the consumers or the parishioners.

In this management structure, the allocation of resources is CENTRALLY PLANNED. This means the people at the top dream up and dictate what the people at the bottom will DO, what they will BE and what they will HAVE.

The METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT rejects this top-down management style and replaces it with what's known as decentralized, distributed intelligence.

The symbol that best represents THIS management structure is the NETWORK. In a network, there IS no apex. No permanent leader, pharaoh, king, dictator OR deity forced upon a base of followers, slaves, subjects, masses, consumers or parishioners. There is no pyramid.

The allocation of resources, products and services in a NETWORK is determined at the local level under the direct intelligence of distributed, decision-makers. This is made much more possible today, because computers and communication systems are orders of magnitude more efficient than in the OLD WORLD ORDER.


Today, WE THE PEOPLE can enter into voluntary associations, transact business and allocate resources within a limited, rules-based network like never before. In such a network, there is no need for central authority, possibly not even a STATE. If someone does something dishonest or fraudulent, word gets out almost immediately through a SOCIAL or BUSINESS network. THIS causes people to attenuate or withdraw support from the offender. No lawyers, guns, courts or jails needed. No need for insensitive and oppressive government intervention. The NETWORK remedies the problem automatically, AND, it does it on the exact gradient necessary. This is not theory or utopia, it's how millions transact business on the Internet every day.

Have you ever purchased an item from an online business, like Amazon? Have you ever read the customer reviews before purchasing? These peer to peer opinions cut out 99% of fraud because one does not purchase from a person with numerous bad reviews. And if we do and get burned, we may have to absorb a loss, but bad actors will also suffer a loss with additional bad reviews. Eventually both the buyer and seller will recover and become wiser. The seller will be able to straighten up without the stigma of a "criminal record" and the buyer, will be more aware. After all, "Let the BUYER beware" is the basis of free-market capitalism. "Let the STATE be every where" is the basis of totalitarianism.

Bringing police, lawyers and courts into every fraudulent transaction does little more than strengthen the STATE and weaken the individual's INTUITION over the long-term. In fact, the OLD WORLD ORDER's "punishment system" actually MANUFACTURES criminals, because it never addresses the CAUSES of crime, nor does it provide any true rehabilitation in its laughable "correctional" institutions.

METAPHYSICISTS view this system of so-called JUSTICE, as insanity, especially the prisons for profit that various corporate fascists have recently commissioned. These MUST be closed ASAP.

Imagine if the billions spent on today's police and "JUSTICE" systems were no longer necessary. This money would be available for the productive members of society. With increased production, savings and capital formation would increase. Debt would decrease because industry could self-finance its research, production and marketing. Standards of living would rise and crime would fall because 99% of ALL crime is motivated by economic-generated scarcity. Unfortunately, you will rarely learn these things on the mainstream media or in the government-sponsored school system.

Not only would the primary motive for crime fall away, individuals become more aware, and production soar, WE THE PEOPLE would be able to BE, DO and HAVE that which we are entitled to in an infinite universe. THIS is true ENTITLEMENT, not the kind that is doled out by the STATE.


The Marxist Soviet Union and fascist Nazi Germany represent extreme examples of top-down, central planning financed by the STATE. Today, the Democratic and Republican Parties -- controlled by the GLOBAL ELITE -- carry on much of this tradition.

The Democratic Party appeals to the WORKERS OF THE WORLD to centrally plan the re-distribution of wealth so that the poor can EQUALLY share in the "general welfare."

The Republican Party appeals to the CORPORATIONS OF THE WORLD to centrally plan the allocation of resources so the rich can TRICKLE DOWN wealth for the "general welfare."

BOTH twist the U.S. Constitution to justify their central planning schemes. BOTH rely on an ever-expanding STATE. BOTH support an ever more pervasive GLOBAL ELITE because U.S. tax payers unwittingly fund global institutions, such as the UN, IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization. Over the centuries, this CABAL of ancient families has built their global pyramids ever higher. Cities became states, states became nations and NOW states are supposed to merge into some sort of global empire, what's known as GLOBALIZATION?

