MORE Furniture in the Living Room?!
by James Jaeger

Have you ever noticed that some people simply can't STOP?

They start out with a living room that has no furniture, so they move in a couch. Then a TV and easy chair. Then a bare wall needs a picture, then the other wall needs a balancing picture. Then a desk and a large table, then more tables, then the other walls look too white, so 5 more pictures. And then you need another picture to go with the new china cabinet, then three more lights to light everything up; then a toilet because the bathroom is too far away, and besides flowers can go in the toilet when not in use. And this goes on and on.

And as soon as the living room is filled up, the dining room gets filled and then the kitchen and den. Soon all the bed rooms and the garage. Eventually the house is exploding with crap all over. So out come the boxes, and now there are boxes all over to store the stuff somewhere else -- someday. Nothing ever gets tossed as it might "be needed someday, when times are tough."

You may laugh at all this, but I bet at least half of you are NOT laughing. At least half of you are guilty of this or your parents were, or your sister or brother is -- or one or many of your friends. The MoreFurniture-mentality is all over this planet.

Let's take a look at what causes these planet-cluttering creatures.

These creatures create these conditions because they don't understand the concept of ENERGY FLOW. Everything in the universe flows from one point to another point. All matter and energy does this -- in fact this is all matter and energy do, flow, or MOVE. Thus MOTION is the essence of this universe. ALL science rightly concerns itself with MOTION, yet we have NO IDEA what motion even is. But that's another problem for another day.

The planet-cluttering creatures don't understand motion. They are actually AFRAID of it. Don't MOVE anything OUT of the living room, just into the living room, because someday motion INTO the living room will STOP. It will stop because we are going to hit bad times, so no one will HAVE anything.

This is psychosis at its best. And in fact, by stopping motion, these creatures are actually helping STOP motion for the rest of us. By not flowing that extra couch OUT of the living room, they are denying the utility of that couch for some other being that has NO couch. By sucking up more and more stuff for the living room (or the house, or the company or the country or the planet) they are contributing to the jamming of the energy flows of Earth's resources. In other words, theses psycho pigs that can't flow matter and energy are screwing up your world.

Eventually all the clutter and crap that builds up in their living room-house-planet stops and confuses everyone else's flows, so everyone else has to avoid the clutter flows.


In other words: You want to know if someone is disordered, irrational or insane, look at their living room. Look at their car. Look at their BED. Look at their closets. Look at their house. Look at their files. Look at their C-drive.

In short, if you allow someone who has a disordered DESK or LIVINGROOM to govern, you have allowed a psycho who can't even control their OWN immediate environment and mind (the most immediate environment possible) to govern. How do you expect this creature to put order into the greater environment when they can't even put order into THEIR immediate and intimate environment. They can't, and they won't.

So start moving the excess furniture out of the living room. Get rid of those boxes. Clean out your car. Make your bed. Get disciplined. Stop negative postulating about scarcity.(1) THEN you are ready run the company, or do a more efficient job or govern a nation. BUT not before.

(1) Scarcity can be remedied by simply getting rid of fiat currency. See for details.

14 May 2010

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