But some say the GLOBAL ELITE's moment of brightness may flicker, for as millions know, such plans are but ANOTHER road to serfdom as the Austrian economist, F. A. Hayek, warned:


The goal of central planning will be described by some such vague term as "the general welfare." There will be no real agreement as to the ends to be attained, and the effect of the people's agreeing that there must be central planning, without agreeing on the ends, will be rather as if a group of people were to commit themselves to take a journey together without agreeing where they want to go. In the end this will satisfy nobody.

Is this not where we are today: destructive and oppressive laws that do not satisfy most of us? Laws such as the anti-Constitutional Federal Reserve Act, the middleclass-destroying NAFTA, the Nazi PATRIOT Act, the bank-robbing TARP Act and now the National Defense Authorization Act, that gives presidents the authority to assassination WE THE PEOPLE in the name the S-WORD. Laws passed in the middle of the night, on the verge of holidays or by a Congress bought and sold by corporate fascists that work for the GLOBAL ELITE?

Democratic assemblies cannot function as planning agencies. They cannot produce agreement on everything -- the whole direction of the resources of the nation -- for the number of possible courses of action will be legion.

It's legion, or excessive, because it's impossible to plan trillions of goals, purposes, policies, plans, projects, products and transactions in a nation of 310 million, let alone a world of 7 billion. Even with computerization and AI, central planning becomes undesirable to the degree it must service large populations or areas. Hayek continues:

And even if, by this expedient, a democracy should succeed in planning every sector of economic activity, it would still have to face the problem of integrating these separate plans into a unitary whole. There will be a stronger and stronger demand that some board or some single individual should be given power to act on their own responsibility.

And what do we have today? Czars everywhere. Economic super committees, subcommittees, commissions and, in fact, a CENTRAL planning committee for a CENTRAL bank known as the Federal Reserve System. Again, Hayek:

Central planning leads to dictatorship because dictatorship is the most effective instrument of coercion and, as such, essential if central planning on a large scale is to be possible.

Again, millions in autocratic societies have already experienced this perilous road to dictatorship. Millions have never returned. As Hayek observed about Karl Marx's philosophy:

A true "dictatorship of the proletariat" -- the working class -- even if democratic in form ... would probably destroy personal freedom as completely as any autocracy has ever done.

Is it any wonder we have congressional approval ratings of less than 15 percent with gridlock as far as the eye can see? Half of WE THE PEOPLE argue about how insanely many laws and regulations we have -- the other half wants yet MORE! Given that LAW is the opposite of FREEDOM, what Hayek says makes sense: for nothing creates MORE laws than MORE central planning. And nothing destroys MORE freedom than MORE laws. To paraphrase Ben Franklin: those that would trade freedom for SECURITY deserve neither! Yes, the S-word has done much more damage than the f-word could ever do.

Yes, the central planners of the OLD WORLD ORDER are hell-bent on extending their top-down, one-size- fits-all, pyramidal, management philosophy upon the entire planet.

But in fairness, central planning was probably NECESSARY in the last century. After all, there were no computers, FAXs, emails or satellites. There weren't even any telephones, radios or highways. A world system of communications, such as the Internet, wasn't even DREAMED of -- except perhaps by the electronic engineer and visionary, Nikola Tesla.

Yes, in the OLD WORLD ORDER, central planning MAY have made sense for it was the only way to coordinate the critical path of production.

But times have changed. Top-down, central planning is no longer necessary. Again, as Hayek warns, central planning becomes dictatorial to the degree it attempts to manage large areas or many people. And THIS is the reason the world is in such turmoil: it is a large area with many people and we now have a GLOBAL ELITE trying to POLICE and MANAGE the world like they "managed" the OLD WORLD ORDER.

METAPHYSICAL philosophy challenges this management style because it relies on the excess and deficiency of Comte's philosophical extremes: the THEOLOGICAL-driven CHURCH and the SCIENCE-driven STATE. Remember when the CHURCH and STATE were combined -- as in King Henry the 8th's Church of England? This horrendous entity was able to derive its "heavenly" authority from GOD and its "earthly" power from SCIENCE -- the GLOBAL ELITE'S dream, but a nightmare for most. The American Revolution rejected this monster and both went their separate ways: the STATE retaining its monstrous power from SCIENCE and the CHURCH retaining its monstrous power from a DEITY.

Thus, to regain power over the masses, the GLOBAL ELITE has been looking for substitutes and eliminations. To them, a one-world government unfettered by religious fanatics AND metaphysical peace-nicks would be ideal.

War being the health of STATE, if anti-war philosophies fostered by THEOLOGY and METAPHYSICS can be replaced by pure, unfeeling SCIENCE -- where technology is totally free to ravage populations with ever more horrifying weapons -- this is a dream for any tyrant, the GLOBAL ELITE not excluded.

Of course any goal of the GLOBAL ELITE is always in the name of the S-WORD, the GENERAL WELFARE, FREE TRADE and SAVING THE PLANET FROM POLLUTION. But SCIENCE is all that's most vital, for a government without science, is a government without weapons. And a government without weapons is no government at all -- especially no GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.


So the unexpected merger of SCIENCE and THEOLOGY into an ORDER of intuitive, empirical and rational METAPHYSICS even more formidable than Comte could have imagined, must be terrifying to the GLOBAL ELITE and their plans for GLOBALIZATION -- a centrally-managed, super-weaponized new world order.

In essence, the METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT is a revolution not of MATTER, but of MIND. Its MIND over MATTER, the humanities FINALLY catching up with the sciences -- as apologists of the NEW WORLD ORDER have been cynically joking about for decades. In short, it's INTUITION taking its rightful place next to REASON and SCIENCE. It's bringing SCIENCE under the auspices of THEOLOGY and METAPHYSICS so that the INDIVIDUAL is empowered and the weapon-crazed, GLOBAL ELITE is dethroned.

In a world where a lone super-STATE runs rough-shod over its founding principles, taxes and borrows endless trillions for what is now a GLOBAL military-industrial complex -- mental maturity, ethics and personal ability mean more than ever. And this is exactly what the METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT is all about. Knowledge, control and responsibility over the insanity of ignorance, fear and scarcity of the OLD WORLD ORDER.

C. Wright Mills, a statist, saturated in the mythology of the POWER ELITE'S positivism, ALSO fails to MENTION intellectual and creative POWER in his book, The Power Elite -- yet the sole source of ALL power is the creative and intellectual fruits of the MIND. As time goes on, the METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT will make this point, much to the chagrin of the "interdependent" GLOBAL ELITE that relies on fiat currency, corporate fascism and military force as a MATTER of fact. But there are other reasons a one-world government is foolish.


A one-world government violates a primary tenet of the Universe: REDUNDANCY.

The simple principle behind redundancy is: if one system fails, there are back ups. Nature, in its survival plan, usually creates redundancy. If an organism dies, there are many others. If one brain cell dies, there are trillions of others. Thus, in the failed Apollo 13 mission, we can see why there should have been redundant systems.

A world is a large space ship, thus a "globalized" world that is too "interdependent" is a world with a lack of redundancy, hence excessive risk. If system A is dependent on system B, and system B is dependent on system C, then the failure of system C will also cause the failure of system A and B. Thus all systems fail at once and there are no backups. This is what the doctrines of "globalization" and "interdependency" bring: existential chaos and risk for human civilization.

Yes, an "interdependent" world is the biggest CHAOS-generating machine a GLOBAL ELITE could devise to ensure their position at the top of a globalized pyramid and as policeman of the world. Forget the congressmen their K-street lawyers purchase. Entire governments are but THEIR play toys, presidents but actors in a Greek tragedy.

If a METAPHYSICAL revolution of thought -- drawing the most practical ideas from both SCIENCE and THEOLOGY -- prevails, the frogs at base of the pyramid could escape before they boil. A highly NETWORKED world of ethical individuals that work together in voluntary associations without the waste and insanity of the GLOBAL ELITE'S centrally-planned perpetual wars and economic chaos becomes possible.

But if the mental and spiritual maturity of the human race improves -- because a METAPHYSICAL REVOLUTION helps it bypass these traps -- human beings may be able to unite in general and INTERNALIZE their various THEOLOGICAL systems to become truly SELF-governing.

Combine this with the speed and transparency of Internet communications, and EXTERNAL systems of ethics will loose importance. This opens the door to a move back from a global police STATE and towards limited national governments based on individual ability and personal ethics. Some even dream that it may one day open the door to zero-government, what is known as a VOLUNTARY SOCIETY or ANARCHO-CAPITALISM. John Adams was aware of this dream when he wrote of the limited government he and his colleagues had just founded:

Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

In other words, a PEOPLE with an internalized system of ethics need only a LIMITED government, whereas an amoral PEOPLE need an external system of ethics provided by an UNLIMITED, top-down government. Thus, if the U.S. Constitution advocates LIMITED GOVERNMENT, but we are headed towards UNLIMITED WORLD GOVERNMENT, it's easy to see that the two directions are diametrically opposed. But, to the degree people wake up they can see all sides of the issues, thus how foolish the extremes are. In metaphysical thought this is known as PAN-DETERMINISM -- the ability to see both sides of a game at once.


Thus, the ability to be PAN-DETERMINED will lead to answers for some of the "HARD QUESTIONS" of politics and economics. Questions such as, why does the American Republic seem to be going off the rails? Why is its government a $3.4 trillion parasite on the back of an otherwise free-market economy? Why is the nation in so much debt? Why have the last 5 wars been improperly authorized by Congress? Why does the U.S. maintain a STANDING ARMY of 907 military bases in 137 countries? Why has the average income of the 99 Percent been flat since 1971 while 10% take home 49.7% and the 1 Percenters own 34.6% of the ASSETS of the WORLD? Why are over 10,000 laws and regulations passed every year by the THOUSANDS of local, state and federal governments that make up the nation -- many of them laws WE THE PEOPLE have not approved, our congressmen have not read, and corporate interests -- non-flesh and blood entities -- have paid for?

As mentioned earlier, the only one that dreamed of a global communications network was Nikola Tesla. Unfortunately he was stopped by the POWER ELITE of the day, then led by J.P. Morgan himself.

The METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT takes Tesla's ideas VERY seriously. This, of course, upsets the GLOBAL ELITE to no end, for their monopolies depend on keeping the world IGNORANT, SCARED and POOR.

The Internet, originally built for the GLOBAL ELITE'S international killing machine -- NATO -- escaped its control when, in the late 1980s, a computer SCIENTIST named Timothy Berner-Lee created the code that operates the World Wide Web -- TCP/IP. After giving birth to the most important communications technology since Johannes Gutenberg's printing press, Berner Lee did the unthinkable -- he gave his code away. He did not sell-out to the Establishment. Timothy Berner-Lee:

Unless technology respects human needs, it is worthless.


But did you ever hear Timothy Berner-Lee praised on the mainstream media? Of course not. Why? Because a COPYRIGHT CARTEL, comprised of the Hollywood-based MPAA studio/distributors and the New York-based MAINSTREAM MEDIA comprised of networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS and PBS -- HATE the Internet and ANYONE that helps build any sort of competing distribution or communications network.

"Competition is a sin" as John D. Rockefeller -- one of the earliest of the GLOBAL ELITE -- use to say. The MPAA COPYRIGHT CARTEL does not like competition as they are accustomed to monopolizing the distribution channels of earth: broadcast TV, cable networks, movie theaters, VHS and DVD retail outlets. While this cartel takes 98% of the cash flow the artists are lucky to get 2%. Since the Internet makes it possible for film, music and video game artists to DISTRIBUTE their products DIRECTLY to their fans, they get to keep more than 2%. The parasitical COPYRIGHT CARTEL is thus using their K-street lawyers to buy hooker-congressmen who will pass legislation -- like SOPA, PIPA and CISPA -- to spy, regulate or shut down websites on the grounds of curbing piracy and providing SECURITY, the s-word again. But is not forcing artists to give up 98% of their cash flow -- in contracts of adhesion -- a form of piracy?

The greedy executives in the COPYRIGHT CARTEL have been exploiting artists for over a century and yet they have the gall to claim that the Internet must be regulated so THEY can better pirate profits from artists.

As it attempts to rape, pillage and plunder the artist and independent producers of the world, the COPYRIGHT CARTEL funnels its profits into the GLOBAL ELITE'S vast propaganda machine in service of the totalitarian NEW WORLD ORDER.

You will never hear about the COPYRIGHT CARTEL'S crimes on the mainstream media, because the mainstream media is only there to make PROFITS, not to inform. The discussion, viewpoints and philosophies permitted on the MAINSTREAM MEDIA and by the COPYRIGHT CARTEL are limited to a very narrow spectrum of speech. What may be said, or what stories can be told, must be approved by the CONTROL GROUP'S corporate sponsors and government affiliates. The "NEWS" is almost all propaganda and if a show or individual doesn't support the GLOBAL ELITE'S agenda of globalization, fiat currency, Keynesian economics, Israel Lobby, multiculturalism, big government, perpetual war, fossil fuels and an ever expanding military-industrial complex -- they simply don't remain on the air.

Look what happened to Bill Maher, Mel Gibson, Don Imus, Glenn Beck, Andrew Napolitano and Pat Buchanan. Any dissent, whether from the Left or the Right, conservatives or liberals, and they're GONE. THIS is how rotten the media is in the "Big Apple" and the "sunshine state." The only difference between the Hollywood and New York copyright cartels is the former specializes in indoctrinating the youth and latter specializes in indoctrinating the middle-aged. Hollywood also specializes in destroying the arts, values and the family unit while New York specializes in destroying academia, the economy and the middle class.

And the message from the entertainment-media CONTROL GROUP is always the same: the world is a mean, nasty place, where scarcity, holocaust and hate run rampant; the only ones that can solve the problems are the GLOBAL ELITE and their top-down, centralized NEW WORLD ORDER which includes the United Nations, the IMF/World Bank, the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, GATT, NATO and the World Health Organization.

This propaganda from the GLOBAL ELITE's media mouth piece is what DAILY BELL editor and author, Anthony Wile, has coined, "dominant social themes." These themes are scientifically designed to draw both the Left and Right, progressives and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans IN and keep them confused and agitated so they can't think or act in any decisive manner. The Romans called it panem et circenses.


But be warned: the way the GLOBAL ELITE often gets its way is by doing things gradually. IT BOILS THE FROG GRADUALLY. Its agents in congress pass a law here and a law there. Like coin clippers in the Roman Empire, they snip away a little freedom here and a little there. They in fact WERE the coin clippers.

WE DO NOT FORGET. WE DO NOT FORGIVE. WE ARE LEGION. This is the motto of Anonymous. To forget the little snips, clips and infringements the GLOBAL ELITE gradually enacts through their bought and sold legislators AND how they have debased the currency since 1913, is to gradually BOIL.


As we have seen, over the centuries, SCIENCE has replaced THEOLOGY as the GLOBAL ELITE'S main source of power. SCIENCE and technology have been instrumental in creating weapons of mass destruction and a monetary unit that can be counterfeited endlessly by the GLOBAL ELITE'S monetary scientists and central banks. But there is another use of science that has become just as strategic: ENERGY.

Free energy has been a dream of humankind since Nikola Tesla first proposed its possibilities at Wardenclyffe. The METAPHYSICAL MOVEMENT takes this subject seriously because INTUITION tells us that, in an infinite universe, energy SHOULD be free.

Many believe that Tesla discovered a method of extracting unlimited electrical energy from the ionosphere, the core of the Earth and/or the Dirac Sea before his files were raided and stolen by the FBI. Others intuit there may be unlimited energy in vacuum, what's known as zero-point energy. Whether any of this is true, the GLOBAL ELITE's media does its best to obfuscate the line between reality and fraud, between the known and the unknown. But what could NOT be obfuscated was a 2002 experiment known as the "double-slit quantum erasure" experiment. Published in Physical Review A, this mind-boggling experiment was a version of the "double-slit" experiment first performed by Thomas Young in 1803. The experiment proved that an observer influences the behavior of physical objects. Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have demonstrated that a watched pot of water does NOT boil. In other words, as Institute researcher, Peter Coveney stated: "It seems that the act of looking at an atom prevents it from changing."

This experiment has been repeated in labs all over the world and peer-reviewed endlessly. Albert Einstein, at first, rejected the "double slit" experiment and even Quantum Mechanics when he was famously quoted as saying: "God does not throw dice." In other words, like most philosophers and scientists of the OLD WORLD ORDER, Einstein believed the universe was centrally-planned under pre-determined laws, in this case, the law of General Relativity. Sound familiar?

But as the "double slit" experiment and other findings in Quantum Mechanics show, this is not the case. The universe is NOT deterministic. It is probabilistic, meaning SUBJECT to the observer's consciousness. If this is true -- and intuition says it probably is -- we are much more than just tiny specks of protoplasm in a vast, inanimate, objective universe. In fact the universe may have been designed specifically FOR us. Some even say BY us. Theories and discoveries along these lines are driving many of the GLOBAL ELITE'S hard-boiled scientists, bonkers for these KNOW that their deterministic, reductionist science is at a DEAD END. No "Theory of Everything" has been found. Superstring theory and M-theory have not even been remotely verified experimentally. Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity are no more compatible than THEOLOGY and SCIENCE. Yes even the Large Hadron Collider may turn out to be a bust.

These new realizations show that individuals may have god-like powers to not only PERCEIVE the future, but influence MATTER through observation and mass-consciousness. This is not theory, this is the mysterious and intriguing zone between Comte's THEOLOGY and SCIENCE. If enough people wake up to the "crop circle" of METAPHYSICS knocking on the door, the GLOBAL ELITE'S NEW WORLD ORDER may dissolve like an ice cube in a cup of hot ginseng tea.


Why would millions of people aware of these potentials and desirous of world peace, support a centrally planned, top-down, management system that destroys human effort in scientifically planned wars and theological insanity? Many have already stopped supporting Fed-member banks, multinational corporations and globalist institutions, and those, brilliant in science, technology or programming -- such as the Timothy Berner-Lees and Julian Assanges of the world -- will never work for governments or multinational corporations no matter how much they threaten or attempt to co-op with their bogus fiat currency.

So the "dominant social theme" -- the LIE -- that's being exposed by the distributed intelligence of millions of minds over the Internet -- the Internet Reformation -- is that fear and scarcity are GIVEN conditions. To the contrary, life does NOT have to be a struggle to survive. When we look up at the night sky and see a universe filled with endless energy and potential, we can KNOW that part of that cornucopia is there for each of us.

The universe is infinite, therefore the ONLY reason one struggles is because they have allowed the GLOBAL ELITE to enforce the wrong philosophies upon the WORLD ORDER.

In the end, the reason we are here is simple: to discover who we REALLY are and what our heritage REALLY is. We are Beings without limit, dwelling in a universe without limit, entitled to material, mental and spiritual gifts without limit. Both SCIENCE and THEOLOGY, when properly combined into a super METAPHYSICS will give us all these gifts, and gifts beyond our wildest imagination. This is a new world order globalization SHOULD be about.

ORIGINATED: 12 March 2012
SUPPLEMENTED: 18 March 2012
SUPPLEMENTED: 19 March 2012
REVISED: 21 March 2012
REVISED: 22 March 2012
SUPPLEMENTED: 30 March 2012
SUPPLEMENTED: 02 April 2012
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RETITLED: 07 August 2019

This is intended to be the narration script for a 4-part documentary film. As you can see by the date it was originated, this project is still waiting for financing. The Mainstream Media will probably not finance, or even address this subject, because it has conflicts of interest with its advertisers, stockholders and the political candidates it supports. It's thus up to citizens like you to disseminate projects like this if you see merit so forward this script to potential donors who have the ability and willingness to finance a series like this. This project can can be produced for $180,000 ideally allocated by 3-6 individuals.

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